George Farmer Net Worth 2024

George Farmer Net Worth
George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer Net Worth: Did you know that the typical age for launching a company is 40?

To prove that age is not the standard international unit of establishing and keeping a successful firm, more persons under that age have become influential tycoons than those over it.

That’s where skeptics like George Farmer, a businessman and political investor born in London, come in.

George Michael Farmer was valued $180,000,000 in 2022. How did he get to be a multimillionaire, then?

This article will provide you a glimpse into his upbringing, business and political career, and personal life so you can get an understanding of how he became a multimillionaire.

How did George Farmer achieve a net worth of $180 million?

The political power of George Farmer’s wife, Candace Owens, and his own business have helped make George Farmer’s net worth of $180 million well known in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He is a former chairman of Turning Point UK and a well-known businessman under the age of 40 with experience managing hedge funds. George Farmer Net Worth

The political analyst and right-wing supporter Candace Owens’ husband is a self-made millionaire. He joined Parler, a microblogging app, as its chief executive officer in 2018.

Early life and family – George Farmer’s entrepreneurial prowess runs in the family

Having been born on December 15th, 1989, in London, UK, into a royal family, George Farmer has a substantial net worth, as reported by Net Worth Fever.

Lord Michael Farmer, the ex-treasurer of the Conservative Party, and Jennifer Potts are his parents. Mister Copper’s investment in internationally renowned metals, a billion dollar industry, is another thing that set his father apart. Red Kite was the name of the business.

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Mr. Cooper, who acknowledges having been raised in poverty, worked his way up to become one of the UK’s most successful businesspeople.

George, his firstborn, is the eldest of three children and has had to assume responsibility for their upbringing and the family company from an early age.

It is unknown, however, what capacity he served in during his tenure there. To become successful, he didn’t rely on his family’s money like most of the other young millionaires do.

Mr. Cooper made up for his less-than-stellar education by sending his children to elite institutions. So he made sure George attended St. Paul’s School, one of the finest institutions of learning in existence since its foundation in 1503.

Georges’s diligence and dedication to his studies paid off in the form of a first-class Theology degree from St. Peter’s College after he had already graduated. George Farmer Net Worth

During his stay, he became a member of the Bullingdon Boys, an organization limited to male students.

It’s not easy to become a member of the Bullingdon Boys Club or to keep your membership there.

Because the club officials check a lot of things, having someone much more influential on your side` can help you get there. George joined the club because of his father’s advocacy.

George and the other club members sent $76,000 to the Conservative Party led by Theresa May as a gesture of appreciation.

Career: Meet the CEO of Parler

George’s commercial success is the main source of his fortune.

Although he probably didn’t have to start from begin with enterprises after graduation thanks to his family’s wealth, he did put the money he inherited from his father to good use by investing it.

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Red Kite was already the name of his father’s company by that time.

The organization is an expert in the trade of premium metals like copper. In 2018, Red Kite joined forces with RK Capital Management to form a hedge fund company.

Rob Ammann and Kevin Sonnett created the latter company in 2004. George Farmer Net Worth

Red Kite grew over time, and now it also mines equities and finances. The self-made millionaire served as chairman of Turning Point UK and of the university’s Bullingdon Boys Club.

It turns out that the club has been around for over two centuries, according to the available records.

In 2018, George replaced temporary CEO Mark Meckler at the helm of Parler, an American social media app. The app offers microblogging services for users.

Scintillating Stars claims that there are over 20 million people actively using the app, most of them are fans of the previous president Donald Trump.

Most of this app’s capabilities are comparable to those on Twitter, but it’s more popular among those who choose to ignore Twitter’s rules.

Politics and personal life

Although George Farmer was the main subject of our investigation, his wife’s contributions to his success are not to be forgotten.

It was in December of 2018 when they first connected at the opening of Turning Point UK. Something about Owens, specifically, her comments at the event, really resonated with George.

The couple began dating quickly, and in 2019 they tied the knot at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville. George is a big political donor in his spare time. George Farmer Net Worth

Did you know that despite being a black woman, his wife enthusiastically supported Donald Trump? She would retaliate against everyone who criticized Trump or made false claims about him.

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Despite being mocked by the Democratic Party and the Black Lives Matter movement, Candace was still able to successfully garner minority support for Trump.

Owens launched a Blexit movement (social media movement) in 2018 that aimed to empower Latinas, African-Americans, and other underrepresented communities. She urged people to abandon the Democrats in favor of the Republicans.

However, George joined the 2016 Leader’s Group and became its youngest member. The club’s annual donation to the prime minister does not exceed 50,000 pounds.

In the past, he has been quoted as calling the European Union a “toxic, socialist, and murderous superstate.” George also supports the Brexit Political Party and was honored to chair the 2018 Tories’ Black and White Ball.

Social circle: Who is in George’s life?

George, being a wealthy man, is likely to have many famous friends, possibly including business partners.

Some people you know may be your forever buddies. Bernard Jenkin, Ben Bradley, and Jason Rees-Mogg are among them.

George Farmer’s net worth growth

$180,000,000 in 2022
The sum will be $170 million in the year 2021.
$150,000,000 in 2020

Between 2020 and 2022, George saw a rise in his wealth from $150 million to $180 million as a result of his and his wife’s involvement in politics.

He was able to amass his fortune through his work as CEO of Parler, chairman of Turning Point UK, and a manager at a hedge fund.

How George Farmer Achieved a Net Worth of $180




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