Unlock Real Estate Opportunities in Cambodia with IPS Cambodia

The increasing number of settlements in Cambodia is calling for real estate growth. The increase in demand also leads to an increase in supply, which is why this may be the perfect time to invest in real estate across Cambodia. Moreover, the returns that you generate will be significantly higher. 

With the help of a professional real estate agent, you’ll be able to discover real estate opportunities in Cambodia. Whether you want to purchase or invest, either of them can be highly fruitful, thereby driving growth in the long run. 

Unlock Real Estate Opportunities in Cambodia with IPS Cambodia
Unlock Real Estate Opportunities in Cambodia with IPS Cambodia

Tips for Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Cambodia

Since the real estate investment opportunities are numerous in Cambodia, there are specific tips you may need to follow. These include the following:

  • Research – Never jump into purchasing a property without research. Since it is a huge investment, you should spend considerable time on research. 
  • Portfolio DiversificationInvesting in properties around Cambodia can help in significant portfolio diversification. Consider the areas where you want to invest and choose accordingly. 
  • Location – Location is of utmost importance when investing in properties in Cambodia. The neighbourhood you live in will influence the pricing significantly. Popular destinations in Cambodia are usually expensive.
  • Legal Assistance – You may need legal assistance while investing in properties around Cambodia. Thus, get a real estate agent who understands the nuances and will help you accordingly. 

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Unlock Real Estate Opportunities in Cambodia with IPS Cambodia

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Cambodia

The increase in demand has led to an influx of investment opportunities across both- residential and commercial sectors. Some of the significant investment opportunities to look forward to in Cambodia, especially for the growth of business, include the following: 


Since many expats are moving here for job opportunities and business purposes, the demand for residential real estate is relatively high. Although certain legalities are to be followed, the endless opportunities can be a good revenue stream. Some of the major ones to look forward to are as follows:


If you’re planning to settle in Cambodia for a long time and yet are looking for a feeling of belonging, you should get a land. As an expat, you may not be allowed to own the land, but you can lease it. The tenure for leasing land in Cambodia is up to 15 years. 


Apartments are one of the most popular real estate properties in demand. Most people settle in apartments since it requires minimal maintenance and provides many amenities integrated with technology.

Even if you’re not planning to stay here, investing in apartments can help you gain a significant return on investment. 

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Boreys are one of the most prominent resources for getting a return on your investment. If you plan on getting the returns for a longer time, nothing will work more in your favour than Borey. A Borey can also accommodate more people in a short time. 


High-rise condos have always been a popular choice for newcomers in Cambodia. You wouldn’t have to worry about it since there’s a housing body to care for most things.

You can put up your condo for rent and eventually get a significant amount in return every month. 


Since the economy of Cambodia is growing, it would be great to establish a business here. When establishing or registering a business in Cambodia, you must also take commercial land. Some of the major commercial sectors you can invest in Cambodia are as follows:

  • Hotels – Many houses have been converted into hotels and are available for purchase. If you aim to start hotels, you may directly invest in these properties.
  • Land – Commercial land would be suitable for starting a property or business. This may be expensive, but it is worth the pricing as you generate good returns. 
  • Offices- Various office spaces are available for rent and purchase. Whether you want to establish a branch office or start a business, you may invest in the office spaces. 

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Unlock Real Estate Opportunities in Cambodia with IPS Cambodia

Cambodia: The Tiger Economy

Cambodia is emerging as the tiger economy of the world with its rapid actions against fighting the negativities. The country is putting in much effort to overcome poverty and determine growth.

Cambodia was put in the ‘lower middle-class economy’ for a very long time, but it experienced sustained growth throughout the years. As a result, in 2023, their GDP growth was recorded at 5.2%. 

Final Thoughts 

Cambodia is the perfect place to start your investments. The earning potential is quite high, with many opportunities available at the doorstep.

It can be difficult for a beginner to make the right choice, but when you have assistance from professional real estate agents who know the market, things can be pretty straightforward.

So, contact IPS Cambodia today to make reliable and better investment choices. 

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