An Overview of the Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

An Overview of the Lexus Roadside Assistance Program. For many people, the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving a Lexus is a lifelong dream come true.

Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, has spent the last 30 years challenging the supremacy of BMW and Mercedes.

By doing so, they have demonstrated that Japanese automakers can compete on a par with their German counterparts when it comes to high-end vehicles.

Although Lexus vehicles have a solid reputation for quality and dependability, problems are always possible. Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

Any vehicle, be it a Lexus, Ford, Porsche, or Cadillac, might experience difficulty on the road. It might have occurred during production, in transit, or in a collision.

Perhaps you’ve lost your keys or been mired in the mud. You aren’t going anywhere, and neither is your car. …or so you believe.

You don’t just get in your shiny new car and cruise away from a Lexus showroom. You get a carload of extra benefits to take with you on the road. Lexus also offers a roadside assistance service as an added bonus.

One of the features of a Lexus is the optional roadside assistance service, which you sincerely hope you never need to use.

But if you ever need it, you’ll be glad you have it on hand. Want to learn more about the advantages of membership? Then, this complete guide to Lexus Roadside Assistance is for you.

Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

Who Gets It?

Bad luck if your Lexus is 20 years old and no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Even if your vehicle is top-notch, you’re on your own if it ever has to be towed or repaired.

However, you are not liable if your vehicle is still covered by its original manufacturer’s warranty (typically three years or 60,000 miles for new vehicles).

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Every new Lexus owner receives complimentary membership in the Lexus Roadside Assistance program.

The tenure of membership corresponds to the duration of the guarantee. We’ll soon discuss the many alternatives available to you from Lexus if you’re pleased with the service and would like to keep your membership going after the warranty expires.

What Does the Assistance Offer?

Perhaps Lexus owners don’t have to pay for roadside assistance, but if that wasn’t the case, would you?

How extensive may a free service be that provides roadside assistance? Indeed, it turns out that this is the case.

Included in the bundle are many perks, some of which are:

A Replacement Vehicle

Lexus will provide a loaner vehicle for up to three days in the event that you need to bring your own vehicle in for repairs at a dealership. All you have to pay for is gas, but the replacement vehicle is on the house.


It’s stressful to have a breakdown when you’re far from home, but it’s also inconvenient when it happens at home.

While many roadside assistance plans don’t pay for home starts, Lexus does since it accounts into the reality that one in four failures occurs in the garage.

If your car won’t start in your driveway, you’ll get the same help as if it were broken down 50 miles away. Lexus Roadside Assistance Program


Lexus will pay for you and your family’s hotel stay if your car breaks down outside of town and a new vehicle can’t be delivered the same day.

Keep the modest amount of money you can expect to get back in mind before you book that 5-star hotel room. Costs related with your own choice of onward travel arrangements can be reimbursed.

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Lost/ Stolen Keys

Don’t try breaking into your automobile if you’ve misplaced or had the keys taken. Getting your car back to the nearest Lexus Centre is as easy as calling Roadside Assistance.

Please be aware that while we will cover the cost of towing your vehicle, you will be responsible for paying for a replacement set of keys.

Second Person Coverage

You may designate another individual to get the benefits of the Roadside Assistance plan at your request. They must, however, share your physical residence. Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

Full Service claims that all the most typical breakdown situations are covered by Lexus’s Roadside Assistance plan.

In the event of a small accident, we offer a variety of services, such as a flat tire replacement, car extrication, battery jump start, fuel delivery, lockout services, and towing.

Where and When Can I Use It?

Mechanical failures are notoriously inconvenient. If something goes wrong outside of normal business hours, though, you need not worry.

With Lexus’s 24/7/365 availability, you can rest easy knowing that you can contact for support whenever you need it.

The American Automobile Association provides roadside assistance in the United States and Canada. Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Consider upgrading to Lexus Enfrom Safety Connect to make the most of the roadside assistance package.

In the event of a serious rear-end collision or other accident, your automobile can send its GPS coordinates to a service provider using this feature, as explained on

When you buy a car, you’ll get a free trial of the service, but after that, it will cost you money to keep using it. If you’re solely interested in using the free features, don’t forget to download the Roadside Assistance app.

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As soon as you install it on your mobile device, you’ll have a safe and easy way to get in touch with Roadside Support. The location of the closest Lexus dealer will also be available to you.

What Happens When My Warranty Expires?

For the duration of your Lexus warranty, you may take use of Lexus Roadside Assistance at no extra cost.

Lexus provides membership to an elite motor club run by the AAA if you’re satisfied with the service and wish to maintain the coverage after your warranty expires.

If you’re a Lexus owner, you can avoid paying the customer enrollment cost and get access to roadside assistance by becoming a member and paying the annual price instead (

The club offers its members several perks, such as a vacation planning service, subsidized lodging and meals, and emergency roadside assistance.  Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

Is It Worth it?

In terms of features and benefits, Lexus Roadside Assistance is superior to all other roadside assistance companies (which, considering its run through the AAA, is hardly surprising).

Despite the expiration of their guarantee, many drivers are pleased enough with the service to keep paying for it.

You can still receive free help for three years regardless of the path you take. That’s not to be sneezed at in a time when a grin has its price.

Lexus Roadside Assistance Program




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