Netcare Paramedics Course Fees, Requirements, School Contact Details

Netcare Paramedics Course Fees, Requirements, School Contact Details

Netcare Paramedics Course Fees, Requirements, School Contact Details

All information needed for Netcare Paramedics Course Fees, Requirements, School Contact Details. Netcare Paramedics is one of South Africa’s largest private health care and emergency service providers.

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The center is noted for having state-of-the-art medical facilities that provide a supportive environment for students. Apart from the advantages it provides to students, the center is also known for providing high-quality services.

However, before you can acquire admission to the center, you must first learn some key details about it, such as Netcare paramedics Course Fees, Requirements, Contact Information, and other important details.

You will learn about the course prices, requirements, school contact information, and everything else you need to know in this page.

Netcare Paramedics Courses Fees

  • There is the inclusion of Value-Added-Tax including Tuition Fees
  • There is the inclusion of the cost of study materials in the tuition fees
  • There is no inclusion of the purchase of textbook per program, uniforms, resource centre and other sundry costs which may arise during the progression of the training
  • As a Netcare student, you must pay the resource centre fee. This has however been included in the tuition fee
  • The cost of the resource centre for a year is R470, for 6 months is R350, and for 3 months is R240
  • You will have to pay R200 in case you lose your student identification or resource centre

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Netcare Paramedic Courses Fees & Programmes Offered

The courses offered in the Netcare Paramedic are

  • Emergency and Critical Care located at the Faculty of Emergency and Critical Care
  • Nursing and Ancillary  Healthcare located at the Faculty of Nursing and Ancillary Healthcare

In addition to the above faculties, some of the other courses offered in the school are

  • Child Nursing
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nursing
  • Maternity Nursing
  • Pediatric Cardiothoracic Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Trauma and Emergency Nursing
  • Operating Room Skills
  • Anesthetic and Recovery Room Nursing
  • Infection Prevention and Control Nursing
  • Orthopedic Nursing

The school also offers some postgraduates courses including the following

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support For Experienced Providers
  • AHA Airway Management Programmes
  • AHA ECG and Pharmacology Programme
  • Ambulance Emergency Assistant Refresher Course
  • Basic Ambulance Assistant Refresher Course
  • Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers
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Netcare Paramedics Application Process

As an applicant, you are expected to do the following before you can get admission into the program

  • You must complete an application form and submit it to the OLG with their Grade 12 Certificate, a certified copy of their ID, and proof of the required deposit
  • You will then be invited to complete an assessment and will receive an SMS containing the details of the assessment. You are expected to contact the OLG telephonically in order to confirm any correspondence
  • You are expected to write at any centre of OLG in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. Ensure you go with your calculator and pen
  • You will immediately be fast-tracked for the entry-level formal and accredited Netcare Education Nursing Program If you achieve over 80% in all of the sections of the assessments
  • If you score above 50% but below 80% in all of the sections, you will be asked to join the eight-month Netcare Education Designate Programme (NEDP). Once you have completed that, you can then proceed to the Netcare Education Nursing Programme
  • Applicants who score less than 50% for any section do not qualify for either of the two programmes.

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Netcare Paramedics Contact Address

76, Maude Street, Corner West Street, Sandton, 2196

What To Know About The Payment Structure of Netcare Paramedics

Nursing is regarded as one of the most prestigious courses in South Africa. This is seen in the government’s significant investment in the development of nursing schools around the country. One of them is Netcare, which is why the institution provides high-quality education and training.

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