Top 10 Expensive Rarest Mason Jars Ever Made 2024

Top 10 Expensive Rarest Mason Jars Ever Made. When refrigeration technology was not generally available in the middle of the nineteenth century, the Mason jar was a pleasant development that provided households with the ability to preserve goods for longer periods of time.

Even though the idea appears simple enough—tightly sealing a jar to keep food from going bad—improving the jar’s capacity for storage and sealing has been a continuous project for decades.

It was inevitable that there would be unusual and/or forgotten variations of the Mason jar given the amount of innovation that took place.

Prices can range from tens to thousands of dollars due to the fact that the worth of a Mason jar is determined by a number of different factors.

Discover some fascinating information about some of the most collectible Mason jars by reading the following list.

Top 10 Expensive Rarest Mason Jars Ever Made 2024

1. Lightning Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: c.1919
  • Unique Features: Wire bail that sealed the jar
  • Cost Today: $20 – $250

The wire closure that fastened the lid to the body of the jar was where the moniker “lightning jar” got its inspiration from.

Users may place hot meals inside the jar and then seal it as rapidly as lightning, significantly lowering the risk of burns being sustained.

Although it was advertised as being simple to use, the lightning jar’s wire fastening presented its own set of challenges.

After some time, the wire got untied, rendering it incapable of effectively securing the package’s contents.

In addition, after each canning operation, users were required to replace the rubber rings that were located on the top of the jar. By the late 1960s, manufacturing companies had ceased all production of lightning jars.

Have you any idea?
In spite of the problems it had, several businesses continued to manufacture the lightning jar for close to half a century.

2. EZ Seal by Hazel-Atlas

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: c. 1910
  • Unique Features: Metal seal
  • Cost Today: about $10 – $100

Hazel-Atlas was a vintage brand of Mason jars that produced goods from the year 1902 until the year 1964.

Although other manufacturers have adapted the jar models created by Hazel-Atlas, these jars should not be mistaken for the original designs.

On the underside, an authentic Hazel Atlas jar will have a sign that combines the letters H and A. One of Hazel-Atlas’s spherical Mason jars was used as the EZ Seal device.

It had a glass cover that was secured by a metal clasp that could be tightened with the use of a lever.

This method of sealing is no longer considered to be safe for use with wet and perishable goods, yet it functions perfectly well with dry goods.

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There was a variety of colors available for the EZ Seal jars, including blue and amber.

Did you know that the EZ Seal jar could hold a half pint, a pint, a quart, or a half gallon of liquid?

3. Mason’s Improved Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: 1870
  • Unique Features: Screw top lid
  • Cost Today: about $50

The first Mason jar to have a glass cover with a metal band was Mason’s Improved jar, which succeeded and improved upon the original Mason jar, which had a zinc lid with no metal band.

It was none other than John Landis Mason, a tinsmith, who came up with the idea for the first Mason jar and made it in the year 1858.

Unfortunately for Mason, his patent expired in the year 1879, and shortly after that, rival companies began manufacturing their own takes on the Mason jar.

As a direct consequence of this, he did not make a significant amount of money off of his everlasting product.

Did you know that there is also an improved jar from Australia that is green in color and has a lid that is far larger than the original?

4. Mason’s Zinc Lid Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: 1858
  • Unique Features: Zinc lid, abnormal shape
  • Cost Today: $1,300

According to the information provided in the preceding bullet point, the zinc lid was patented 12 years before the glass lid with the metal cover.

This is highly valuable and hard to come by due to the fact that it was one of Mason’s initial inventions. On the body of the item, it bears the inscription “Mason’s.

Patent Nov. 30th, 1858” alongside a logo in the form of a jar. It has a screw top cover, much like its predecessor did, and it is notably smaller at the top than a conventional Mason jar.

These are also similarities to its predecessor.

Did you know that because of rationing, Mason jars experienced a renaissance in popularity during World War II?

5. Amber Beaver Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: 1880
  • Unique Features: Beaver embossed on the jar
  • Cost Today: Can be over $2,000

The hue of amber An antique Canadian Mason jar known as a beaver jar has an image of a beaver etched on the front of the jar.

The majority of the glassware that was produced in Canada at the time was produced in Wallaceburg, its place of origin.

Each beaver jar is a unique shade of amber since it was made using antiquated production methods and there was no attempt to maintain consistency in the gauging. This color protects the contents of the jar from being ruined by the sun’s UV radiation.

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The price of the amber is determined by a number of factors, including the shade of amber, the general condition of the jars, the orientation of the beaver (a jar with the beaver facing left is more valuable than one with the beaver facing right), and the model classifications.

For the sake of quality control, the company used numbers and letters to identify the jars to indicate which model they belonged to.

As a result of many people breaking their number 13 jars out of superstition, these jars are now quite scarce and are highly sought after by collectors.

Did you know that because of the darker shade of amber, oxidation can be prevented? This is one reason why many beer bottles and pill bottles are amber in color.

6. The Chief Mason Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: 1870
  • Unique Features: Chief logo
  • Cost Today: up to $827

Because it is such a rare jar, finding the chief jar anywhere online can be rather challenging. It is constructed out of transparent glass and has the inscription “The Chief” engraved on one side, while the letter K is written in cursive on the opposite side.

It has an unusual form and is significantly larger than the conventional size of a mason jar. In addition to this, the jar does not close normally if the replica lid is an accurate representation of the original design.

On the underside of the lid, rather than having a screw top, there are wire fittings that, when hooked onto the sides of the jar, will close it.

Have you any idea?
Over two thousand mason jars are used in the construction of the largest mason jar mosaic.

7. Willoughby Stopple Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: c. 1858
  • Unique Features: Stopple/cork style lid
  • Cost Today: $60 to $450

Willoughby stopple jars are notoriously difficult to track down in an online search, and when you do find one, the price is typically rather high.

They were constructed in the middle of the nineteenth century and had lids that had a clamp to secure the lid in place along with two handles located at the top of the lid.

The stopples by themselves cost approximately $60, which means that a complete set has the potential to be worth significantly more. The price of a reproduction of this jar is around the same.

Have you any idea?
On the front of one particular Willoughby jar was a picture of a woman dressed up in a nice outfit.

8. Black Amber Magic Star Fruit Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: 1886
  • Unique Features: The dark color
  • Cost Today: up to $3,000

Another breakthrough in sealing technology is shown by the glass cover of the Magic Star Fruit jar, which is held in place by iron clamps.

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A star emblem that is embossed and surrounded by writing can be found on the side of the jar. Hermann Buchholz received the patent for it in the state of Pennsylvania in the year 1886. After that, it was manufactured by Wm.

McCully & Co., a glassware company based in the same state as the original manufacturer. Even though the jars were available in a variety of colors, the black amber is the one that is most sought after. It is very never seen being offered for sale, and there are just a few that are known to exist.

Did you know that if you store jam in a jar that is properly sealed, it can last for up to two years?

9. Ball Upside Down Error Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: c. 1933
  • Unique Features: The Ball label is printed upside down
  • Cost Today: potentially up to $1,000

There are two distinct varieties of upside-down jars made by Ball. The first one is a jar marked “error” that has the label printed in an inverted position.

One account claims that the company was only able to create 12 copies of the product before they realized there was an issue.

It was on purpose that the second jar was stored in an inverted position so that it could be used as a dispenser. It has been said that the latter can cost up to a thousand dollars today.

Did you know that the lid for the Mason jar was created first, even before the jar itself?

10. Van Vliet Improved Jar

Rarest Mason Jars
  • Year Invented: 1881
  • Unique Features: Wire attaches to the lid by hooking to the bottom of the jar
  • Cost Today: $23,500

On this particular list, this Mason jar is the rarest option available. It is one of a kind for a number of different reasons.

To begin, Warren Van Vliet used a clamp that hooked over the lid of the jar in an effort to increase the jar’s ability to maintain an airtight seal.

Because the clamp was secured with a wire that was looped under the jar, the seal was ensured to be kept intact at all times. In addition to that, the base of the jar was broader so that it would be easier to balance.

The reason these jars are so hard to find is that they were only manufactured for a total of four years until the Van Vliet factory caught fire in 1885, destroying all of the remaining jars, lids, and clamps in the process.

Did you know that during the Civil War, Warren Van Vliet acted as a recruiter for the Union side of the conflict?

Top 10 Expensive Rarest Mason Jars Ever Made-




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