Top 3 Hardcore Scenes From the Film Scream

The Scream series of films made a lot of noise. The popularity of these motion pictures is still rattling to this day.

A key part of the plot are scenes of brutal massacres. This ranking brings together three of the most brutal killings.

Top 3 Hardcore Scenes From the Film Scream
Top 3 Hardcore Scenes From the Film Scream

Maureen and Phill and Scream 2 (1997)

The third place brings us back to the distant 1997, when the second part of the sensational story was released in the small town of Woodsboro, where two psychopaths in a ghost costume committed a massacre.

In the sequel, the story moved to Ohio, namely in Windsor College, where Prescott was trained. By the way, the best online casinos in South Africa offer to remember this film through slot machines.

Online clubs offer a special selection of slots on the theme of horror.

On the day of the premiere of the horror film “Stabbing”, based on the events of the original film, Phil Stevens and Maureen Evans become victims of an unknown.

The couple had two chances to disrupt the plans of Ghost face. All it was worth it to turn around and leave the premiere of the horror film on the picture with Sandra Bullock.

But who of the lovers knew that remaining at the premiere of slasher they themselves will become the heroes of bloody events?

The first victim is Phil, whose curiosity leads to his death. But I’ve always wondered, what if the guy wouldn’t have listened to what was going on in the next stall? Probably would have had a much better chance of survival. But what am I supposed to think? A story is a story.

Maureen’s fate is no less cruel. Having received multiple, incompatible with life wounds, the girl goes on the stage of the cinema, where a huge number of beaten slasher fans gathered.

This scene is horrifying in its tragedy, particularly the performance of Jada Pinkett, whose heroine in no way planned to die that unfortunate evening.

The fans’ fury is replaced by incomprehension. The horror of what happened comes gradually when the heroine falls breathlessly to the floor.

Without a doubt in the history of the “Scream” franchise, Maureen and Phil’s demise is one of the most memorable.

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Olivia and Scream 4 (2011)

The fourth installment of the franchise gave us not only the charismatic Kirby, but also a rather tough couple of film buffs, looking at whom it was hard to imagine that they would turn out to be ruthless maniacs.

To be honest, we never understood the heath in the direction of the fourth “Scream”, as the film contains a lot from the original pictures.

Yes, and the content is not in the worst traditions of the genre. From the picture even cut out a few alternative scenes of carnage, as they were excessively violent. But one was still left.

The second line of the selection is the episode with Kirby and Jill’s friend Olivia, whose fate became not only horrifying, but also the most limitless in the history of the franchise.

GHOST FACE’s cunning play led to her witnessing the gruesome massacre of her friend. This time around, Craven has decided to bring in some variety.

There’s no favorite conversation between Ghostface and the potential victim here. Instead, he engages in a hide-and-seek with Kirby, who has set up in a neighboring house from the victim.

The fourth installment tried to bring something new to the franchise, while not forgetting the success of the old.

Olivia, unfortunately or fortunately, became only a passing character, but it was the brutal Ghostface scene that was remembered. 

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Casey and Steve and the Scream (1996)

And the top of the selection is deservedly taken by the opening scene of the original film, namely the demise of Casey and Steve.

The Casey episode is rich in emotion. Here you have a fascinating conversation with the killer, gaining frightening momentum and tension, which flares up stronger with each action of the villain.

This is the rare case when the director managed to set the scene in such a way that you become not just a spectator, but a kind of accomplice to what is happening.

You empathize with the heroine, together with her you try to find a way out of the horrifying situation, but you can do nothing.

The fate of Casey and Steve is also the most disgusting of all that the franchise has shown us. Drew Barrymore’s character, unlike the other victims of Ghostface, is hard to call passable.

That’s generally unsurprising with an actress of the magnitude she was at the time. What’s notable is that Wes Craven even had to slightly cut a scene that included more of a demonstration of the maniac’s crime scenes.

This is done to be sure not to trigger a gag reflex in an impressionable viewer. The original film deservedly has a high bar, which has not yet been surpassed by any series of the franchise.




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