Job Vacancies in Mauritius Post Office 2024

Job Vacancies in Mauritius Post Office 2024

Are you searching for Mauritius jobs, and looking for job vacancies in Mauritius post office 2024? On this page, you will find the various Job vacancies in Mauritius post office 2024 and how to apply to each one.

While there are many job seekers interested in office attendant vacancies in Mauritius; a handful of others too are exploring the internet for secretary vacancies in Mauritius.

Quite a lot of youths all around the country wants to work at their own comfort, which is why post office vacancies in Mauritius have always garnered lots of attention across the country.

RecommendedPSC Vacancies Mauritius

Post Offices in Mauritius are looking out for qualified and competent candidates to fill the ever-increasing vacant positions.

Qualification for Job Vacancies in Mauritius Post Office 2024

To be qualified to apply for vacancies in Mauritius post office, candidates must possess the following:

  • At least two years’ service in their respective grades; and
  • Proof of having sat for School Certificate.
  • Qualities such as reliability and trustworthiness;
  • Positive attitude towards work and be able to get on well with people;
  • The ability to communicate in English and French.

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Duties & Responsibilities

    • To open and close offices and buildings.
    • To clean premises and to maintain the physical environment at a good standard.
    • To run official errands, including the dispatch of correspondence, forms and materials, and the distribution of files and documents and faxes.
    • To usher in /guide visitors to the schedule officers and maintain a record of such visits, if so required.
    • To operate a telephone switchboard/PABX console.
    • To operate simple office equipment such as duplicating machines, photocopying machines, simple binding, etc.
    • To answer calls or bells.
    • To collect keys and deposit the same from/to Police Station/Police Post.
    • To ensure that all switches/lights are turned off before leaving the office every afternoon.
    • To be in attendance at the reception counter of an office at FAREI, as and when required.
  • To assist in the arrangement of furniture and equipment within office premises.
  • To effect postage, payment of bills, and bank deposits.
  • To perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Office Attendant/Caretaker in the roles ascribed to him.

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Application Guide for Vacancies in Mauritius Post Office

  • Only the qualified and competent candidates will be called for interview.
  • The completed form should contain full details regarding the applicant’s experience, qualifications, and other factors that would qualify him to carry out the duties of the post.
  • A copy of the National Identity Card together with copies of educational certificates should be attached to the application form.
  • Only application made on the prescribed form will be accepted.
  •  Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the form will lead to disqualification and elimination of the candidate.
  • Applicants should possess all certificates/qualifications at the time of application.
  • The post applied for should be clearly marked on the top left-hand corner of the envelope.
  • Application received after the closing date will not be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit the application, before the stipulated deadline.

How to Apply for Job Vacancies in Mauritius Post Office 2022

  • Visit the application portal to obtain the application form.
  • Fill the application form in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Submit the duly completed Application Form to:

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The Operations Manager
The Mauritius Post Ltd
1, Sir William Newton Street,
Port Louis 11328
Telephone: (+230) 208 0033

Important Notice

It is an offense to give false information or to conceal any relevant information. Such an act may lead to an application being rejected or, if a candidate has already been appointed, to the termination of his appointment.

You can now Apply for the Job Vacancies in Mauritius Post Office 2024.