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Thanks for landing on our website in the first place, for a guest post or feature on our website. In regard to guest post publishing, there are some terms we would love to discuss with you and can be found below.

Our Publishing Terms for Guest Posts

At Newshub360.net, we do provide up to two do-follow links per post. Posts are not labelled as “sponsored”, and they remain on the website forever.

Guest Post Pricing @ Newshub360.net

  • Base Price for publishing Article is $40
  • Link placement in an existing article: $ 25
  • Cryptocurrency and FX Related article: $ 80
  • For other sensitive categories – Gambling & Betting (18+), CBD, Dating and Alcohol, Base Price is $100

Banner Advertisements: General

  • Top Banner ( General ): $70 monthly
  • In-Article Banner: $50 monthly
  • Sidebar Banner: $70 monthly
  • Bottom Banner: $50 monthly

Banner Advertisements: Gambling & Betting

  • Top Banner ( Gambling & Betting): $100 monthly
  • In-Article Banner: $60 monthly
  • Sidebar Banner: $80 monthly
  • Bottom Banner: $60 monthly

Our Guest Post Payment Option

PayPal, Bitcoin, USDT and TransferWise are our best options for payments.

We also offer other forms of advertisement as per our user’s request.

Relevant Information To Keep Notes Off

  • Content must be properly written (550 words at least) and link should be placed naturally. Images in the article should not be more than 120kb each.
  • We will not modify our website to suit your needs, eg: Widget Areas.
  • We reserve the right to decline your post or link for reasons such as, but not limited to, spam.
  • Articles related to crypto and FX must come with a disclaimer that they are not financial advice.
  • All contents are published within 24 hours.

Pricing valid for 7 days from day sent.

For guest posting, kindly send an email to:  Mynewshub360@gmail.com

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