The Most Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold 2024

The Most Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold. When members of the Discmania Collectors and Throwers Facebook Group made the decision to put up for auction one of the most unusual discs in Discmania’s collection, they had no idea how much of a stir it would cause.

Because this disc for golf was up for auction, Simon Lizotte, a member of Team Discmania, volunteered to autograph it for the winning bidder if it was something they wanted. Given the nature of the offer, it is reasonable to think that he will be able to garner a respectable money for it.

However, was it determined that a purchaser would be interested in purchasing it to the extent that they would pay $2,750.00 USD for it? Does this imply that it was the golf disc with the highest price ever listed for sale? The reasoning presented in the video that was published on YouTube by JK Disc Golf suggests that this is not the case, despite the fact that it appears to be quite expensive.

The narrator of the presentation stated that the highest price ever paid for a golf disc was $10,000.00 USD, which was the amount that it went for during its sale on eBay.

There is no documentary evidence to support the claim that it was sold at a special auction that was conducted through eBay; yet, the narrative states that this transaction took place.

The only narrative that, to this day, accurately confirms the most expensive golf disc that has ever been sold is the one that comes from the disc that Team Discmania owner Simon Lizotte sold through his Facebook page.

This news item is also discussed in the blog post dated December 1, 2020 that can be found on the website that belongs to Discmania. The golf disc was described in the blog post as having the appearance of a god made of dark green and a dark blue sky.

In addition to that, it had a triple foil stamp in white, black, and silver, which highlighted the one-of-a-kind design. When compared side by side with the light blue sky deity version, the difference is readily apparent.

When using the website known as eBay for online auctions, it is possible to find items with asking prices that are significantly more than Lizotte’s $2,750.00 USD dark blue sky god.

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Despite this, there is no documented evidence that anyone has been able to surpass Lizotte’s record. The Most Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold

Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold

About Golf Disc

The game is referred to as Disc Golf by some people, while others call it Golf Disc. In either case, this is a game in which players take turns hurling a flying disc in the direction of a predetermined objective.

Discs used for golf are often crafted from a resin called polypropylene. Polypropene is a type of substance that can be produced from a thermoplastic polymer resin, which is also employed in a variety of different contexts than the production of polypropene.

As a form of golf, disc golf shares many similarities with the traditional game. Similar to golf, there are courses that feature nine holes as well as ones that feature eighteen holes.

On the other hand, rather than being composed of actual holes, the target is in the form of a basket. A beginning tee pad, similar to the one used in golf, is there, and the objective of the game is for the player to get the golf disc into the basket using the fewest number of throws possible.

The scoring method for golf disc is exactly the same as the one used in traditional golf.

Bladworth, which is located in Saskatchewan, Canada, is credited with hosting the very first golf disc game ever played. In 1927, primary school students from that community hurled tin lids into a circle that had been drawn out and measured four feet wide.

Tin Lid Golf was the name given to the game during that time period. It appeared that the game of golf disc was over when these children reached an older age and went their separate ways, putting a stop to the game.

On the other hand, modern disc golf as it is played now saw a renaissance in the 1960s. It was received with controversy at the time regarding the identity of the person who was the true inventor of the game of golf disc.

As time passed, the competition was eventually recognized as a sport and began to gain ground in terms of popularity. Since the rules were essentially identical to those of standard golf, adhering to them was not too difficult.

Frisbees were known to be used for golfing prior to the development of golf discs that were developed expressly for the sport. The sport is now played in over forty countries, and the Professional Disc Golf Association has over ninety thousand members.

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However, as the popularity of the sport increased, so did the desire to create and use equipment that was better suited for a sport that is now played in over forty countries and has over ninety thousand members.

Simon Lizotte’s Story

Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold

When seeing the story that Simon Lizotte presented on YouTube on December 4, 2020, he gave in-depth details on the entire US$2,700.00 ordeal for viewers to peruse.

It all started with a heated competition of bidding, which caused the price of this disc to skyrocket as swiftly as it did. He stated that after he had been given this unique CD as a present two years earlier, he had questioned how much his Facebook group would pay for it.

Lizotte was certain that he could get a good price for the membership roster because it had the contact information of around eleven thousand persons.

However, when he first put it up for auction, he had no idea that by the time he got up the following morning, it had already reached the milestone of six hundred dollars.

One Facebook member in particular named Michael Kuechenmeister caught his attention. Michael was competing against another Facebook user named Markus Fjortoft, who was also very competitive.

Lizotte remained seated as she observed the two of them engage in a fierce competition of bidding till the price of the golf disc reached $900.00 USD. After Michael Kuechenmeister saw Markus Fjortoft throw in the towel, it appeared that he would emerge victorious in the competition.

However, Cinco Gorman’s bid of one thousand dollars United States Dollars kept this tense competition between determined bidders running for a little longer.

When it hit the milestone of $1,800.00 USD, Simon Lizotte became involved and posted a post on Facebook, in which he questioned whether or not he was being trolled. He was given a continuation between Kuchenmeister and Gorman as they continued to outbid each other.

This was the answer he received. During the course of the auction, with ten minutes still remaining to go, Michael Kuchenmeister placed a bid of $2,750.00 USD. Cinco Gorman made a dignified exit at that time, allowing Kuchenmeister to emerge victorious and earn the opportunity to receive the prize.

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Simon Lizotte stifled a breath for a little while in anticipation of Kuchenmeister delivering on the promise he made during the bidding process and forking over the cash necessary to purchase the golf disc.

Because Michael Kuchenmeister was so inspired and thankful by the decision of Kids Disc Golf and UPlayDG to receive all of the money that he donated, he decided to provide additional things to the person who placed the winning bid as a way to show his appreciation.

Also, at Kuchenmeister’s request, he signed the golf disc before packaging it up and sending it to the person who made it possible to donate such a generous amount to children who have taken an interest in the sport, and who may one day become as motivational as Simon Lizotte himself.

Kuchenmeister sent the disc to the person who made it possible to donate such a generous amount to children who have taken an interest in the sport. On the other hand, the tale isn’t over just yet.

As can be seen in the presentation on YouTube, Lizotte’s desire to sign the golf disc was dashed when the ink spilled out of the pen he was going to use to make the signature. This was an unfortunate turn of events.

It smeared itself all over the exquisite artistry that had been done on the dark blue sky deity disc. He informed Michael Kuchenmeister about the terrible occurrence, and Michael was quite kind about it, so he allowed Lizotte to keep the money of $2,500.00 USD that was owed to her.

Moving Forward

It is not the first time that a winning bidder has spent far over a thousand dollars on a golf disc, nor will it be the last time that this happens.

How long will the record for the highest price paid for a golf disc of $2,750.00 hold? This historic auction took place around the end of the year 2020, and given the continued rise in popularity of the sport, it is highly likely that the previous record-setting price will be surpassed at some point in the future.

The Most Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold




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