The Originals Movie Cast and Their Roles 2024

The Originals Movie Cast and Their Roles 2022
The Originals Movie Cast and Their Roles

The Originals Movie Cast and Their Roles 2024: The supernatural drama television series known as The Originals had its debut on The CW on October 3, 2013, and the series ran until August 1, 2018, when it was stopped.

There were a total of 475 The Original cast members across the show’s 92 episodes, which were spread out over its five seasons.

In addition, the series was nominated for a number of awards, including an Emmy, and Joseph Morgan was named the Favorite Actor in a New Series by the Teen Choice Awards.

The Vampire Diaries has spawned a number of spin-off shows, the first of which is this one. The story chronicles the life of Klaus, a hybrid vampire and werewolf, and his family as they become entangled in the supernatural politics of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

In the first episode of the series, the original vampire brothers make their first trip back to the French Quarter since 1919. The French Quarter is the location where a werewolf pregnant with Klaus’s child, Hayley, made her home.

The original family had to flee the city because their vindictive father, Mikael, forced them to build the French Quarter. However, they were able to build it. During their absence, Marcel, who was Klaus’s protege, assumed leadership of the town.

The story depicts how Klaus regains control of the city while also defending it against an impending conflict involving witches, werewolves, and witches.

This article provides a sneak peek at The Originals Movie Cast and Their Roles they played in the film series “.

27. Tasha Ames

Tasha was cast in the role of Eve, a werewolf who belonged to the Crescent pack of werewolves, in the originals.

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Candice King, Matthew Davis, Michael Trevino, and Zach Roerig were among the notable cast members from The Vampire Diaries who appeared in this series as part of a special guest cast.

26. Yasmine Al-Bustami

Yasmine was a member of the The Originals Movie Cast and played the part of a witch named Monique Deveraux.

The latter was a previous friend of Davina’s, the niece of Sophie Deveraux who passed away during the Harvest, and a minor adversary in the series. She was also a victim of the Harvest.

25. Raney Branch

Celeste DuBois, a witch who is also one of Elijah’s greatest loves, is played by Raney Branch, who is a member of the cast of the originals.

In addition to this, she had control over the physical form of Sabine Laurent.

24. Andrew Lees

As Lucien Castle, Andrew Lees was a cast member in the first version of the show. The first vampire, Klaus, was responsible for the birth of Michael, who went on to become an improved original vampire.

In addition to this, Klaus was the one who ended his life in order to exact his vengeance for Cami’s passing.

23. Casper Zafer

In addition, Casper was a member of the cast of the originals. He gave the performance of Finn Mikaelson, an original vampire who was also Klaus Mikaelson’s older brother. Resurrected beside his mother, Esther, and Kol was also Finn.

He had the body of the strong witch Vincent in his possession. He had the intention of assisting his mother in killing Klaus and Elijah when he resurrected.

However, they were not successful in achieving that objective. After being removed from Vincent’s body, Lucien, an improved version of the original vampire, was responsible for his death.

22. Alice Evans

Alice played the role of Esther in the original productions. Esther is a powerful witch who is also Mikael’s wife and the mother of their children, the Mikaelsons.

She was the witch who transformed her family, with the sole exception of herself, into vampires so that they would be safe from the werewolves.

Cassie, one of the restored Harvest girls, gives Esther a second chance at life. As Esther brings Kol and Finn Mikaelson back to life, they too are given a second chance at life.

She intends to cleanse her sons by deceiving them and then murdering all of them in the end.

However, she is unable to accomplish her objective and ultimately winds up assisting her children in the murder of her sister, Dahlia.

In addition to this, it is demonstrated that she was able to make peace with her sister Dahlia after they met again in the hereafter and reconnected with each other.

21. Elyse Levesque

Within the cast of the originals, Elyse was cast as a key character. Genevieve, a witch who was brought back to life by Celeste DuBois, was one of the supporting antagonists in the first season, and she was played by her.

20. Natalie Dreyfuss

As Cassie, Natalie was one of the original cast members of the show. One of the witches that perished as a result of The Harvest was Cassie.

However, she is resurrected after Genevieve is murdered, but Esther controlled Genevieve’s body until she located another hostess to use as a vessel for her power.

19. Todd Stashwick

In the initial cast, Todd was cast in the role of Kieran O’Connell. In addition to being Cami’s uncle, Kieran served as a priest at the local church, which represented the humans living in the French Quarter.

Because he was not afraid of Klaus and even confronted him, despite the fact that he was just a human, Klaus regarded him as a person. After a witch placed a hex on Kieran, Klaus transformed him into a vampire in the hopes that the transformation would break the hex. However, it did not work.

However, Klaus was forced to put an end to Kieran’s life when the latter attempted to murder Cami while under the influence of the hex, which drove him insane.

18. Sebastian Roche

Mikael, Sebastian’s character in the originals, is one of the roles he played. The Mikaelsons, with the exception of Klaus, all have Mikael as their biological father. Because he initially perceived Klaus to be a weakling, he has never stopped harboring resentment for him.

When he discovered that Klaus was not his son, he became filled with hatred for him, escalated his abuse of him, and even made multiple attempts to take his life.

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Even though he is the original vampire, he only drinks the blood of other vampires so that he won’t have to worry about harming any humans.

When he requested his wife Esther to cast a spell to protect his family from werewolves, he had no intention of causing her to develop the craving for blood that is characteristic of vampires.

In The Originals Movie Cast and Their Roles, Davina brought Mikael back to life in order to kill Klaus. But he was unsuccessful, and Klaus ended up killing him so that he could use his ashes to kill Davina.

17. Callard Harris

Callard was a member of the cast of the originals and played the role of Thierry Vanchure. Thierry was a human who lived in the 1940s, and Marcel discovered him as he was passing away from a wound sustained in World War II.

Since Marcel was the one who transformed him into a vampire, he has never wavered in his allegiance to Marcel. In subsequent years, he emerged as Marcel’s most trusted companion and indispensable assistant.

However, in order to serve as a lesson to Marcel, Elijah tore out his own heart.

16. Eka Darville

Eka is a member of the cast of the originals, and he plays the role of Diego. It is highly likely that Marcel Gerard was the father of the vampire Diego.

In addition to being a member of Marcel’s personal protection detail and inner circle, he is also in possession of a daylight ring. Just like Thierry, Diego does not trust the Mikaelsons.

At the end of the first season, Diego and the other vampires were ambushed by a gang of werewolves who were utilizing mystic stones to gain their full strength. These werewolves bit Diego and the other vampires.

In addition to this, while Mikael is lying on the ground as a result of the werewolf bite, he draws blood from Diego and the other vampires.

15. Shannon Kane

In the first season of “The Originals,” Shannon Kane is a member of the cast. Celeste DuBois was possessed by a witch named Sabine Laurent, and she played the part of the witch.

During the 1800s, Celeste and Elijah were romantically involved with one another. She has ill will toward Klaus and has been scheming her retaliation against him for the past two millennia.

It was because of her that the Harvest girls did not come back to life at the time that they were supposed to.

In addition, she could transfer her consciousness into other bodies when she died; this was how she managed to live for so many millennia.

14. Nathaniel Buzolic

Within the cast of the originals, Nathaniel was known for his role as Kol Mikaelson, a recurring character. Kol Mikaelson is a Mikaelson family original vampire. He is also the Mikaelson family’s youngest son and second youngest kid.

Several times over the course of the series, Kol passes away but is brought back to life. While he was attempting to take advantage of Davina’s powers, he fell in love with her. As a result of this, he and Davina ended up getting married and moving to Belize together.

13. Danielle Rose Russell

In the original cast, Danielle Rose portrayed Hope Mikaelson when she was a teenager. There are times when Hope is referred to as Hope Marshall.

She was born to Hayley Marshall and Klaus Mikaelson and is their daughter. Hope is a mythological entity and the only tribrid that has ever existed because she is half-vampire, half-werewolf, and the firstborn child of the Mikaelson witch.

Because her vampire blood comes from an Original vampire named Klaus, she possesses incredible power and is essentially unbeatable.

Her werewolf side comes from an alpha werewolf named Hayley, while her witch side comes from the Mikaelson witch lineage, which is considered to be among the most powerful in the world.

She is considered a princess among the werewolves and is the leader of the Crescent pack. In season 4, Summer Fontana portrayed the role of young Hope, while uncredited infant actors performed the role of baby Hope in seasons 1 through 3.

12. Steven Krueger

In the original cast, Steven Krueger is the actor that plays the part of Josh Rosza. Josh is a human who was transformed into a vampire after visiting the French Quarter in New Orleans.

In later years, he was promoted to the position of Marcel’s lieutenant and became Davina’s friend. During the gap of time that exists between seasons 4 and 5, Josh continues to reside in New Orleans.

He remained so that harmony could be preserved among the werewolves, vampires, and witches.
During the time when purist vampires were murdering hybrids like Hayley, he collaborated with Vincent to ensure the safety of the city.

Sadly, he passed away while attempting to save Marcel from a trap. After being separated for 15 years, he and his werewolf lover Aiden might be able to find each other again in the afterlife.

11. Yusuf Gatewood

In the original cast, Yusuf portrayed the role of Vincent Griffith. It was once the case that Finn Mikaelson, the eldest son of the Mikaelson family, was in possession of the powerful witch known as Vincent.

It becomes out that he was previously married to Eva Sinclair, the witch that Rebekah possessed.

Additionally, he took over for Davina as the Regent of all the witch covens located in the French Quarter.

10. Devon Allowitz

In the third season of “The Originals,” Devon played a supporting role in the cast. He was cast in the role of Henrik Mikaelson, the youngest of Mikael and Esther’s children.

After he passed away, his mother, Esther, decided to transform her entire family—with the exception of herself—into vampires so that they would be able to defend themselves from werewolves.

At the time of their deaths, neither Henrik nor any other member of the Mikaelson family was a vampire. Neither was a vampire.

In addition, Henrik was killed when Klaus took him to show him how werewolves transform, despite the fact that the villagers do not allow people to witness werewolves change in front of other people. This led to Henrik’s death.

The conflict between vampires and werewolves was started when one of the werewolves lost control and attacked the vampire.

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9. Riley Voelkel

In The Originals Movie Cast, Riley was cast in the role of Freya Mikaelson. Freya is a witch who is a thousand years old and possesses a great deal of power.

He is the oldest sister of the Mikaelsons and the maternal elder half-sister of Klaus. He is also the first child of Mikael and Esther, who had him first. After freeing herself from their Aunt Dahlia’s captivity and the immortality curse, Freya was finally able to make her way back to the Mikaelson family.

In season 5, she is introduced to a werewolf named Keelin, whom she later marries.

8. Leah Pipes

Leah Pipes was another member of the original cast who portrayed a significant character. She was cast in the role of Camille O’Connell, a human bartender with a degree in psychology.

She is attempting to demonstrate that there is no inherent evil in human nature. During the course of her investigation, she formed a connection with Klaus and went on to have a love relationship with him.

Additionally, she was romantically involved with Marcel for a short period of time. Kieran, the victim’s uncle, was under a hex at the time he attempted to kill the victim, and Klaus killed him when he did so.

She took over his apartment after he passed away, which included a hidden room that was stocked with books and weaponry related to the occult. This is how she learned that her family has been responsible for the protection of mankind against supernatural beings for generations.

During the third season, Cami was changed into a vampire by Aurora De Martel, an ex-girlfriend of Klaus. After some time had passed, Lucien Castle, an improved original vampire, was the one who ended her life.

She makes cameo appearances as a hallucination of Klaus in seasons 4 and 5, respectively.

7. Danielle Campbell

In the originals cast, Danielle Campbell was also a key member of the cast thanks to her role. She gave the performance of Davina Claire, a powerful witch who was 19 years old and had a shadowy side.

Because of her age, she has not yet learned how to exercise control over her abilities, which can be disastrous if they are allowed to run amok. Marcel comes to her aid when she is in danger from the witches of the French Quarters, who intend to offer her as a sacrifice in order to finish the Harvest.

Because Celeste had already taken her powers, they did not return to the earth when she passed away. This was true even though she was later sacrificed for the benefit of the city.

After Celeste passed away, Davina was given a second chance at life. She resurrected their violent father, Mikael, and tethered him to a bracelet so that she could maintain control over him. This is because she dislikes the Mikaelsons and wants to see them destroyed.

Despite this, she winds up developing romantic feelings for Kol Mikaelson. During the third season, she was successful in resurrecting Kol; however, when the Ancestors took possession of Kol, they ordered him to kill her.

In addition to this, a powerful witch known as The Hollow brings her back to life, and she and Kol Mikaelson ultimately decide to leave the French Quarters, get married, and settle down in Belize.

6. Daniella Pineda

In the first season with the original cast, Daniella takes the role of the antagonist. She was cast in the role of Sophie Deveraux, a strong witch in the French Quarter who served as the show’s primary adversary in season 1.

After witnessing the death of her niece Monique Deveraux, eight months prior to the beginning of the series, she began to take witchcraft seriously. Initially, however, she did not take it seriously.

Her niece was sacrificed in a rite that grants the witch in the French Quarter access to the power of their ancestors, and the ritual caused her niece’s death.

The name of the ceremony is “The Harvest.” She became fixated on Davina’s death as the only way to successfully perform the ritual and bring her niece back to life.

She was so intent on doing what she set out to do that she was willing to risk her life in any way necessary.

She went so far as to attach herself to Hayley while Hayley was pregnant, which meant that whatever happened to her would also happen to Hayley.

Because of the relationship, the Mikaelsons were unable to inflict any harm on her. Davina, however, severed the link between them, and Monique ended up killing Sophie.

5. Charles Michael Davis

Charles was another cast member who played an important role in the original production. He played the role of Marcel Gerard, a vampire who was a former slave.

Since Klaus was the one who transformed him into a vampire, he considers Klaus to be his adoptive father and former mentor. Because of his experience with the Mikaelsons and the philosophical disagreements between them, he and the Mikaelsons have a tense and fraught relationship.

Later on in the story, he developed romantic feelings for both Cami and Rebekah at the same time. Because of their never-ending competition for power and authority in the French Quarter, he remains at conflict with Klaus throughout the entirety of the series.

In the first season, he saves a witch named Davina from being burned at the stake as part of the Harvest ritual, and he raises her as his own biological daughter after adopting her.

In season 3, he undergoes a transformation that makes him an improved original vampire who is more powerful than the Mikaelsons. As a result, the prophecy that was discussed at the beginning of the season is finally fulfilled.

In order to eliminate the Hollow, he was forced to work along with the Mikaelson family during the fifth season.

In the final episode of the series, Marcel picks up where he left off with his love with Rebekah, and he and the other remaining vampires depart New Orleans for good. Even though Rebekah intends to get treatment in Mystic Falls, it was hinted that Marcel and Rebekah would still be married and start a family together.

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4. Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe was a pivotal member of the original cast and performed an important role. She played the role of Hayley Marshall, who was born a werewolf but evolved into a hybrid during the course of the series. Hayley was also the mother of Hope, who is Klaus’s daughter.

She didn’t reveal her true identity until much later in the book, but by then it was clear that she was the long-lost alpha of her werewolf clan.

When the alphas of the other bloodlines submitted to her dominance, she eventually rose to the position of leader of the entire Crescent pack.

Initially, she was hesitant to trust and be close to the Mikaelsons, but over time, she came around and welcomed them.

In spite of the fact that she had romantic feelings for Elijah, she married Jackon Kenner, who was ultimately slaughtered, in order to bring their packs together.

During the fifth season, Hayley is punished for being a hybrid and, as a result of the witch’s spells, she is transformed into a vampire. Hayley took her own life by purposefully running into the sun with her tormentor, which caused both of them to perish.

After some time, when Hope got out of it, she saw that Hayley had reconciled her differences with her parents, Jackson, and other members of the family.

In the conclusion of the series, Hayley can be seen keeping a watchful eye over her daughter, Hope, as Klaus makes the ultimate sacrifice to put an end to the Hollow once and for all.

3. Claire Holt

In the initial cast, Claire Holt was cast in the role of Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah is a younger maternal half-sister of Klaus who also happens to be a vampire from the beginning.

She is the sibling that Klaus looks up to the most. At first, she went back to the French Quarter in order to find Elijah, who had come for Klaus, and offer her assistance.

On the other hand, after they arrived in the city, she was compelled to remain there and get back together with their family. She developed feelings for both Hayley and the unborn kid as time went on.

She had a love involvement with Marcel at one point in her life. The fact that she is a vampire and her family name precludes her from having a normal romantic life or starting a family of her own, despite her strong desire to do so.

At the end of the first season, Rebekah and Hope, who is Klaus’s child, flee the city in an attempt to live a more simple life. However, she is forced to return since she believes their mother has discovered them.

Despite the fact that Claire Holt played Rebekah, who passed away in season 2, she continued to make appearances throughout the series.

2. Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies had a significant role in the cast of the originals as well, playing an important character. Elijah Mikaelson was an original vampire and Klaus’ older maternal half-brother. He was portrayed by this actor in the role of Elijah Mikaelson.

Due to the fact that Elijah is regarded as refined, as he is constantly seen wearing a three-piece suit, and as he is more level-headed in comparison to his brothers, he is sometimes referred to as the “Noble Brother.” Elijah goes with Klaus to the city because he is determined to uphold his promise that they will remain a family no matter what happens in the future.

However, after meeting Hayley, Elijah finds himself developing love affections for her, despite his best efforts to keep these sentiments in check out of respect for Klaus.

Elijah is holding onto the hope that Hayley’s child would restore sanity to Klaus and bring their fractured family back together again.

Because Klaus does not concern himself with following the rules, Elijah eventually ascends to the position of de facto ruler of the French Quarters. Elijah acts as a peacemaker between all of the supernatural beings that are located in the city.

In addition, Elijah sacrifices himself along with Klaus in order to protect their family from the Hollow.

1. Joseph Morgan

Joseph had a major role in the original cast thanks to the character he played. His character, Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson, was the first vampire-werewolf hybrid and proclaimed himself to be the monarch of the French Quarter.

Klaus was one of the first original vampires to be formed by magic. In addition, he is a witch and a werewolf. Because of this, he is regarded as one of the most dangerous and potent supernatural entities in all of history.

In addition, Klaus has a special place in his heart for his family. He is the biological father of Hope, who is Hayley’s daughter, and he is the adoptive father of Marcel, who is his protege. In addition to this, Klaus went back to the city that he had initially left due of his vindictive father and rebuilt it.

Klaus came back after being informed by a coven of witches that Hayley Marshall, a werewolf with whom he had a one-night stand, is carrying his child. Hayley and Klaus had a one-night stand. However, if he is successful in deposing Marcel as leader of the city, the witches will make a bargain with him to safeguard his child.

Throughout the course of the series, Klaus must contend with betrayals, undergo personal development, gain an understanding of what it is to have a family, and ultimately develop affections for Cami.

In addition, in an effort to protect Hope from the Hollow, Klaus and Elijah, who has made the decision to take his own life along with Klaus, stake each other.

The following is a list of some of the original cast members and the roles that they play in the series.

You will learn more about these individuals after reading this article. When you are viewing the series, you can also easily utilize this article as a guide to help you follow along. in order to prevent you from getting the characters’ names and the roles they play in the series mixed up.

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