10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston 2024

The Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston 2024: As a result of Boston’s reputation as a city that attracts visitors from all over the world, the city’s dining scene reflects the city’s many different residents and their individual preferences.

This means that those who enjoy eating have a wide variety of options to choose from in this bustling city. You won’t have to look anywhere else if you want genuine Italian food or fresh sushi because both can be found right here.

The city has also become the capital of Asian cuisine, with superb Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food to name just a few of the many alternatives available from other countries’ cuisines.

Additionally, due to its closeness to Maine, Boston is home to some of the most delectable seafood meals to be found anywhere on the East Coast.

There is no reason to make a reservation at one of Boston’s most expensive restaurants on a regular basis, but if you want to give yourself a treat and have the most memorable dining experience possible, you should go to one of these establishments at least once.

However, if you want to sample the best food prepared by Boston’s best chefs, you are going to have to fork out a significant amount of money. These are the restaurants in Boston that charge the highest prices.

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston 2024

1. Rare Steakhouse – price $250 per person

You can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by going to a steakhouse and relaxing, unwinding, and having a good time there. Rare Steakhouse is not an outlier in this regard. It has a laid-back vibe, and it serves its patrons delectable cuisine and beverages.

The menu is broad and features a wide selection of options, such as beef, pig, chicken, fish, seafood, pasta, and salads.

The mashed potatoes and rice can be served as a side dish with the steaks, which are cooked to a beautiful medium-rare. In addition, they have a selection of appetizers such as shrimp cocktails and ribs, as well as wines that may be purchased by the bottle or the glass. You will discover that the charges are affordable, particularly considering the nature of the establishment.

At Rare Steakhouse, you can expect service that is both cordial and prompt. While you wait for your food to arrive, the staff will be attentive to your requirements and will ensure that you are comfortable in the interim.

They will also accommodate any unique dietary requirements that you may have in order to ensure that your meal is enjoyable.

2. Mooo Restaurant – price $215 per person

Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston
Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston

The Beacon Hill region of Boston is home to the traditional and elegant steakhouse known as Mooo.

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The dining experience at the restaurant is one-of-a-kind and eclectic, and it takes place in an environment that is at once casual and upscale.

The meat served at Mooo… is always of the finest possible quality, whether it is beef, lamb, veal, or chicken. The only thing that comes from a location other than New England is seafood. The USDA has approved all of the meats.

The private dining area of the restaurant has enough space to accommodate up to 125 guests for a cocktail reception or up to 100 guests for a seated function.

When the entire restaurant is hired for a larger event, it is possible to accommodate up to 220 guests for a seated dinner and up to 250 visitors for a cocktail reception.

3. Tasting Counter – price $210 ( Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston )

Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston
Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston

Tasting Counter is a new restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States, with a menu that is solely centered on small plates that are intended to be shared and enjoyed by the diner’s family and friends. The address of the establishment is 14 Tyler Street.

It is home to one of the most well-respected sommeliers in all of Boston and features a tasting menu that is specifically intended to complement various types of food with a variety of wines.

It has earned a number of awards for its wine pairings and attention to detail, and many have commented that the experience was well worth the money that they spent. A close buddy of mine remarked that it is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in the city.

4. O Ya – price $185 per person

Beacon Hill’s O Ya, a Japanese restaurant, was named after its creator and current chef and owner, Tim Cushman. The restaurant can be found at 9 East Street.

The restaurant, which spans two floors and features contemporary kaiseki food, is a sister business of Takao, which is located in Brookline, Massachusetts, and features a sushi bar and Japanese restaurant.

Kaiseki, which consists of a variety of different meals served in succession, is widely regarded as representing the pinnacle of Japanese gastronomic craftsmanship.

It is said that O Ya used to offer plates for $1,000 when it first opened its doors.

These days, a dish will set you back $185, and the price will go up from there depending on the type of fish or food that you want to consume that particular evening.

5. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse – price $160 per person

Dinner can cost anywhere from $160 to $500, but that does not include drinks or gratuity. The Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse surely justifies its placement on our list of the top ten most expensive restaurants in Boston with its opulent dining area that is adorned with artwork and its costly cuisine.

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Del Frisco’s is an excellent location for making an impression on a date or celebrating an anniversary because it features an extensive wine list as well as private dining rooms.

Additionally, it is open seven days a week and provides breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner! Do you believe that $40 is a fair price for each course? Check out what we thought of it here!

6. No. 9 Park – price $125 per person

Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston
Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston

The city of Boston is home to a large number of upscale dining establishments, many of which, like No. 9 Park, can be found housed within luxurious hotel rooms.

Even if the price is justified by the quality of the meal, the vast majority of individuals simply do not have the financial means to spend several hundred dollars on a single meal.

The weekly tasting menu at No. 9 Park is the best feature of the restaurant; it consists of two dishes, each of which is matched with five different wines. The meal costs $275 per person, but you’ll get significant bragging rights when your friends find out where you dined.

However, if you don’t already have an expense account or at least enough money saved up to cover a few months’ worth of rent, we wouldn’t advise going. No.

7. The Capital Grille – price $120 per person ( Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston )

The Capital Grille has one of the highest average spending amounts, making it one of the most expensive restaurants in the area.

Their selection of costly steaks and other luxurious things that can easily drive a bill into the three-digit range can be found on their menu.

At Capital Grille, for instance, the price of a surf-and-turf dinner combo will be close to $200, while the price of lobster thermidor will likely be closer to $90 for each individual diner.

Just saying: The cuisine is worth it, but if you’re trying to watch your spending, you should probably pass on dessert.

At the Capital Grille, the prices of their specialty drinks don’t go too exorbitant, and there are lots of options available for less than $20 each.

8. Ostra – price $120 per person

Is there a ritzy seafood establishment at 1 Charles Street South, Boston, Massachusetts? Ostra is an expensive dining experience for gourmands who are willing to pay a premium for delicacies such as sea urchin and caviar and are willing to pay anything from $120 to $1550 per person.

Ostra has been awarded a Michelin star every year since 2009, and it is not difficult to understand why; the restaurant serves delicacies such as scallop ceviche, steaming black fish, and pan-roasted halibut coupled with a 24K gold leaf.

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There are more than 500 different kinds of red and white wines available by the bottle or by the glass on the wide wine list.

9. Craigie On Main – price $110 per person ( Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston )

Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston
Most Expensive Restaurants in Boston

At the New American restaurant Craigie on Main, which can be found on Main Street, you should get ready to do some serious cost estimating (of course).

Since it opened more than 15 years ago, the charming restaurant has been known for the farm-to-table cuisine it serves.

Your dinner should begin with a salad or a dish that features vegetables, such as roasted carrots and green garlic soup. There is not a single dish that Chef Tony Maws offers that would be a poor choice; however, you should save some room for dessert.

According to Zagat, there are ten delicacies that absolutely cannot be missed, such as grilled lamb neck confit.

At first look, the restaurant may appear to be unremarkable due to its uncomplicated design, which consists of tall white curtains and tables made of cherrywood. However, believe us when we say that dining here is an exceptional experience.

10. Meritage Restaurant – price $100 per person

The Meritage Restaurant is one of many upscale dining establishments that may be found hidden away on Newbury Street within exclusive private clubs.

The most expensive meal at Meritage costs $220 and includes entrees such as sea scallops that have been pan-seared and served with potatoes, porcini mushrooms, and wild leeks, as well as a prime strip steak that has been grilled and served with roasted fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and marrow jus. The meal also comes with a choice of wine.

The most expensive bottle of wine that they sell is a 2007 Chateau Petrus Pomerol that costs $24,000 and can be found on their comprehensive wine selection.

Before you depart, make sure to leave a tip for your waiter, and this is especially important if you ordered an expensive bottle of wine.

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