5 Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World 2024

The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World. The primary function of sidecars when they were first introduced was to transport passengers.

During World War I, when the use of these compact and adaptable machines became popular with various military branches, they were also used as a location to transport luggage or supplies.

This was very useful during that time period. After a number of decades during which they were rarely seen, sidecars attached to motorcycles are currently experiencing something of a renaissance.

Many businesses are beginning to capitalize on the newfound demand by adopting the latest trend and joining the bandwagon.

The following companies are now considered to be the best motorcycle sidecar manufacturers in the world.

5 Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

5. Liberty Sidecars

The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

The Billings Family is the proprietor of the sidecar manufacturing company known as Liberty Sidecars. The business was established in the year 1990 in the city of Seattle, in the state of Washington.

Over the past four decades, Mr. Billings has indulged his passion for restoring sidecars through his work as a fabricator and industrial designer. The first location of Liberty Sidecars was a metal fabrication business that was 1200 square feet in size.

It has expanded to the point where it now operates out of a shop that is 8000 square feet in size and employs two to four people to construct custom sidecars. The organization fulfills orders placed by clients located in every region of the world

. Orders come from all over the world, including Japan, Germany, Italy, Holland, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and a number of other nations. Orders from the United States come from all different regions.

This company has made a name for itself in the industry by specializing in the production of Harley-Davidson sidecars in addition to replicas for vintage and antique motorcycles dating as far back as 1936 models.

4. Hannigan Sidecar Company

The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

The Hannigan Sidecar firm is an industry leader in the production of many types of conversions, including sidecars, trailers, tri-cars, and trikes.

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They are currently among the most well-known sidecar constructors in the whole wide world. Although the website of the company features a listing of the nine most popular pre-built variants, Hannigan also provides custom sidecar fabrication for a variety of other motorcycle models.

In addition to that, it offers conversion services. One of the most comprehensive selections of motorcycle sidecars can be found at Hannigan.

The fabrication crew’s area of expertise is in the construction of touring sidecars, as well as sport sidecars and vintage sidecars. The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

No matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, the experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals at Hannigan can tailor a sidecar to your motorcycle that is acceptable in both a practical and an aesthetic sense.

3. DMC Sidecars

The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

DMC Sidecars is an industry leader when it comes to the production of sidecars. Customers have access to a sizable selection, which the organization maintains for their convenience.

In its fabrication shop, DMC creates sidecars for nearly every brand, including EZS, Watsonian, Champion, and a number of other manufacturers.

The broad range of possible models includes the Halcyon Sidecar, the Adventure Sidecar, the Classic Sidecar, the Enduro Sidecar, The Expedition Sidecar, the Tomahawk and Tomahawk SE Sidecars, and the M72C, among many other options.

A Sidecar manual is also available from DMC, which provides riders with all of the information they require for operating a vehicle while wearing a sidecar gear.

It is a guide that details the abilities necessary for the safe operation of a motorcycle or trike with a sidecar and includes instructions that are broken down into step-by-step format.

Volunteers from the USCA Sidecar Safety program put their time and energy into creating the manual. Because there were no training classes available at the time, it was written as a handbook for people who wanted to teach themselves on their own.

2. Texas Sidecar Company [Texas Sidecar]

More than two decades ago, Texas Sidecar Company opened its doors as a company that specialized in the design and manufacture of sidecars.

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It is one of the more recent businesses that had humble beginnings but has since grown into a more significant enterprise. It is an American company that was established in the latter part of the year 2000.

Donie, Texas serves as the location of the main office. It has developed its name by providing sidecars of the best quality that are now available on the market. The manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee for both the fit and the finish.

They constructed the bodies out of thick materials made of fiberglass, and the carpets were made for the maritime environment. The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

For particularly long wear, the upholstery is constructed of resilient vinyl and features a tonneau cover. Additionally, the chassis and mounting components are powder coated in black.

The bodywork of the sidecars have been completed in a black that has a high sheen and does not require any additional painting. Sidecars that are tailor-made for motorbikes and scooters come complete with secure mounting hardware that has been thoughtfully constructed.

For the installation, only the most fundamental hand tools are required. The Texas Sidecar Company offers incredibly quick and knowledgeable service for all types, brands, and models of motorcycles and scooters.

They not only offer the sidecars, but they will also install them at the customer’s request. 2019 marked a year of transition for the business, as Kent Silk made the decision to acquire it.

Although it is not the largest firm in terms of revenue, it is one of the most well-known in terms of reputation because it is owned by American veterans. When you attend one of the larger bike rallies, you will see quite a few examples of their art.

1. Diamonado Sidecar

The firm known as Diamonado Sidecar is responsible for the production of a sidecar that can fully articulate. It is a precise add-on that enables a variety of maneuvers, including counterstaining and leaning.

This one-of-a-kind sidecar design features a wheel that functions like a caster and a low center of gravity for optimal stability.

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This enables a smoother performance in comparison to many other sidecar models, which are specifically developed for the delight of motorcycle riders and passengers.

Diamonado also provides a premium touring package, which aims to maximize the fun that passengers have even on extended journeys.

This is a firm that was founded in the United States of America and has its headquarters in Arborvitae, Wisconsin.  The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

Final Thoughts

There was a period of time when it was quite challenging to get a fresh new sidecar. As a result of the rising demand for these easy additions, dozens of new small businesses are emerging out of fabrication shops all over the world.

The motorcycle and scooter sidecar market features a great deal of fierce rivalry, which results in an environment that is ideal for customers to shop in. Sidecar producers are well aware that in order to attract new clients, they need to ensure that their products satisfy the highest possible standards in terms of the quality of their construction, as well as its safety, attractiveness, comfort, and durability.

The fight has begun, and as a result, we are witnessing the introduction of some of the most astonishing new models.

Some manufacturers maintain inventories of pre-made sidecars, while others offer customization services that include the design and construction of sidecars for current and late-model motorcycles as well as some of the older antique bikes.

If you are interested in vintage styles, it is even feasible to have a replica sidecar created that was popular throughout the 1930s. This sector of the economy is showing signs of making a comeback in the market in the United States.

If you are considering purchasing a sidecar for your motorcycle, you may want to look over our compilation of the five most reputable sidecar manufacturers.

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