Top 10 Richest DJs and Their Net Worth [ Black Coffee is 2nd]

Richest DJs and Their Net Worth. Back in the nineteen century, people never believed that one could earn from disc jockeying. However, this is not the case today. People are earning hefty from this career, causing many people to venture into disc jockeying. Despite involving themselves in other activities, these South Africa DJs have accumulated so much wealth making many people speculate on who the richest DJ in South Africa is and how they impact the country’s entertainment business.

These professional DJs have proven their selves times and times again while invited for several events where they are paid huge sums of money to excite fun lovers. Their job is to blend nice songs to make the exclusive mixtapes that will get music lovers to go and show their dance skills.

Indeed, since the profession is getting more and more lucrative, there are many South Africans going into the sector. Nevertheless, some are better than others, and here, we will see the top ten best DJs in the country right now.

Most millennials in South Africa especially have ventured into disc jockeying. They have become very good at what they do and have consequently acquired massive wealth from being DJs.

Richest DJs and Their Net Worth

The SA DJs are countless. It is because most people continue to venture into the media entertainment business, and particularly into the disc jockeying career. If you love to listen to South African jams, then you need to listen to the mixtapes of specific DJs who play the best South African House songs. In addition to House, they also play the Afro tunes which will leave you shaking your body to the rhythm of the beat.

Without much ado, here are the Top 10 Richest DJs and Their Net Worth.

10. Tbo Touch 

DJ Tbo Touch is a famous entrepreneur and rapper in South Africa. He is a host of several shows such as the second season of Flash. Tbo Touch net worth is estimated to be around $700 thousand. There are multiple DJs in South Africa. The most famous DJs range from Black Coffee, DJ Tira, DJ SBU, DJ Fresh, to TboTouch. All these DJs have a prominent name in the entertainment industry of South Africa.

9. Culoe De Song 

Culoe De Song was born in Culolethu Zulu and is a native of KwaZulu Natal. He became famous in 2007 and has retained his popularity till date. He launched his A Giant Leap Album in 2009, his Elevation Album in 2011, and his Exodus Album which earned him the award of the Best Male Artist during the 2014 Metro FM Awards.

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