Top 8 Rarest LOL Dolls 2024

Top 8 Rarest LOL Dolls 2024: The collecting urge that propelled Pokémon to the status of a global phenomenon is also at the heart of the LOL doll craze, albeit with a more youthful target audience in mind.

LOL, balls can be purchased individually or in sets that each contain a variety of toys, including dolls, pets, stickers, and accessories. There are some of these that are quite hard to find.

Collector parents who are serious about their hobby have developed methods to determine the value of the items inside the ball even before it has been opened.

Even in this day and age, prized gold balls that contain rare and ultra-rare LOL dolls are said to be among the most desired collectibles available.

Continue reading to find out more about eight of the rarest LOL dolls that you may get your hands on. Also “unball.”

Top 8 Rarest LOL Dolls 2024

1. Queen Bee

Rarest LOL Dolls
Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: Glitter 1
  • Hair: Gold
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Quote: “Bee your sparkly self.”

The exclusive nature of the Glitter series can be seen in its restricted release. In Series 1, Queen Bee was already considered a collectible doll; now, in the Glitter series, her rarity has been elevated all the way to “fabulous.” This is one of the dolls that inspire individuals to come up with new tricks in order to locate them faster.

You’ll be able to recognize Queen Bee by the sparkling gold color of her hair, the bee-colored stripes on her outfit, and the black boots she wears.

She is a member of a family that includes a twin named King Bee, an elder sister named Royal Bee, and a pet named Pup Bee.

She is the only “Glitterati” doll in the first series to include a hidden message in her packaging. To suggest that any young person who collects dolls would be ecstatic to open the box containing their doll and discover their very own glittery Queen Bee is an understatement.

Have you been informed?
Beyonce is the inspiration for Queen Bee, as can be seen in the ruffled and sparkly outfit that she wears in the Glitter Series version. Take a look at the music video that Beyonce released in 2008 for the song “Single Ladies” to see the parallels.

2. Purple Queen

Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: Surprise
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Quote: “Party like it’s 9:59 PM!”

In the Lol Surprise Big Surprise series, locating a Purple Queen is a very difficult task. She is one of the few dolls in the series who is able to cry, and she also has a younger sister named Lil Purple Queen. This doll comes with an unusual surprise.

She is easily identifiable by the glittering pink blouse she is wearing, which is paired with a frilly, adorable skirt and is separated by a silver belt. She wears shoes of the same indigo hue.

Purple Queen is the rarest doll in her series, and also one of the rarest dolls in the entire Club Glitterati collection, thus fans of purple, pink, and glitter are eager to get their hands on her.

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Have you been informed?
The iconic purple look worn by Purple Queen was inspired by Prince (R.I.P.), who was famously in love with the color purple throughout his life and always looked amazing when he wore it.

3. Stardust Queen

Rarest LOL Dolls
Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: Surprise
  • Hair: Coral
  • Eyes: Teal/Purple
  • Quote: “Ground control to Major B.B. I want to fly away!”

Kids that unbox the Big Surprise series in an effort to complete the Glitterati club have a chance to win one of the most valuable prizes available, and Stardust Queen is right up there with Purple Queen in terms of importance.

Stardust Queen has tall coral hair that is styled in woven braids. She wears a sparkling silver one-sleeve dress and a shiny purple cape, giving her the appearance of a superhero or a music diva.

In addition, she wears coral-colored tall boots that match her hair and a stunning belt made of teal.

She has a light complexion, pink lips, and eyes that are a combination of teal and purple colours, giving her a very distinctive appearance.

Lil Stardust Queen is Stardust Queen’s younger sister, and Major Lady is Stardust Queen’s older sister. Stardust Queen also has a dog named Doggie Stardust.

Have you been informed?
Ziggy Stardust, the legendary stage character created by David Bowie, is the inspiration for both the name and the appearance of Stardust Queen.

“Ground Control to Major Tom” is the first line of his well-known song “Space Oddity,” which is also the source of her statement.

4. Luxe

Rarest LOL Dolls
Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: 2
  • Hair: Gold (teal highlights)
  • Eyes: Teal
  • Quote: “I’ve got a heart of gold.”

Luxe is the name of the extremely rare doll that was part of the 24K Gold Club and could only be found in Series 2 of the dolls.

This doll has golden hair that is streaked with teal accents all throughout it and skin that is a light brown color.

Her eyes are a beautiful teal color. Over her golden cowboy boots, her teal and gold skirt glistens like metal, creating an elegant contrast.

She comes with some one-of-a-kind accessories, such as gold-rimmed spectacles that are fitted with teal lenses and a baby bottle made of 24K gold, when you purchase her ball.

In addition, she is the older sister of Lil Luxe, and she is the proud owner of a pony named Lucky Luxe.

Have you been informed?
In the whole history of LOL Dolls, Luxe is the only doll to ever have a golden tab.

5. Splash Queen

Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: 2
  • Hair: Azure
  • Eyes: Indigo
  • Quote: “I need vitamin sea.”

The Glitterati Club is home to a significant number of the most exclusive dolls in the entire history of LOL dolls. Among them is this exceptionally uncommon infant, known as the Sea Queen.

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Mermaid fans seek her out because of her light blue seashell top, pink pearl chains, and pink mermaid tail garment.

Her look for the beach is finished off perfectly with a pair of blue shoes that have adorable blue bows on them.

She has chic blue hair that is shaved on one side and curly and free-flowing on the other side of her head. In contrast to her brown, pale complexion, her azure eyes shine brightly.

Have you been informed?
This extremely uncommon doll is actually the only member of the Glitterati Club for Series 2, and it is the only doll in Series 1 with a mermaid theme other than Merbaby.

6. Baby Next Door

Rarest LOL Dolls
Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: Surprise
  • Hair: Black and white
  • Eyes: Indigo
  • Quote: “Won’t U B my neighbor?”

Baby Next Door is easily identifiable due to the ability to change the color of her hair as well as the black and white streaks that run through it.

In the Surprise series, which was produced as a part of the New Kids Club, she is an extremely uncommon big sister.

In the same series, she has a younger brother named Lil Boy Next Door and an older brother named Boy Next Door.

Additionally, she has a younger sister named Lil Baby Next Door and a pet named Puppy Next Door.

She has dark skin and eyebrows, eyes the color indigo, and the rims of her spectacles are pink while the lenses are pink-tinted.

She is wearing a pair of adorable white dungarees with pink fishnet stockings that lead down to a pair of white boots.

When she changes colors, she gets black streaks in her hair and the sleeves of her dungarees become black as well.

Have you been informed?
It would appear that the name is a reference to the phrase “girl next door,” which is typically used to describe the type of person that one would wish to date.

Because of this, Baby Next Door and her siblings are among of the dolls that are offered as evidenced by parent groups that believe the themes of the LOL dolls are improper.

7. Glamstronaut

Rarest LOL Dolls
Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: 3/Sparkle
  • Hair: Blue
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Quote: “One giant leap for babykind!”

If you are looking for Glamstronaut, the teal bunches she wears will quickly draw your attention to her.

She is a Series 3 doll that is so hard to find that she was actually repackaged and sold as part of the LOL Surprise! You have yet another opportunity to acquire this collector’s doll from the Sparkle Series.

To complement the color of her hair, she wears pink eyeshadow, and her eyes are brown. She accessorizes her outfit with moon boots and a sleeveless silver jumpsuit with mint accents.

She wears shiny silver touches all over her body, even in her hair ties and lip gloss, for example.

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Have you been informed?
Because she is an ultra-rare doll in the Glitter series, Glamstronaut has the ability to change her color depending on whether she is exposed to heat or cold.

Her heat shift is quite typical, as evidenced by the lighter green coloration that her hair takes on and the white coloring that her fringe takes on.

Her transformation into a cold-blooded creature is a lot more exciting because it reveals her true origins as an extraterrestrial: she becomes bright purple all over and has dark star patterns around her eyes. Her silver outfit and teal boots suddenly take on a vivid pink hue.

8. Crystal Star

Rarest LOL Dolls
Rarest LOL Dolls
  • Series: Winter Disco
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Indigo
  • Quote: “I’m bringing my sparkle status to platinum!”

The LOL doll known as Crystal Star is the most difficult to find. Crystal Star is a collector’s edition figure in the OMG fashion doll line.

She is also a member of the Glitterati club, which distinguishes her from the other figures in the LOL balls, which are available in a variety of random levels of rarity.

She was made available for a limited time in September 2019 as part of the Winter Disco series, and then she was made available for a limited time on the LOL Surprise website in the year 2020.

Crystal Queen and Little Crystal Queen are her sisters, and she also has a pet bunny by the name of Crystal Bunny.

Crystal Star is the most royal of all the LOL dolls; she has pastel pink hair that cascades over her blue eyes, and she has pink lips.

She is adorned with sparkling crystal stones all over her face and hair, and her outfit is iridescent all over. It is a silver jumpsuit with transparent blue bell sleeves and a massive silver and pink skirt with silver sequins.

The sleeves are bell-shaped. This can be detachable in order to provide a variety of styles. She has shimmering silver-glue pumps, a gem-shaped silver pocketbook, hanging crystal earrings, and a gemstone tiara as her accessories. She also has a gemstone tiara.

Have you been informed?
The very first OMG fashion doll to ever be manufactured was named Crystal Star. They only produced her for a limited time in order to make her even more unique and precious for those people who were able to purchase her when she was put up for auction.

The Key Point(s)
There are a variety of editions and variants of LOL dolls, some of which are more uncommon than others.

Some people have figured out a way to “hack” the system and identify which balls contain ultra-rare dolls before even opening them, although no approach is completely foolproof.

You simply have to make a purchase and keep your fingers crossed that you get your hands on one of the rarest of the rare.

Whether you believe the dolls are cute or inappropriate, there is no denying that they have become a craze that young collectors (and their mothers) can’t resist popping out, dressing up, and having fun with.

Top 8 Rarest LOL Dolls 2024 [UPDATED]-




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