What Kind of Motorcycles Do Cops Most Drive in the U.S.?

What Kind of Motorcycles Do Cops Most Drive in the U.S.? You may have been a young rider when you first started to wonder what kinds of motorcycles law enforcement officers in the United States ride.

The majority of police departments around the country use many of the same types of models, despite the fact that individual officers have varying tastes in this regard.

The Harley Davidson is the brand of motorbike that has the highest market share among American law enforcement agencies.

For a good number of years, many law enforcement officials’ go-to choice of motorcycle has been a Harley Davidson. They were first used by local police departments in 1941, and ever since then, they have been regarded as one of the most effective tools for patrolling and tracking down offenders.

They have spent a lot of time cultivating their ties with the local law enforcement and emergency response teams, to the point that it constitutes a large portion of their company’s overall revenue.

Why Cops Use Harley Davidson

What Kind of Motorcycles Do Cops Most Drive in the U.S
What Kind of Motorcycles Do Cops Most Drive in the U.S

The reason why there are so many police officers riding Harleys is because they offer an excellent balance of speed, weight, and maneuverability in one package.

Their small wheelbase allows them to go quickly through city traffic, despite the fact that they are extremely maneuverable.

In addition to this, the motorcycles have a high power to weight ratio, which is something that might be helpful when you are attempting to catch an evading criminal.

In addition, these bicycles are long-lasting, require just a moderate amount of maintenance, and have very reasonable repair expenses over the course of their lifetime.

Back in 1941, the Super Glide model of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle was the one that kicked things off.

The motorbike was selected to replace the Indian bikes that were previously used by the police department in Fort Worth, Texas, and over time, other departments began to follow suit and make the same decision.

The success of the Harley Davidson WLA has been a major contributing factor in The Motor Company’s collaboration with law enforcement agencies as well as the armed forces.

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Small town police agencies all around the United States utilized this approach both during World War II and in the years immediately following the conclusion of the war.

By the time the year 1945 rolled around, Harley Davidson had already sold more than 70,000 of these motorcycles to various branches of the United States Military as well as to local police forces.

The History of Harley Davidsons And Police

During the 1940s, many varieties of motorcycles, such as the Super Glide, WLA, Bobber, and Trike, became standard issue for use by law enforcement agencies.

The WLA model was introduced in 1942 and was in production until 1950, during which time it held the position of flagship for the brand.

It was the first Harley Davidson model to include cushion grips and had a compact fuel tank in addition to a straightforward and fashionable saddle.

After the end of World War II, manufacture of this type was discontinued despite the fact that it had been quite successful during the war.

In 1948, the Bobber model was introduced, and it had many characteristics with the WLA. It came equipped with a basic saddle, a tank that was not very large, and cushion grips.

The law enforcement agencies that were given these bicycles were pleased with them because they were dependable and came at a reasonable price.

After the WLA was taken out of production, the Bobber variant was taken off the market. Last but not least, the Trike model has been part of the Harley Davidson lineup continuously since 1983.

Its design is comparable to that of the WLA model, but it has a larger wheelbase to provide more maneuverability.

The Harley Davidson Police Sportster was first made available to the public in the year 1967. This model was derived from the Bobber, but it featured a more streamlined form with a swing arm that was more lightweight.

One of the first models to have levers on the left side of the handlebars that acted as controls for lights, horns, and other safety features was the 1968 Harley Davidson Police Sportster. This model was also one of the first to include this feature.

The Twin Cam engine had more horsepower than their other models and operated more smoothly than any of them.

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However, because there were no additional parts that required maintenance, they were able to keep costs to a minimum, which allowed them to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Police Sportster was manufactured up until the 1980s, and it has remained in production without interruption since 2007.

Over the past three decades, the Harley-Davidson Police WLA has served as the gold standard for police motorcycles, and it is currently in service with more than 300 jurisdictions across the globe.

Additionally, it is one of the most identifiable motorcycles used by the police. This is because it just has a single saddle seat, basic handlebars, and cushion grips. The fuel tank is also on the smaller side.

The WLA was replaced by the Police Interceptor, which was released by Harley-Davidson in the early 1970s. The Police Interceptor is distinguished by its more menacing appearance.

In order to improve the motorcycle’s performance, the fuel tank was repositioned to the back of the vehicle, and several other modifications were done. 1977 saw the introduction of Harley-very Davidson’s first Cruiser model.

This model shared the same all-alloy frame as their previous models, but it featured a larger gasoline tank and superior suspension compared to the others.

Because there were no additional parts that needed maintenance, Harley Davidson was able to keep their prices low and preserve their competitive advantage.

A New Type Of Police Motorcycle: Yamaha FJR1300P

What Kind of Motorcycles Do Cops Most Drive in the U.S
What Kind of Motorcycles Do Cops Most Drive in the U.S

The FJR1300P was Yamaha‘s initial attempt to break into the market for police motorcycles. Despite its size, it possesses all of the essential tasks that are required to be adapted for use by law enforcement.

Built in into the frame of the bike is a theft deterrent system that includes both an alarm and an immobilizer. In addition to being known as the 1300 Police, this model is also known as the Yamaha FJR1300P. (Police).

The year 2018 marked the beginning of its rise to prominence, and since then, it has spread to other models like as the Yamaha XJ900P, the Yamaha XJ600P, and the Yamaha XV250P.

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Police Motorcycles And The US Military

Motorcycles designed for use by the police have also seen service in the military for a number of years. As was noted up above, the Yamaha FJR1300P and XC1300P have been in service by the military since the year 2003.

However, since it was originally made available to consumers, there have been numerous allegations of problems with the model’s build quality. On the other hand, the model year 2013 appears to be an excellent place to begin the process of enhancing the dependability and performance of this motorbike.

Since 1975, the “Marauder” Military Police Motorcycle has been in service with the United States Military. On the battlefield, this vehicle has offered the United States military and law enforcement agents with the necessary road-holding capabilities, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.

Kreighoff of Germany is responsible for the construction of this model, which has been and still is utilized by the United States Military Police as a dependable four-wheeled police motorbike.

When it comes to situations of civilian emergency, the Marauder motorbike is also utilized for the purpose of conveying VIPs, senior officers, dignitaries, rescue personnel, and other VIPs.

Final Thoughts

The utilization of motorcycles by law enforcement agencies as a tool for the purpose of apprehending criminals and ensuring the safety of their communities is extremely effective.

Even though police officers are frequently the public’s first point of contact with law enforcement, it is impossible for them to fulfill their duties without the proper tools and equipment.

Because of this, you ought to give some serious consideration to purchasing a police motorcycle from one of the most reputable brands in the field of motorcycle technology.

You will have the power, mobility, and speed you require to deal with hazardous criminals on a daily basis when you have access to this item.

You will be able to keep your cool in the face of the problems that you confront on a daily basis, which will give others with a sense of security when you are required to make an arrest.

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