Top 8 Rarest Betta Fish Colors 2024

Top 8 Rarest Betta Fish Colors 2024: A fish collector who is astute knows the value of finding unique Betta colors since they understand how valuable these Betta may be.

There are 47 different species of betta, and a few of them are quite hard to find. Because betta fish don’t often live for very long, which adds to the uniqueness of the species, collecting the most attractive colors is all the more tempting.

The colors of betta fish can sometimes vary from dealer to dealer. However, if you want to find the genuinely uncommon shapes and colors of the most sought-after bettas, your best bet may be to look for them at local vendors.

Check out these eight uncommon betta colors if you’re seeking something a little bit more desirable than the typical red, blue, and yellow versions of this fish species.

Top 8 Rarest Betta Fish Colors 2024

1. Orange Dalmatian

Rarest Betta Fish Colors

Orange bettas exist in a wide variety of sub-varieties, and they are typically at the top of a collector’s wish list when it comes to finding uncommon betta fish that aren’t hard to find.

The rarest of the orange colour schemes is the Orange Dalmatian, which has a lighter orange body with darker orange spots speckling the fins. This colour scheme is the least common of the oranges.

The fact that orange Dalmatian bettas don’t typically breed true is one of the primary contributors to the rarity of this hue.

It is possible for enthusiasts who have the patience to attempt and breed uncommon bettas to produce an Orange Dalmatian from a Red Dragon and a solid orange betta, but it may take some time to get the breeding process correct.

Have you been informed?
A number of people who collect betta fish refer to the Orange Dalmatian betta as an “Apricot Spots.” This is due to the fact that the vivid colouration of the spots indicates to them how authentic the fish’s “Dalmatian heritage” is.

2. White

Rarest Betta Fish Colors

White betta fish, which should not be mistaken with albino bettas (which can be found MUCH further down the list), has a body that is opaque white rather than pink.

The fact that their colouring causes the ridges and folds of their fins and scales to stand out more prominently in aquariums is the primary reason for their high demand. This quality makes them look like precious gems when displayed.

In this instance, the rarity of the item is determined not only by its natural scarcity but also by the subjective demand of potential buyers.

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White Bettas are typically purchased far less commonly than their coloured counterparts due to the high demand for common, vivid colours such as red and blue.

This has, over time, made them more desirable to collectors, who hunt for white or “opal” bettas to distinguish their tanks from those of other people.

Have you been informed?
White opal bettas are often regarded as being among the breeds with the highest intelligence and level of activity.

They are famous for recognising their owners, conversing with them, and wandering around their tanks with an inquisitive attitude. Some of them are even capable of being taught to perform simple tricks!

3. Green

Rarest Betta Fish Colors
Rarest Betta Fish Colors

The green betta fish have a certain mystique about them. Most of the time, the green colour presents itself as a pale turquoise, which novice collectors may confuse with the rarer variations because of its similar appearance.

Underneath their darker exterior colours, these semi-rare bettas have hints of green, which can be seen in certain lighting.

The brightest and darkest green bettas, which still seem green even when exposed to standard lighting, are the pure green bettas that are highly sought after by enthusiasts and regarded as the rarest.

You’ve struck gold if you’ve managed to track down a betta that maintains its jade coloration throughout the day.

Have you been informed?
Betta collectors frequently bring lights with them when they visit breeders and stores in order to uncover the hidden pedigrees of some of the most unique bettas.

They search for glimmers of green concealed within these lights in order to identify green DNA.

Naturally, if they are able to see the green even when there is no light, they will have already made the sale.

4. True Blue Dragon

Rarest Betta Fish Colors
Rarest Betta Fish Colors

We noted that blue bettas are fairly prevalent in our last paragraph. This is not the case for a unique variety of betta known as the True Blue Dragon, which has a reputation for being extremely challenging to breed successfully.

Because genuine or unadulterated examples are so uncommon, most individuals won’t have any idea how much they’re worth even if they come across one.

True Blue Dragon bettas have a body covered in white dragon scales, and their fins are a dark royal blue that runs a little bit onto their lower bodies. They can be recognised by their name. Marbled patterns can also be found on true dragons.

Have you been informed?
The “dragon scale” pattern that may be found on these bettas is the product of generations’ worth of selective breeding.

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Additionally, during breeding, the iridescent colour layer of the betta’s fins and the normal scales might become mixed together. The “dragon gene” or scales can only be passed on through direct breeding.

The scales themselves can never be blue since they grow on the iridescent skin layer, which prevents this from happening.

5. Pure Black

Rarest Betta Fish Colors
Rarest Betta Fish Colors

If you’ve been hunting for a time, you might have noticed that it’s difficult to obtain a pure black betta, despite the fact that black bettas aren’t exactly uncommon.

The word “pure” is important to keep in mind because if you are successful in locating a pure black betta, then you will possess a highly prized fish in your possession.

There are problems with reproduction in female black bettas, which means that pure black males are more likely to mingle with other colors.

One of the rarest varieties of betta fish available for purchase is a pure black female betta, particularly one that is pregnant.

Have you been informed?
These mixtures may have a black appearance, but more often than not, they have a colored sheen that is visible on the borders of their scales. This shimmer makes the color appear to be less than a true black color.

Totally black Bettas, particularly reproductive females, are among the most difficult to track down. They are so dark that the light in the tank almost seems to disappear when it hits them.

6. Purple

Rarest Betta Fish Colors
Rarest Betta Fish Colors

Now we are getting into the genuinely rare bettas, the ones that some collectors don’t even believe exist in their natural or unaltered forms. These bettas are so rare that they are classified as extremely rare.

Although many bettas have varying degrees of purple tints and may have a purple appearance, a betta that is a full purple is an extremely rare find.

Because purple is not a natural color of bettas, breeding red and blue bettas is the only way to produce this color.

If the mixture is even slightly uneven, you might notice some purple Bettas with a hint of red on their bodies. If you shine a light on it, though, you will see the brilliant blue of a Royal Blue betta.

It’s true that pure purple Bettas are so rare that their existence has been called into question. In any light, they appear to be purple.

Have you been informed?
In addition to the standard pure purple betta, there are a lot of other sub-breeds of purple bettas. These bettas are known by names like Purple Gas, Purple Salamander, and Purple Popsicle.

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It is possible for Royal Blue Bettas to cross with each other to produce these apparent purple colors.

This is especially true in cases where both the male and female parent fish are extremely iridescent. Purples that have not been blended with other colors do not reflect red or blue light.

7. Thai

Rarest Betta Fish Colors
Rarest Betta Fish Colors

The pattern of colors on a Thai betta’s body is meant to resemble the flag of Thailand. Thai bettas are popular in Thailand.

They have a combination of white, blue, and red coloring, with red outlines and blue bodies that are completely solid. They sometimes have white spots or patches on their bodies as well.

True Thai bettas have a deep, rich coloration, and they have pointed edges all the way around their bodies. These characteristics let knowledgeable collectors realize that they may have acquired a genuine specimen.

Have you been informed?
In 2016, someone paid almost one thousand dollars for a genuine Thai betta fish, which only served to increase the value that is attributed to these coveted variations.

8. Albino

Rarest Betta Fish Colors
Rarest Betta Fish Colors

The albino betta is the most difficult color to find of all the betta varieties. It’s so hard to come by that, much like with pure black bettas, a lot of collectors don’t even think they really exist.

The majority of the time, when albino bettas are reported or put up for sale, astute observers accurately identify them as clear, cellophane, or white bettas.

These fish are all great additions to a tank, and despite their rarity, you won’t see them very often. They are, however, no match for a genuine albino.

The eyes of true albino bettas are either pink or red, in contrast to the eyes of white bettas. They have no pigmentation whatsoever in their scales or fins, which results in their scales being completely transparent and their skin is pink.

A true albino’s skin would also be so devoid of pigmentation that it would allow light to pass right through their bodies. When viewed in the appropriate light, even their internal organs and muscles are apparent.

Have you been informed?
Because they lack pigmentation, albino bettas have a much harder time surviving in the wild than normal bettas do.

They frequently go blind and may even acquire skin cancer as a consequence of the sun’s UV radiation damaging their delicate fish bodies.

Albino bettas are plagued by a wide variety of health problems, including mutations, which makes it even more challenging, if not impossible, to locate them.


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