5 Most Expensive Pool Cues on the Market Today

The Five Most Expensive Pool Cues on the Market Today. You are probably aware of the benefits of a high-quality cue in improving your game of pool, regardless of whether you are a professional player or an intermediate or amateur player.

There is a certain requirement for the cue. It must to have the right weight, be well balanced, and be constructed out of high-quality materials in order to be able to absorb the stress that will be caused by the tip making contact with the balls.

We did some research to find out which pool cues are now the most costly on the market, and we were able to narrow it down to the top five most expensive pool cues that you can buy right now.

5. Balabushka Cues SLE2 B – $1,399.00

Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

The SLE2B model from the Balabushka brand is now ranked as the sixth most costly pool cue that can be purchased today.

This cue is part of a limited edition production run that was created as a tribute to George Balabushka, one of the most influential cue builders who has ever lived.

Each die is arranged in an alternate pattern between the five and the seven, which together form a cryptic indicator that alludes to the years 1957 and 1975

. This cue is made up of cryptic indicators. These were some of the most important years of George’s professional life. Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

4. McDermott Pool Cue M29B – Bridgeport McDermott – $1,875.00

Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

The McDermott M29B Pool cue is a product that is made in the United States.

The grip of this high-quality pool cue is crafted from birds eye maple, while the rings are constructed of brass.

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It has a no wrap handle, an i-2 shaft, and 6 cocobolo/white urethane points. Additionally, it has 5 sets of turquoise and white urethane sleeve inlays, a turquoise, cocobolo, and white urethane web, and a no wrap handle.

The cue has a firm and solid hit when it’s played, and the weight modifications may be altered in ounce-by-ounce increments. Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

3. J. Pechauer Camelot II CAM12-Manchester – $2,200.00

Ebony wood that has been figured with leopard wood and ebony, together with simulated pearl and ivory inlays, is used in the construction of the Pechauer CAM 12-Manchester cue.

This provides the cue with an appealing and elegant appearance. The look of this cue has been elevated to a higher level of sophistication by the incorporation of coordinating inlays into the wood of the handle.

The shaft is 13 millimeters in diameter and has an inlay that is a match. The taper measures pro-style 12.5 inches, and the joint piloted thread measures 5/16-14 and is styled in a quick-release manner.

Layers of medium emerald can be found at the tip. Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

2. Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition #1 of 3 Custom Cue – $60,000.00

Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

Only one of these three unique cues, the Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition, was produced and it is the one that is now available for purchase on the market.

The third piece in the collection is owned by a wealthy collector who does not intend to put it up for sale in the near future, so it is not included in this collection.

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The second example is one of the rarest cues in the world and is held in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution; it is quite unlikely that this particular example will ever be offered for sale.

On the other hand, the first cue in the collection is currently up for auction on eBay with a starting price of $60,000 USD.

1. The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue – $150,000.00

If you could get your hands on the most expensive pool cue in the world, how much would you be ready to spend for it? This one will set you back a whooping one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue is a genuine piece of art that can also be used to play the game, although one might wonder why anyone would want to do so.

This intricate piece is a genuine one-of-a-kind, and there is no other object anywhere in the world that is even quite comparable to it.

The making of this extremely distinguished cue required a total of 1,992 hours of work by hand. The skilled workers started with a chunk of solid stainless steel that weighed 82 pounds as their base material.

After they had completed the process of refining the metal and the artwork on the cue, and after an entire year had gone, the total weight of the cue was nine and a half pounds.

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The Genuine Italian Obsidian gemstone sphere that is positioned at the base of the cue is one of the characteristics that helps to differentiate it from all of the other cues.

The whole length is 63 inches, measured from the sphere of obsidian to the tip of the leather. It is entirely hand etched, hand machined, and hand engraved, and the combined time spent on these procedures comes to a grand total of 1,862 hours.

The artists worked very carefully to guarantee that the finished product was flawless and did not include even a single error in its design.

The smaller blades are thirteen inches, while the larger blades measure a whopping 48 inches across their spans.

The enormous blade has a wingspan of nine inches. Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

Exquisite Detailing

The cue has been created with a deep relief carving as well as French grey scroll engraving, and it has gold inlay throughout.

The cue is made up of 46 separate parts, all of which are constructed out of stainless steel. The inlays on the cue are crafted out of authentic Italian obsidian and 24 karat gold.

On the handle alone, there are over 112 inlays made of precious metal, and the entire knife has over 210 different kinds of inlays. Five Most Expensive Pool Cues

Five Most Expensive Pool Cues 2024:Newshub360.net




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