10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold

Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold: Have you ever pondered what Pokémon cards are the most valuable due to their rarity and cost?

You are in luck because we have compiled a list that details the cards that are considered to be the rarest as well as the prices at which they can be purchased if you are interested in acquiring them.

One factor, specifically the quantity of official releases, is the primary determinant of a Pokémon card’s value as well as its degree of rarity.

The more valuable the card, the higher the price it will fetch, with some of the rarest and most valuable ones fetching well over one million dollars if they are found in pristine condition.

Even in this day and age, there is an abundance of trading cards available for both serious collectors and casual fans of the hobby.

Here are the top ten most uncommon and expensive Pokémon cards in the world right now, ranging from Master’s Key to Pikachu Illustrator.

Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold

10. University Magikarp – $66,100

10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold 2023

When a University Magikarp does become available for purchase, however, the price that it fetches is typically quite high.

Although the price of the card has been around $17,000 on average over the past few years, the most recent transaction was for a significantly higher amount.

A GEM-MT 10 copy of the card was sold on eBay for a whopping $66,100 at the end of February 2021.

This performance was $16,000 better than the previous record for the card, which was established in October of 2023.

The card was awarded to the successful participants of a competition held at Tamamushi University. After passing a series of tests, participants received an invitation to take part in a one-of-a-kind competition in Osaka.

After the conclusion of the competition, winners were each given their very own copy of University Magikarp.

According to an advertisement that appeared in a magazine that supported the competition, the card was printed in a total of 1,000 copies; however, only 68 of them have been graded by PSA.

9. Gold Star Umbreon Play Promo – $70,000

10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold 2023

It was in 2005 that Japan saw the release of the Gold Star Umbreon Pokemon Play commercial, and it features some truly incredible artwork.

Because of this, as well as the card’s limited availability, a single copy fetched a price of $70,000 in June of 2021.

The card was given a rating of 9.5 by Beckett, which suggests that a perfect score of 10 could increase the value of the card even further.

In order for players to be eligible to receive a copy of the card, they must first become members of the Pokemon Player’s Club and then accumulate 70,000 EXP points before the end of the fourth season.

As a result of the fact that players were only awarded 100 points for participating in official tournaments, very few of these points were ever awarded, as evidenced by the fact that the PSA has only graded 24 of these so far.

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8. World Championships 1999 – No.1 Trainer – $90,000 (Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold)

10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold 2023

In July of 2020, a replica of the No. 1 Trainer card, which is thought by some people to be the rarest Pokemon card that has ever been created, sold at auction for the price of $90,000.

It’s a little strange that it didn’t sell for more, given how rare it seems to be, but $90,000 is still a good return for a card that was given away for free.

Each of the seven regional champions who competed in the Pokemon World Championships in Tokyo in 1999 received one of these cards, and an additional card found its way into general circulation.

This piece of artwork was created by Hideki Kazama and is included in the promotional package for the secret super-fight.

The card has been graded by PSA eight times, and only six of those times have it received the highest possible GEM-MT 10 rating.

7. World Championships 2006 – No.2 Trainer – $110,100

10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold 2023

Collectors have always shown a strong interest in the No. 2 Trainer card, and the variation that was released for the 2006 Pokemon World Championships is no exception to this trend.

In February of 2021, PWCC made history by selling a PSA 9 copy of the card for slightly more than $110,000, making it the most expensive No. 2 Trainer card ever sold.

The card was first given out to participants in the 2006 World Championships, which were held at the Anaheim Hilton. It granted them access to the event the following year and allowed them to compete again.

To have a shot at winning one, players had to make it all the way to the championship round in their respective category. It is possible that this is the reason why the card that was sold is the only one that has ever been graded by the PSA.

6. 1st Edition Neo Genesis Lugia – $144,300 (Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold)

If a card was produced in the West, it is extremely unlikely for it to fetch exorbitant prices unless it was included in the core set.

As a consequence of this, the first owner of this 1st edition Lugia card must have been taken aback when PWCC Auctions sold it for approximately $130,000 in November of 2020.

Six months later, a duplicate of the card sold for the price of $144,300, which caused the price to increase even further.

Despite the fact that the card that holds the current record was graded by Beckett and received a 10 Pristine rating, there are 41 copies of the card that have obtained a GEM-MT 10 rating from the Professional Sports Authenticator.

It remains to be seen whether this transaction will cause other Neo Genesis cards to surge in value, but prior to the recent rise, the average sale price of a 1st Edition Neo Genesis Lugia was just $70,000. Whether or not this transaction will cause other Neo Genesis cards to surge in value remains to be seen.

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5. Family Event Kangaskhan – $150,100

Approximately ten thousand dollars was the price of the Family Event Kangaskhan promo card about four or five years ago.

On the other hand, a PSA GEM-MT 10 copy fetched more than 15 times that amount when it was sold in October of 2020.

PWCC Auctions conducted the sale of the card at issue on eBay, and the card ultimately received a staggeringly high offer of $150,100.

In 1998, the card was handed out to participants in a parent-child Pokemon tournament that took place in Japan.

Families faced off against one another in a competition for a chance to win a Kangaskhan promo card, which was awarded to the family whose parent and child duo won the most matches.

There are only 11 copies of the GEM-MT 10 card that are currently in circulation, and the card’s total value is close to $1.5 million.

4. Ishihara GX Promo – $247,230 (Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold)

In honor of Tsunekazu Ishihara, the current president of the Pokemon Company and holder of the Black Star Ishihara GX promo card, we decided to create a special card to celebrate his 60th birthday.

The cards were given to a select group of coworkers and friends, with one lucky recipient having their copy of the card personally autographed by the legendary figure himself.

Early in 2021, Goldin Auctions received just under a quarter of a million dollars in payment for this card, which was later graded a 7 by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

Since 2017, PSA has only graded a total of eight copies of the card, with only one of those copies receiving a rating of GEM-MT 10 or higher.

It is debatable whether this will sell for more than the one that was sold by Goldin because, despite being in better shape, it does not have Ishihara’s autograph on it, which may cause some collectors to view it as having less value than the other item that Goldin sold.

3. Blastoise Wizards of the Coast Presentation Galaxy Star Holo – $360,000

Due to the rarity of the card, neither of the two known examples have ever been graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

If the card had been put up for auction about a year or so earlier, when prices for Pokemon cards were at their highest point, it is highly likely that it would have sold for more than half a million dollars, thereby shattering the record for the most expensive Pokemon card ever purchased.

2. 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard  – $399,750 (Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold)

Controversial Logan After spending $150,000 on a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard card in October 2020, a YouTuber by the name of Paul made headlines and caused a stir. Surprisingly, this is not the most expensive iteration of the card that has ever been put on the market.

In point of fact, there is a wide margin of victory. Goldin Auctions currently holds the title of most expensive card ever sold at auction; a few months after the original sale, the company sold a replica of the card for just under $400,000 USD.

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The fact that there are only 54 GEM-MT 10 copies of the card in existence, as stated on the PSA website, helps to explain the card’s high value.

It is highly probable that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of additional copies of Charizard’s base set that are just waiting to be discovered. This is due to the fact that the set was manufactured in such massive quantities.

1. Pikachu Illustrator – $900,000

The Pikachu Illustrator card has on multiple occasions established a new record for the highest price at which a Pokemon card has ever been purchased.

The first of these events took place in late 2016, when a copy of the card was sold at auction for $74,000. A few years later, another copy of the card sold at auction for $190,000.

After that, in July of 2020, a copy sold for an astounding 25 million yen on the Japanese marketplace ZenPlus, and a few months later, in the beginning of 2021, another copy sold for $375,000 on eBay.

A year later, Goldin once again reclaimed the title of most expensive Pokemon Card by auctioning off a copy of Pikachu Illustrator for a staggering sum of $900,000, making it his sixth time to hold the title.

The artwork contest that resulted in the awarding of the card to the winners took place in 1998 and was run by the Japanese monthly comic CoroCoro Comics. Only 39 copies of the card were ever made, and it was reported that only 12 of those copies were still in good condition.

It’s interesting to note that the card that currently holds the record is only a PSA 7 (near mint), so if the one and only GEM-MT 10 copy were to ever show up at an auction, it would almost certainly fetch a much higher price, which would help the Pikachu Illustrator card truly solidify its position as the best in the world.

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