20 Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them
Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

The 20 Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them. Are you bored and navigating through your phone for humorous phone numbers to prank call or truly terrifying numbers to call when you’re bored?

You can dial the number for customer service or even place an order for your go-to pizza, but there are a few strange phone numbers that you should never dial.

No, we are not talking about fraudsters or the telemarketing calls that you may opt out of receiving by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry at numbers such as 1-888-382-1222.

These spooky numbers to call are much more frightening than the ones on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Many people are under the impression that these sinister phone numbers are connected to something dark. Something that comes from a country where black magic is practiced.

Warning! These frightening phone numbers to call are intended to give you the creeps and give you a good scare. I would advise you to stay away from them at all costs unless you are ready to put up with some sleepless nights.

You want to give someone an opportunity of a lifetime, don’t you? Then you should keep reading because I found a dozen ghostly phone numbers that are just waiting to make contact with someone on the other side. Every single digit has its own story to tell. Let’s go deeply into each of these stories.

We have collected a list of 20 scary phone numbers that you are under no circumstances permitted to call.

We’ve all heard the rule that you shouldn’t answer the phone if it rings and it’s from an unknown number, but it seems that there are some phone numbers that might cause even more trouble if you get in touch with them.

Consequently, without further ado, I will now provide you with the top 20 Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them.

20 Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

1. 1(207)404-2604

Calling this number is guaranteed to put you in a state of unease unlike any other number on the list. It was speculated that it was a marketing strategy to promote the movie “Carrie.”

The producers came up with a trailer that concluded with the phrase “Call Carrie” and the number in order to pique the interest of the public.

If you try to contact this number, you will get a call from another number three times in a row, each time with a disturbing sound or message.

The first call will give you the chills because as soon as you pick up the phone, you will hear terrible cries coming from the other end.

You will hear eerie music and someone singing a song during the second call, and the last contact will provide you with vital information; however, the words will be conveyed in a whisper that will send chills down your spine.

There’s always a chance that it’s the number of a haunted phone!

Go ahead and make the call if you believe you can handle receiving three frightening calls in a row that have the potential to terrify you to death.

This method of advertising has been extremely successful for the movie, and it continues to draw in brand-new viewers on a daily basis.

Are you up for an exciting new experience? You might want to go ahead and get an iPhone for yourself just to be on the safe side, then give it a shot at making the calls to verify the situation for yourself.

Avoid calling from your personal phone number if you can. You don’t want to find out if the phone number you called was one of those haunted ones, do you?

2. 666 666 6666 Or 1-666-666-6666: American Spooky Number

Many people in the United States of America, along with a few others in other parts of the world, are under the impression that the number 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-66666 is a satanic number.

After dialling this number or one of its versions, a great number of people have reported strange happenings in their lives. It’s been stated that just a handful of people have gotten creepy texts and heard a variety of things.

According to the claims, the numbers were also absent from the customers’ monthly phone bills.

It is recommended that you steer clear of the number 666-666-6666, as well as any number sequence that begins with 666, in light of these and other reports of similar occurrences from around the United States and the rest of the world.

3. 0888 888 888: Bulgarian Number Which Took 3 Lives

This is the most reviled number in Brazil, and it has been related to the deaths of all three of the people who have previously owned this number.

A dreadful kind of cancer claimed the life of the first person to hold this number. Both of the second and third victims were found dead outside on the streets. After everything that had been going on, nobody was interested in getting the phone number.

The company that provided the phone number has decided to remove the number from service permanently so that it does not reflect poorly on the company.

If you call the number right now, you will get an alert tone stating that service is not available. It is anticipated that this tone will continue to play for an indeterminate amount of time.

Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

4. Japan’s Cursed Phone Number: 090 4444 4444

There is a Japanese urban legend about a phone number known as “Sadako’s number,” which is said to be evil. When you first dial the number, you should hear some strange noises that might be a little unsettling for some people.

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On the other hand, individuals may choose to ignore the number in order to prevent what is said to occur after the subsequent event.

After calling Sadako’s number, you are going to be engaged in a terrible accident within the next week.

In Japan, the number four is associated with a great deal of superstition for whatever reason. There are two different ways to say “four” in Japanese; they are “yon” and “shi.” The problem is that there is another word that also begins with “shi” and signifies “death.”

For my part, I haven’t dialed the number since I’m concerned about the amount of money it would take to make a long-distance call to Japan.

5. 000 000 0000: Best Wishes! Dial This Number To Contact The Dead

People are under the impression that it is the total number of fatalities. If he calls, it indicates that your loved one who has passed away wants to contact with you; thus, you should end your relationship with the spirit before it does you any harm.

You are warned by the male voice that if you do not get 15 additional people to phone him within a week, you will be killed for ignoring his instructions.

Because the deceased do not have access to telephones, kindly refrain from calling. In addition, as a consequence of the interaction, you run the risk of developing a mental condition that may lead you to believe that you are able to communicate with dead loved ones that you would sadly miss.

6. 12163331810

Arguments among families are becoming rather prevalent. Even highly regarded television shows and plays, such as the David Neal directs Noel Coward series, a drama that takes place in the 1940s during World War 2, have addressed the difficulty of family issues.

To ring up and check to see whether it’s a haunted phone number would be a very insane thing to do.

Nevertheless, this one is not the same.

Fights between mothers and daughters are commonplace and should be expected in any family. However, if you dial this number, you will be connected to a discussion between a mother and a daughter who are having an argument, which is perfectly OK.

According to what you have heard, it all starts with a serious conversation between the two of them.

It seems like the persons on the other end of the phone are in really precarious circumstances. The next thing you know, you hear the daughter’s pleading cry for help.

Last but not least, the daughter is shut into the storage closet, and the caller recognizes that she will most likely pass away either during or after the course of the talk.

Even the sounds of screaming and gunfire can be heard in the background, along with the screeching of vehicles.

The idea that this song was originally intended to serve as promotional material for a rock band is an intriguing detail.

The promotional strategies were successful, but the callers were not very interested in a chat about a mother and daughter arguing, which ultimately resulted in the death of the girl. Have I frightened you? Quick, find a spot that makes you joyful. Google “funny phone numbers to prank call.” You’ll get plenty of results.

7. 407 734-0254

In Naples, Florida, there is a clown by the name of Wrinkles who, according to the Washington Post, will “appear at your party or gathering, prank your friend, or even scare your misbehaving child straight” for the low, low price of a few hundred dollars.

This is possibly my favorite find from the process of researching for this post. If you call him, you will be connected to what is possibly my favorite find.

The person who is responsible for Wrinkles is a mystery; he is said to be in his sixties, to be retired, and to be from Rhode Island, but that is all he will say to the media.

However, he does have a stranglehold on the industry of evil clowns, and if you call this terrifying phone number, you will receive his voicemail instead of reaching him directly. Please leave a message for him, and he will get back to you as soon as he can.

Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

8. 646-868-1844

The telephone number 848-868-1844 has an area code that is associated with White Plains, New York; however, this information is irrelevant due to the fact that it is a VOIP number (meaning its owner could be based anywhere).

The truly peculiar aspect of this one does not take place during the course of the conversation, even though the initial message that you will hear when you dial is peculiar.

It starts with strange tones that sound like bells, then it moves on to jumbled phrases that cannot be understood, and it ends with a tone that sounds like an answerphone.

As soon as the call is ended, a text message with a jumbled up string of words will be sent to your phone within a few seconds.

Although they are laid out in a manner that makes it appear as though they are sentences, in reality they are nonsense. They remark something to the effect of, “Surprise, the highest rent that Mr. wandered amounted to.”

Although it was brought up for discussion, Devonshire was not abandoned. “The second chapter celebrates its letter no.

The phrases “Rose past, oh shew ceiling is song neat,” and “Chapter too parties its letter no.” Joyful, but whatever your ladyship’s leanings toward judgment may be, The final answer in contrast to ye months of not paying attention.

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9. 4086342806

This is the most Scary Numbers to Call on the whole list of threatening numbers that you should never contact.

The number is said to be a “RED ROOM NUMBER” that may be used to determine the geographic location of those who dial or receive calls from this number, according to an urban legend, which also states that the number is part of the urban legend. It is also possible that the number belongs to a haunted phone.

Dial this number if you are a very brave and risk-taking person who is interested in experiencing things like getting kidnapped as part of your bucket list.

You are going to be kidnapped, transported to the red chamber (THIS IS EXCITING), tortured, murdered, or both of these things are going to happen.

It has been asserted that the meetings would be broadcast live on the internet. It should not come as a surprise that it is included on the list of really frightening phone numbers.

10. 1-858-651-5050

This is not a classic haunted dial in the sense that the term is used. It’s simply very strange to take in.

The sound quality of the phone is put to the test in this video by having a man and a woman take turns speaking whole words to the camera.

Back in the day, people would do this by saying certain phrases into the phone in order to determine how strong the connection was between the two devices.

Now that you are aware of it, it shouldn’t be as frightening… It’s more like calling weird numbers. However, have a friend call the number for you and make sure they don’t tell you anything! They will most likely experience some kind of panic.

11. 618-625-8313

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Stranger Things, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with the phone number 618-625-8313: It is the phone number of Murray Bauman, who is represented in the Netflix series by Brett Gelman, who plays the role of the resident conspiracy theorist.

When you dial the number, Bauman’s voicemail will play, and it seems to shed some light on what we might anticipate from the upcoming season four premiere.

It is not extremely alarming on its own, but it is a fun Easter egg for fans, and I believe that it also worked as a stepping stone for the larger ARG that emerged from Stranger Things’ third season, as I noticed in an in-depth investigation of the number in 2019.

(If you go to the TGIMM article on the number itself, you can see a transcript of the real voicemail message that plays when you dial the number. I highly recommend that you check it out.)

To my mind, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Bauman number is the fact that it continues to function in this capacity even though it has been in use for a considerable amount of time. That’s unusual for songs that are tied into pop culture with a horror theme:

Carrie White’s phone number, which was posted online in 2012 for the Carrie remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz, hasn’t worked in years, and the phone number that was posted for Mike Flanagan’s 2020 follow-up film to The Haunting of Hill House, titled The Haunting of Bly Manor, was only active for a short period of time.

(I so desperately wanted to include it in this revised list – I did call it while it was working and found it to be wonderfully creepy — but unfortunately, it was no longer in operation in its promotional capacity as I was beginning to conduct the early foundation for this essay towards the end of 2020.)

Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

12. 090-4444-4444

In Japan, the telephone number 090-4444-4444 was well known as “Sadako’s Number.” If you call the number, you are supposed to hear some strange and creepy sounds when you do so.

They assert that anyone who calls the number will die in a tragic accident within seven days of making the call.

The sound of the number 4 (shi) in Japanese is quite close to the sound of the word “death” (shi). Because Sadako appeared in the films based on The Ring, it is likely that this song was composed with the intention of promoting those pictures.

13. 000-000-0000

The number 1-000-000-0000 is another one of those eerie phone numbers. The Asian community believes that it is due to an unusually high number of fatalities.

It was reported that a male voice on the other end of the telephone ordered that the recipient inform at least fifteen people about the number. Should you fail to carry out these instructions, you will perish immediately.

14. 8287560109

It is one of the Scary Numbers to Call. This one sounds strangely like a phone number that belongs to a haunted house.

This phone number comes from MARION, which is in McDowell County in the state of North Carolina. It is roughly 85 miles west of Charlotte and somewhat north of the city.

When you call the number, you will be subjected to a cacophony of loud and piercing sounds. After that, you’ll hear a man giving a message that sounds like it’s in binary in a frantic manner. The word “death” is what you get when you convert this binary message into text form.

The fact that the message of death is conveyed not only in a terrible manner, but also creatively in binary code, makes this sound very creepy. You are welcome to talk about your experience with the people you know on social media, and you should urge others to check out the phone number as well.

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A word of advice: it seems that you can only use this in the United States.

It is with good reason that it is placed on the list of terrifying phone numbers to dial. Believe me when I say that you’d much rather be looking for funny phone numbers to call for pranks.

Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

15. 090 4444 4444: Japan

In Japan, it is dangerous to call the number associated with Sadoko’s curse. Sadako is the protagonist of the Japanese traditional folktale that is regarded as the most scary.

One Plus, the biggest telecoms provider in the country, decided to develop the plus 5 edition rather than the number 4 series so that customers would feel less anxious.

According to the Japanese, having bad dreams is a direct result of listening to strange noises that are sent down the line. In addition, within seven days after placing the call, calamity will find its way into your life. It’s possible that those you love will die.

16. 20202020: Susie’s Dying

In the 1970s, if you were a resident of the United Kingdom, you had the ability to phone a number that would provide you with an incredibly terrifying experience.

People who have actually called this number are unable to recollect it in its entirety, however some are under the impression that it is 20202020.

You would have to go to a pay phone and dial this number. After that, a woman with a monotone voice would answer and say either “Help me help me Susie’s drowning” or “Help me help me Susie’s dying.” You would have to go to a pay phone and dial this number.

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, calling the number did not result in any unfortunate events; nonetheless, just the thought of doing so is enough to send shivers down your spine.

17. 701-347-1936

The online video game known as Five Nights at Freddy’s is connected to this particular phone number.

It is yet unknown if the content was uploaded by the developers of the game or by a devoted player of the game. That is something that may be argued either way.

When you phone, you will hear lines like “How are you?” and “I Will Kill You!” in response to your call. – Therefore, use caution! This is another great one to pass along to friends who won’t know what hit them. It is not haunted; rather, it is just creepy and unsettling.

18. 978-435 0163

Dial this number if you want to get your heart rate up and have enough money to make a long-distance call to Massachusetts at the same time.

There is very little information that can be found pertaining to the history of the number, and its exact origin is not known.

If you dial the number, you will hear the voice of a man who is crying when you get a response. It appears as though the man is in a cave or a cellar, and there is a faint sound of water dripping somewhere in the background.

An odd scratching sound may be heard sometimes occurring in the background of the audio.

I am unable to provide any further information on the number. While listening to the recording of the person who tried to call the number, it is difficult to avoid feeling anxious. You may hear an audio recording by following the link that is provided below.

Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them

19. 12163331810: Daughter’s Desperate Plea

Following a concert by Nine Inch Nails, an individual found a USB stick in a restroom.

Because it simply included one MP3 file with the name 2332 and the sound of crickets chirping, at first glance it did not appear to be very weird.

However, after putting this tape through a spectrograph, it was found that it really included the number 12163331810 hidden somewhere inside it.

If you called this number, you would be able to overhear what seemed to be a conversation between a mother and her daughter who was dealing with a challenging situation.

The young woman calls her mother to tell her that she has shut herself in a storage closet and that she is ready to expire.

You can also hear people yelling and the sound of gunfire in the background. The vast majority of people believe that this was most likely some kind of band promotion.

20. Red Number: Pakisthan

The Red Number case, which originated in Pakistan, effectively terrorized the entirety of the Muslim community located throughout the area. In 2007, a large number of people in Pakistan received e-mails and SMS alerts from a variety of different IDs and phone numbers, telling them not to lift numbers that had red digits.

According to the contents of this email, the call from the red number will have a high frequency range, which may damage human brain neurons and perhaps cause death to some of the recipients.

The story gained such traction that the government of Pakistan asked for an investigation to be conducted into the circumstances of the situation.

In spite of the fact that the Pakistani government conducted an investigation and found no evidence to support the notion, the rumor had already traveled all throughout Pakistan and even into countries that are near Pakistan.

The Red Number became an international phenomenon, and to this day, a significant number of individuals all over the world continue to believe it.

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