13 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The Top 13 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024: It is not an easy process to find the basketball shoe that has the best traction for the NBA game.

There is such a wide variety of models from which to choose, and the performance of a given pair of shoes may vary significantly based on the standard of the court, the manner in which you play, and even the rubber compound that was utilized in the production of a particular colorway.

When searching for the basketball shoe that has the highest traction, there are a lot of different elements that come into play. When it comes to how well a shoe performs on the court, the tread, materials, and even the type of rubber that was utilized for a particular colorway may all make a difference.

It makes a difference not only where you play but also how you play, so there is no single sneaker that is going to provide the optimal traction for everyone.

You are in luck because the internet is teeming with shoe reviewers who can provide you a variety of perspectives and provide you with an accurate picture of the overall performance of a basketball sneaker.

In order to spare you some of the time that would otherwise be spent reading and watching all of these evaluations, I am making it a habit to keep track of any big new shoe releases and to read or watch any and all shoe reviews that I can discover.

In general, trademark sneakers designed for guards and other speedy players will feature gripping traction that is ideal for making quick stops and changing the direction you are going in.

When looking for your next favorite pair of sneakers, traction is another important quality to look for. Shoes that are made specifically for playing outside tend to have the most long-lasting traction.

The review that follows provides an overview of the top ten basketball shoes that have the best traction, graded according to the average grade they received for it. Continue scrolling down the page to get an even more in-depth account of each sneaker.

13. Under Armour Flow FUTR X3

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

Incredible grip can be found in the Under Armour Flow FUTR X, just like it can be found in the Curry Flow 8. It doesn’t matter if the court is dirty or clean; it will still bite, and despite appearances, the Flow outsole is more robust than it seems.

Although it is low to the ground and has great responsiveness, the cushion is on the firmer side of things overall. The materials had a shoddy feel to them, yet they performed respectably enough taking into account the cost.

The shoe fits true to size and has the potential to accommodate a wide variety of different foot shapes. This is because the materials have stretched out slightly over the course of time.

Under Armour was successful in developing a midfoot strap that has functional benefits in addition to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. It enhanced the shoe’s lateral confinement, which assisted in maintaining the correct level of support for your foot.

At around $120, the Under Armour Flow FUTR X is a great option to consider purchasing. The traction is excellent, the cushion gives a wonderful feeling of playing on the court, and there were no concerns with the support whatsoever.

12. Nike KD 15

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

On the Nike KD 15, the traction is a trait that really stands out. It is effective against every kind of court and has a devastating bite.

The cushioning provides a one-of-a-kind combination of court feel, responsiveness, bounciness, and impact protection, as agreed upon by the reviewers.

The fabrics shape themselves perfectly to your footprints and are really pleasant to run about in. Additionally, the shoe has an improved fit compared to earlier KD models and is more adaptable to various types of foot shapes.

If there is a drawback to this product, it is that some of the reviewers noticed minor heel slippage. Others didn’t feel totally safe when they were encircling the heel. It’s possible that the Nike KD 15 is one of the most capable athletic sneakers now on the market.

11. Air Jordan 36 Low

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The same can be said for its performance, which is to say that it is excellent. The cushion itself has not been altered in any way. It is springy and has the potential to be the best configuration currently available on the market.

Because of the different materials, a few of the reviewers have the opinion that the Low size fits just a little bit better than the usual 36.

Although the support is strong and difficult to beat for a low-top shoe, some reviewers reported that their heels slipped out of the shoe. In general, the low-top model of the Jordan 36 is an option for a performance basketball shoe that is on par with the model with a higher top.

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10. Under Armour Curry 7

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

Steph Curry is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time, and his performance is worthy of the number 7 sneakers he wears.

These, like other options on our list, come with tremendous traction that makes it easier to keep your footing on the court while you’re playing. However, not only are they very lightweight, but they are also highly flexible.

Because they increase and facilitate agility, these shoes are ideal for persons who need to cut swiftly. They are wonderful for people who need to cut fast. In addition to that, the design features a generous amount of ankle support, which shields your foot from injury whenever you move. Both the unique outsole and the intriguing appearance are valuable additions to the package.

Be aware, though, that in order to get these shoes moving, you will need to put in a little amount of effort. When you first take them out of the packaging, you won’t feel wonderful in them. Instead, it takes some time for them to become comfortable.

They are also not the models on this list with the highest level of durability. Once you get beyond the initial barrier, though, they are fantastic but it takes some effort to do so.

9. New Balance Two WXYs and a V2

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

All of the reviewers agree that the shoe’s traction is its most impressive quality. It exerts a severe amount of pressure on virtually every surface. The padding is thin and sits low to the ground, providing a significant degree of court feel.

Although there is sufficient impact protection in the heel, there is need for improvement in the forefoot. Regarding the support, there were no concerns reported. It achieves the desired results. The top is constructed from a pleasant material called FitWeave Lite, which New Balance utilizes. This material molds well to the shape of your foot while you are playing.

The New Balance TWO WXY V2 could be New Balance’s best basketball shoe because of its aggressively gripping traction and the lack of obvious flaws in its design.

8. KD 13

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The KD 13 is another another formidable shoe that not only provides excellent traction but also a wide variety of other features that are beneficial to the wearer.

Because of its supple upper and lightweight overall construction, this model is extremely long-lasting while yet retaining its flexibility. The utilization of few resources contributes favorably to that end as well.

The level of comfort that this provides is absolutely exceptional. The shoe features two distinct tiers of Air Zoom in its construction. Additionally, its upper region is bendable, and its tongue is pliable. The whole interior of the shoe is lined with cushioning. The combination of these three characteristics results in a stable yet comfortable base that cradles and shields your foot in equal measure.

Despite the many positive qualities it possesses, the KD 13 is not the most attractive shoe on the market. Although there is a possibility that the layout will appeal to some people, there are many more possibilities available that are far more stunning or captivating. However, there is a lot to admire about the model if the appearance is not important to you or if you are not concerned with style.

Under Armour Curry 9

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The Curry Flow 9 has continued to improve upon the previous year’s performance, which was delivered by the 8. Both the traction pattern and the substance are the same, which is not necessarily a negative thing.

In this respect, the performance has been universally praised as being outstanding. The responsiveness and court feel are outstanding, and the cushioning is excellent. The only thing the cushion is lacking is proper impact protection, which is the only thing the cushion is lacking.

The materials have been significantly upgraded from the previous year and now have a premium feel for performance. It is not only comfortable but also very light and thin.

The fit is initially close and narrow, but over time the materials will mold themselves to the shape of your foot. Both the support and lockdown have been quite strong throughout the entirety of the Curry line.

Reviewers are in agreement that the Curry Flow 9 is now one of the top sneakers that can be purchased, and they also believe that the shoe is a joy to play in.

6. Dame 7

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

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The Dame 7s are a fantastic pair of shoes that come with excellent grip, in addition to a sturdy base that provides both support and movement.

These features make them an excellent choice for any athlete. They have a design that is lower, which makes it easier to move, and they actively promote agility, both of which are attributes that make them ideal for guards who need to cut.

The fact that they are exceptionally comfortable is yet another advantage offered by the set. While the lightweight design results in a surprising degree of breathability, the Lightstrike cushioning provides a lot of impact support for whether you’re running or leaping. That works wonderfully to accentuate the tenacious grasp.

These shoes are a flexible model that provide you with just about everything you require in a shoe. Be aware, though, that their appearance is quite unremarkable, which may turn off prospective customers.

The aesthetic might work for some, but there are flashier goods on the market. They also lack a bit in terms of long-lasting durability.

5. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 3

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The UA Anatomix Spawn 3 has excellent traction on both clean and dusty courts, and the outsole is tough enough to withstand the occasional use of the shoe outside.

One of the most notable aspects of the shoe is its cushioning system, which is comprised of full-length Micro-G and offers an excellent balance of court feel, bounce, and impact protection.

The performance of the materials is satisfactory, especially taking into account the low cost, and they are of a decent quality overall. These are true to size and have a fit that is somewhat looser than normal.

The materials stretch out a little with time. The support is sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about being contained laterally thanks to it. Although the overall lateral stability is quite strong, the heel curvature does contribute a small bit of instability. The UA Anatomix Spawn 3 is, when considering its pricing point, an exceptional performance overall.

4. New Balance TWO WXY

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

One of the best features of the New Balance TWO WXY is its traction, which features an awesome bite and is one of the shoe’s top qualities. The durability is sufficient for use in the great outdoors. This particular cushion configuration makes use of Fuel Cell foam and is positioned extremely close to the ground.

You get a decent amount of impact protection along with an excellent court feel and responsiveness. The majority of the materials are composed of lightweight knits and fabrics that are both pleasant and effective.

It is highly suggested that you try these on before purchasing them because they run a little bit long and somewhat narrow. They are available in a wide range of sizes.

You are well protected against explosive techniques and crossovers because to the support and lockdown, which are both excellent. The New Balance TWO WXY is an excellent performer overall, and it comes in at a reasonable price of $140. It excels in virtually every aspect of performance.

3. Nike PG 5

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The traction pattern of the PG 5 is extremely comparable to the design of the Kobe 9, and it offers the highest level of traction possible indoors.

Unfortunately, the outsole does not have the necessary durability for use in the outdoors. Although the cushioning technology is comparable to that of the previous year, it has a very different feel.

The PG 5 is not as plush, but it offers a better court feel and more reactivity than the previous model. The materials are what you have come to expect from the PG line: They have a very cheap feel to them, but they perform well and are pleasant to wear on your feet.

The PG 5, much like the other PG models, has a little more constricted and narrow fit. The sizing is accurate and works properly.

The support and lockdown are excellent thanks to a wide base and a huge outrigger; reviewers did not report any problems in this regard. At a stated price of only $110, the PG 5 is a fantastic all-around performer and a real bargain overall.

2. Nike KD 14

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The break-in period for the KD14’s traction took a little longer than usual for some reviewers, but everyone agreed that once it was broken in, it offered an incredible amount of traction on clean courts and didn’t have too much issue with dusty courts either.

The Zoom Strobel and Cushlon midsoles offer the ideal balance of comfort, impact protection, and responsiveness in a running shoe. One of the reviewers referred to it as the KD with the most give to this point.

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The materials have a rather low-quality feel to them, but they are really comfortable to walk on, and when combined with the broad base and the plastic reinforcements on the sides, they offer a great deal of support and lockdown.

The fit is less narrow than earlier iterations of the KD, and it should be possible for most players to wear them, with the exception of those who have really broad feet. Reviewers are in agreement that the KD14 is a terrific all-around performance that is completely worth the price tag of $150, and that it represents a little improvement when compared to the KD13.

1. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022
Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2024

The Crazy Explosive is a luxury sneaker with a lot of traction that was made by one of the most popular shoe brands in the world.

You will have the ability to freely move, cut, or run thanks to the low-top design and the gripping outsole, neither of which will cause you to slow down or become stuck. Because of this, it is very useful for security guards.

The fact that the pair comes with multiple layers of support to safeguard your foot is yet another significant advantage. Both the architecture that mimics a sock and the TPU stability wrap contribute significantly toward achieving that goal.

You are then secured within the shoe by the anatomical lacing system, which also offers you additional comfort and protection.

Because of their sock-like design, these otherwise excellent shoes have the potential to make your feet feel somewhat warm, which is the shoe’s most significant drawback. That could be a source of discomfort for athletes, especially those who become hot easily. They are really effective provided that you are not prone to overheating and can get beyond that obstacle.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Basketball Shoes with Traction in 2024

To ensure that the shoe you purchase is the one that caters to your requirements the most effectively, each of these characteristics is of the utmost significance.

Pattern of Traction

Every pair of shoes has its own distinctive design on the sole. The alternatives presented in the sneakers mentioned above go beyond the capabilities of standard basketball shoes due to the presence of specialized treads. However, there is no shoe that can be considered the best. When shopping for treads, look for as many different options as you can and choose the one that best suits your playing style.

The objective is to discover a pattern that corresponds to your game. Get a pattern that gives you either additional agility or the ability to quickly turn if you are a guard or another type of person who relies on their agility. If you are a big guy, you probably want a traction pattern that improves your jumping ability or assists you in remaining in place while you are rebounding.


Every pair of shoes you wear out on the court needs to have a high level of durability. This is especially true with regard to traction, as having a good grip that wears down in a month won’t be of much value to the user. Always choose solid alternatives that are manufactured by reputable brands. That will provide you confidence in the level of quality as well as peace of mind.

When looking for durable shoes, the materials you choose should be dependent on the environment in which you play as well as the frequency of your matches. If you have a specific pair of game shoes that you exclusively wear on indoor courts, you don’t need to put as much thought into the construction of those shoes as you would if you were purchasing sturdy shoes for outdoor courts.


Style is always important, even though it should not be your first concern when searching for something. If you are someone who is concerned with how they look on the court, you should not be scared to get a model that has a sleek appearance. This may refer to the shoe’s style, design, or pattern, or it may simply refer to the manner in which it was manufactured.

This should always come after you have found the other characteristics that you require, but if you have a few possibilities, you shouldn’t be scared to go out of your way to purchase something that is spectacular or entertaining. The current market offers a wide variety of hues and patterns to choose from. Invest in an item that will make you feel good about showing it off.

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