11 Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan 2024

Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan 2024: Restaurants in Michigan consistently rank among the nation’s best, yet their prices are among the highest.

There is something for everyone, from restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs to undiscovered treasures.

Nevertheless, eating out may rack up a hefty bill, particularly at some of Michigan’s most well-known eateries. You won’t need to look any farther if you have a hankering for French cuisine or fresh seafood because you’ll find both here.

And of course, a glass of wine or some frothy champagne is essential to the completion of any dinner. The more costly restaurants in Michigan are home to some of the state’s most delectable dishes and beverages.

These restaurants may be found in big cities such as Detroit and Grand Rapids, and they provide customers with a diverse selection of food options. Try out the tasting menu if you’re in the mood for some excitement.

You might also choose to order one of the restaurant’s hallmark meals if you’d rather have something that’s more recognizable to you. At any of Michigan’s high-priced restaurants, you are guaranteed to have a delectable meal regardless of the selection you make.

Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan

Here are some of the best and most fancy restaurants in Michigan.

1. The Rattlesnake Club

Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan

One of the most costly restaurants in the state of Michigan is called the Rattlesnake Club. The club’s location on the banks of the Detroit River provides guests with a breathtaking panorama of the city’s cityscape.

The menu offers a wide selection of dishes from both the American and French culinary traditions, and the wine list is often considered to be among the best in the state.

The club also features a bar that offers full service as well as an extensive cigar selection.

What makes The Rattlesnake Club so expensive?

The ingredients that are put into the product are of the greatest possible quality and come from numerous countries across the world. The food is created by chefs who have gained international renown and have experience working in some of the world’s finest restaurants.

The restaurant offers a comprehensive wine list that features numerous hard-to-find and pricey wines. The service is excellent, with staff members who are both knowledgable and attentive.

2. Savant

Most Expensive Restaurants

One of the most opulent and pricey dining establishments in the state of Michigan is Savant, which can be found in the middle of downtown Grand Rapids.

The menu highlights contemporary American food that is influenced by cuisines from across the world, and the wine list has an astounding selection of over one thousand different bottles.

The dining area has a sophisticated ambiance thanks to its dark wooden floors, white tablecloths, and wide windows that look out over the city. The meal is nothing short of excellent, and the service is top-notch throughout.

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3. London Chop House (Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan)

This magnificent restaurant provides a menu that includes both traditional and contemporary dishes from the United Kingdom, all of which are masterfully prepared by professional chefs.

The dining area exudes sophistication because to the use of white tablecloths and dark wood furnishings, both of which contribute to the room’s air of elegance.

The London Chop House is an excellent choice for a memorable evening out with friends or a private meal for two.

The enormous wine list of the London Chop House, which includes rare and pricey bottles from all over the world, is mostly responsible for the restaurant’s exorbitant prices.

In addition, there is an extensive list of one-of-a-kind drinks, such as martinis and Manhattans, on the menu at this establishment.

4. Prime and Proper

This high-end restaurant in Michigan offers delectable food and drinks, but the prices are quite steep for such an establishment.

However, it is well worth it when there is a special event! Wagyu beef, lobster mac & cheese, and truffle fries are just few of the dishes that are likely to be on the menu when you visit Prime and Proper. The restaurant’s menu is updated periodically.

And the drinks are just as elegant, with inventive twists on classic cocktails and an extensive selection of fine wines.

5. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood (Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan)

Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan 2023

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Michigan for seafood. It provides a diverse selection of fresh seafood dishes that may cater to the preferences of any customer.

Crab cakes, lobster soup, and salmon tartare are just a few of the dishes that stand out as highlights on the menu.

Eddie V’s maintains an ambience that is chic and refined while still managing to exude an air of friendliness and ease. The wait staff is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you have a pleasant time while dining at the restaurant, and the service is of the highest caliber.

6. Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

This upmarket cafe is well-known for its rodizio-style service, which means that wait staff carry skewers of grilled meats straight to each guest’s table.

The all-you-can-eat meat option comes with a hefty price tag, but the opportunity to sample Brazilian specialties like picanha (sirloin), fraldinha (bottom sirloin), and costela de boi makes it well worth the money (beef ribs).

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After you have finished your meal, if you still have room in your stomach for dessert, consider ordering one of the restaurant’s specialty dishes, such as the chocolate mousse cake or the papaya cream.

The reason that Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse charges such high prices is because it provides a one-of-a-kind eating experience that is unavailable at the vast majority of other restaurants.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of meats, all of which may be ordered skewered, grilled, and served to you at your table so that you can decide exactly what it is that you want to eat.

Because restaurants that serve food in this manner are not very popular in the United States, Fogo de Chao stands apart from the competition.

7. The Whitney (Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan)

The Whitney is an opulent restaurant that can be found right in the middle of downtown Detroit. In addition to serving delectable dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of the United States, it is renowned throughout the state of Michigan for its extensive wine list.

The Whitney is the ideal location for spending an unforgettable evening with loved ones or good friends, and the costs there are commensurate with the establishment’s upscale reputation. For instance, the prices for appetizers start around $15, and the prices for meals range anywhere from $30 to $60.

The one-of-a-kind and excellent dishes that are served at The Whitney are primarily responsible for the restaurant’s high prices. They provide a tasting menu consisting of six courses, each of which is masterfully prepared by their highly skilled chefs and contains ingredients that are in season and acquired locally.

The Whitney also has a comprehensive wine list with more than one thousand options, and the expert wait staff is able to assist you in finding the wines that go best with each course of your dinner.

8. Giovanni’s Ristorante

The restaurant is well-known for the quality of the Italian cuisine that it serves, and it can be found in Novi. On the menu, you’ll find items like veal parmigiana, chicken marsala, and salmon piccata, among other things. In addition to it, the restaurant features a comprehensive wine list.

The exceptional quality of the Italian cuisine served at Giovanni’s Ristorante is primarily responsible for the high cost of dining there. The dishes are cooked with great care, and the ingredients, which are all of a very high quality, are used.

In addition, the service is of the highest caliber, and the atmosphere is quite refined. Given everything that goes into it, Giovanni’s Ristorante is consistently ranked as one of the most costly restaurants in the state of Michigan.

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9. Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

The Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is a high-end dining establishment that can be found in the middle of Detroit. This eatery is well-known in the community for the excellent quality of its steaks, seafood, and wine choices.

The Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is the ideal location for spending an unforgettable evening out with close friends or loved ones.

The high quality of the products and the exceptional level of service offered at Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse are the primary factors contributing to the restaurant’s high prices.

The restaurant will only utilize the very best pieces of meat that have been matured until they are tender and flavorful.

Because they are so attentive and well-informed, the wait staff creates an atmosphere that is genuinely one that cannot be forgotten.

10. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

In the state of Michigan, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive restaurants. The finest cuts of beef, the fresh seafood, and the vast wine list have earned the steakhouse a reputation for excellence.

Fleming’s is located in downtown Detroit and is a favorite among business professionals and celebrities. The price of an entrée is usually around $45 and the required attire is business casual.

The reason that Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar charges such high prices is that it provides customers with a one-of-a-kind and extravagant dining experience that cannot be found in any other restaurant.

On the menu, you’ll find only the very best cuts of steak, each of which was chosen by the chef after careful consideration, and the wine list has an extensive collection of rare and vintage wines. The service at Fleming’s is of the highest caliber, and the ambiance is elegant and sophisticated.

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