The History of Rivalry of Real Madrid and Barcelona

The battle between two giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona, always attracts the attention of fans worldwide.

Rivals have been competing on football fields for decades, creating incredible tension and an emotional atmosphere in stadiums. But how did the relationship between these giants develop?

The History of Rivalry of Real Madrid and Barcelona
The History of Rivalry of Real Madrid and Barcelona

Beginning of the Rivalry

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However, in the case of Real Madrid and Barcelona, everything is much more profound because the conflicts between the clubs go beyond football.

Clubs Foundation

Hans Gamper (Joan, in a local manner he began to be called already in Catalonia) did not make Napoleonic plans in football and did not suffer from an obsession with writing his name in history.

It happened partly by accident. Heading to Africa on business, he briefly, as he recklessly believed, looked into Barcelona and, enchanted by the beautiful city, decided to settle there permanently.

And since the Swiss was a sporty and active young man, assembling a team of like-minded people soon settled in his head.

Little time passed from concept to implementation. In October 1899, Gamper announced the club’s creation in the local press, and one of the most epic stories of world football began.

Barca became the fourth club in Catalonia, and after the disappearance of their fellow pioneers, they remained the oldest.

Barcelona’s primary opponent was born in the next century, and its founders were Barcelonans. In the spring of 1902, prominent merchants brothers Juan and Carlos Padrós founded and registered the Madrid Football Club.

Eighteen years later, the Spanish monarch granted him the “royal” title, and the word “Real” appeared in the brand name. The Padrós were the first two presidents of the club.

At first, the future grandees competed in regional competitions, each in their way. The historic, first personal meeting took place on May 13, 1902.

Football arenas, as such, did not yet exist in the Spanish capital. The city hippodrome served as a multifunctional complex.

The hosts lost in this meeting, which was reasonably expected given the team’s short history.

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First Conflicts

Until 1943, no such fundamental rivalry existed between the teams. Yes, in Barcelona, they have traditionally viewed the official authorities with hostility, so the antagonism of the two capitals, Spain and Catalonia, has been felt since immemorial.

But this had little effect on football. After the bright beginning of the 30s (two championships and three national silver medals from 1932 to 1936), a crisis began in Real Madrid.

But in June 1943, mutual hatred was flipped for the first time. They had to compete for a place in the final of the Generalissimo Cup (that’s what the Spanish Cup was called from 1939 to 1976).

In the first match, the Catalans, the current holders of the trophy, confidently won at their home stadium, Les Corts, 3:0.

The Madrid side, more than the defeat, was outraged by the reception they received in Barcelona: whistles and curses from the stands addressed to the guests were heard throughout the entire 90 minutes of the game.

Franco, who was an ardent Real Madrid fan, could not come to terms with this attitude and initiated brutal harassment of the team.

After the overthrow of the Franco regime, the teams sorted things out in fair competitions, but some tension remained.

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Victory Statistics

In one of the most famous football rivalries in history, Real Madrid and Barcelona have played numerous matches.

The meetings of these clubs have always attracted significant attention from fans from all over the world.

Statistics updated after each match show that Real Madrid and Barcelona have played together approximately 244 times.

Real Madrid won 97 games, Barcelona won 96, and 51 matches ended in a draw.

In the history of these confrontations, several matches became real classics. One is El Clasico in the 2010/2011 Champions League when Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2:0.

Another memorable game came in the 2016/2017 La Liga season when Real Madrid won 3-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Each confrontation between these teams attracts the most passionate fans of their clubs from all over the world.

Great plays, dramatic turns, and phenomenal goals make this match a natural spectacle. For football fans, it becomes the main event of the season.

Real Madrid and Barcelona created a great rivalry that has become integral to football history.

Even after so many meetings, this battle continues to develop, making fans anxiously await the next matches regardless of the outcome.

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The history of the confrontation between these incredible teams has long been associated with politics.

Fortunately, clubs have chosen an honest path and are trying to prove their superiority on the field and not in behind-the-scenes intrigue.

Therefore, it is clear that every match between these teams becomes an outstanding event.

The History of Rivalry of Real Madrid and Barcelona –




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