11 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2024

When it comes to dining, anyone who has spent any amount of time in California is aware that the Golden State is filled with great food options at every turn but let’s look at the Most Expensive Restaurants in California.

And not just any kind of food, but some of the best, most exciting, and diverse cuisine the country has to offer.

There is a restaurant that caters to every taste, from the world-famous taco trucks in Los Angeles to the legendary dim sum houses in San Francisco.

In addition, the state of California is home to a number of restaurants that hold the distinction of being among the most expensive in the world. These restaurants range from upscale sushi joints to establishments with exceptional wine lists.

California is known for its many celebrities and they do enjoy being seen out and about at these fine restaurants.

If you plan to spend any amount of time in this state, you owe it to yourself to visit at least one of these wonderful establishments at some point.

Restaurants in California are known to be some of the most expensive in the country, which may cause your wallet to shed a few tears.

There’s something for everyone in California, from upscale steakhouses to upscale seafood restaurants and everything in between.

This is not just a place where people like to have fun, but where they also like to get together and enjoy fine dining.

Here are ten of the most expensive restaurants in California:

Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2024

1 Atelier Crenn — $464

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023

The Atelier Crenn in San Francisco is a restaurant that has earned a rating of three stars. It is widely considered to be among the state of California’s finest and most expensive dining establishments.

It is safe to say that Atelier Crenn is currently one of the restaurants in San Francisco that has the most original ideas and is the most creative.

Chef Dominique Crenn, who also owns the restaurant, is not only skilled in the kitchen but also writes poetry in her spare time.

Because of this, the cuisine at her new establishment, Atelier Crenn, has been described as “poetic culinaria.” It is only fitting that the menu be written in verse form.

The dishes on the menu at Atelier Crenn take the diner on a journey through the four seasons, drawing their inspiration from both the land and the sea.

On one occasion, a dish called “A Walk in the Forest” was served on a bed of moss, and it was presented in this manner on purpose.

Address: 3127 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States.

2. The French Laundry — $325 (Most Expensive Restaurants in California)

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023

Yountville, California is home to a fine dining establishment known as The French Laundry.

Michelin has awarded all three of its stars to this establishment, making it the only eatery in the San Francisco Bay Area to do so.

The French Laundry is widely considered to be among the best dining establishments in the entire United States and possibly the entire world.

There are only two seatings available each evening for the tasting menu that consists of nine courses.

Each day, diners can choose between a nine-course and a twelve-course tasting menu at the restaurant that only offers tasting menus.

The restaurant does not offer standard à la carte menus; instead, guests can choose from a variety of tasting menus.

According to Chef Keller, this gives diners the opportunity to experience the full range of their culinary repertoire during the course of a single meal.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu that is different each day and can cost up to $300 for each individual diner.

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Address: 6640 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599, United States.

3. Benu — $310

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023
The Sea Cucumber stuffed with Shrimp at Benu restaurant in San Francisco, Calif., is seen on Friday, February 3, 2012.

Benu, located in San Francisco, is a restaurant that has earned three Michelin stars and is famous for serving creative cuisine such as foie gras soup dumplings.

The restaurant was given its name in honor of a legendary bird that was held in high regard and was also the parent of the phoenix.

Benu was first established in 2010 by Chef Corey Lee, who got his start in the culinary industry at the French Laundry.

Benu provides two different tasting menus: the Garden Menu, which is available during dinner service and costs $310 per person, and the Chef’s Tasting Menu, which is available during lunch service and costs $198 per person.

Benu offers a selection of dishes inspired by the changing seasons, some of which are prepared using techniques from contemporary cuisine.

It offers a wide variety of dishes, such as the Pickled Fiddlehead Ferns and the Thousand-Year Egg, among others.

Address: 22 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States.

4. Coi — $250 (Most Expensive Restaurants in California)

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023

Another fine dining establishment, COI can be found in the bustling financial district of San Francisco.

Its name, which literally translates to “friendship” in Vietnamese, truly lives up to its reputation from the moment you step foot inside the establishment.

On the menu, you’ll find a wide variety of dishes that are derived from Asian cuisine but are executed in a manner that is more typical of French cooking.

This strategy has resulted in the restaurant receiving a large number of accolades, including three Michelin stars.

The Coi Restaurant, which can be found in the San Francisco neighborhood of North Beach, is the flagship establishment for the Michelin-starred chef Daniel Patterson.

The menu at Coi is inspired not only by his travels and studies of the natural world, but also by the seasonal ingredients that are available in Northern California. The menu is updated periodically throughout the year.

The dishes on the menu at Coi Restaurant are inspired by a philosophy that emphasizes flavor, harmony, balance, and seasonality. The restaurant takes an approach that is forward-thinking while maintaining a profound respect for tradition.

Patterson maintains close relationships with the farmers and other local producers in order to procure the freshest and most flavorful ingredients, which are then presented on the menu in their most natural state.

Address: 373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States.

5. Manresa — $235

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023

In addition to being one of the most expensive restaurants in California, Manresa is widely considered to be among the state’s very best.

This restaurant, which has been operating in the posh community of Los Gatos since it first opened in 2002 and is run by the Michelin-starred chef David Kinch,

Expect to find outstanding dishes such as eggplant prepared with miso, almonds, and ginger on the menu of this restaurant, which adapts its offerings based on what is currently available from its garden and other nearby farms.

At Manresa, diners can choose between two different tasting menus: one costs $195 and features five courses, while the other features eight courses and costs $235.

Both menus come with the option of purchasing wine pairings, which come at an additional cost.

At Manresa, you are required to have a reservation in order to dine there.

Online reservations can be made up to three months in advance of the date on which guests wish to dine at the establishment, and diners are required to specify which table they would like to occupy for their meal (between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., or between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.).

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Address: 320 Village Ln, Los Gatos, CA 95030, United States.

6. Capo —  $240 ( Most Expensive Restaurants in California)

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023

Dinner at Capo, one of the most expensive Italian restaurants in the world, will set you back a staggering $240 per person.

Bruce Marder is responsible for the establishment’s inception and it can be found in Santa Monica, in the state of California.

In addition to its Zagat award, Capo has earned a star rating from Michelin.

This is the place to go if you want to make a good impression on a date or celebrate a significant event, as it has everything you could possibly need.

The restaurant offers some of the finest examples of Italian fine dining, with dishes such as veal risotto and homemade pasta among its offerings.

In addition to that, it has a comprehensive wine list that features vintages that are hard to come by.

Because the menu is revised on a seasonal basis to highlight only the most recent produce, you can rest assured that whatever you order will be of the highest possible quality.

The interior design of the restaurant exudes an air of pure romance, with candlelit tables and walls that are a dark blue and are decorated with white molding.

The exposed wooden beams not only add visual interest to the room but also give it a cozier and more welcoming atmosphere.

The first thing that will strike you about Capo is how attentive the staff is; they make frequent visits to the tables of diners to ensure that all of their requirements are being fulfilled.

Address: 1810 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States.

7. Providence — $165

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in California 2023

One of the most expensive restaurants in the United States is Providence, which is also the most expensive restaurant in the state of California.

The price per person at this opulent restaurant is $165 if wine pairings are not included, and they cost an additional $150 to add.

The restaurant Providence serves seafood, such as scallops and lobster, that comes from the ocean.

If you want to eat at this renowned restaurant, you should be prepared to spend some money because the high-end seafood that they serve comes with a hefty price tag.

This restaurant serves seafood dishes that are influenced by French cuisine but have an Asian twist.

Because Chef Michael Cimarusti creates new menus daily, diners can rest assured that no two meals will be the same.

Online reservations can be made, but they can also be made over the phone or through Opentable. Both of these options are available.

Address: 5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038, United States.

8. The Restaurant At Meadowood — $275 (Most Expensive Restaurants in California)

The Restaurant at Meadowood is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, charging a whopping $275 for each diner at the establishment.

Christopher Kostow, a well-known chef, was the one who first opened the restaurant, which can be found in St. Helena, in the state of California.

The Restaurant at Meadowood in Oakville, California is an excellent option for those looking to spend their money on delicious food and is famous for the incredible atmosphere and high-quality cuisine that it serves.

Because of the exceptional quality of the food, wine pairing, and service, many of the guests are brought to tears.

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It is not at all inexpensive, but if you are commemorating a special occasion or looking to give yourself a treat, it is well worth every penny that you spend on it.

Try coming for lunch instead of ordering from the tasting menu if you want to enjoy a meal at this upscale restaurant but don’t have the budget for the tasting menu.

The cost per person is significantly reduced, and diners have the option of partaking in a multi-course meal accompanied by wine pairings or selecting items from the à la carte menu.

Address: 900 Meadowood Ln, St Helena, CA 94574, United States.

9. Urasawa — $400

One of the most expensive restaurants in the state of California is Urasawa, which is located in Beverly Hills.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of seafood from all over the world, including lobster, crab, hamachi, and razor clams, among other options.

Oysters topped with a dollop of caviar are a popular choice for one of the dishes on the menu.

Urasawa was rated as the most expensive restaurant in Los Angeles by Zagat.

The price of a person’s meal at the sushi restaurant Urasawa, which includes two courses, is $275.

The first and second courses each feature a different type of seafood that originates from a different part of the world, such as lobster, crab, hamachi, and razor clams.

Urasawa is renowned for its meticulous preparation, using only the highest quality and most recently harvested ingredients.

It consists of eight to nine courses, all of which are comprised of fish and shellfish.

There is no menu to choose from; instead, Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa will serve whatever is most delicious and in season on that particular day.

The average number of diners per evening is between 15 and 20, making for a very personal and cozy atmosphere at the table.

Address: 218 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States.

10. Saison — $398 (Most Expensive Restaurants in California)

The experience at Saison, which has earned three Michelin stars, is of the highest caliber and is also one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

Chef Joshua Skenes and sommelier Mark Bright are the proprietors of this French restaurant, which can be found in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco.

The tasting menu for dinner at Saison is priced at $398 per person, which includes a 20% service charge and tax.

In exchange for that, you will be served no fewer than 18 courses of avant-garde cuisine from France.

Some of the dishes include brown butter custard with caviar and black truffles, as well as wild abalone served with uni and nori.

It is important to keep in mind that Saison does not accept reservations for parties with fewer than five people; therefore, if you are traveling with fewer companions, you will be required to wait in line for a table.

You also have the option of going to Angler, which is the sister restaurant of Saison and is located right next door. Angler offers the same high level of quality food but in a less formal setting.

Address: 178 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States

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