10 Wealthiest Cities in Georgia 2024

Wealthiest Cities in Georgia 2024: Georgia, a state located in the southeast of the United States is home to some of the richest cities in the country.

Georgia is widely regarded as the most favorable state in the United States for the establishment or growth of a business due to its combination of low operating expenses and first-rate services.

The most prosperous cities in Georgia are some of the most populous in the United States; they are responsible for the creation of billions of dollars in annual revenue and offer work opportunities to tens of thousands of individuals.

If you are in the business world, you should probably work on expanding your sphere of influence, and Georgia would be a fantastic spot to get started in this endeavor!

The state is currently the state in the United States with the highest rate of population growth. The nation’s income per person has been steadily climbing higher year after year.

However, the income and living standards of different cities might vary greatly from one another.

What is the first thing that springs to mind when I mention the state of Georgia? Is that what it is? Do you mean pecans? Is it the sweet tea that you and your now-deceased grandma used to enjoy together?

The following is a short list of some of the wealthiest cities in Georgia that we have compiled for you.

Wealthiest Cities in Georgia 2024

Over the past few years, Georgia has emerged as a state that is worth keeping an eye on. The population as well as the economy are both expanding at a rapid rate.

Although the economy is booming in every city in Georgia, some are doing better financially than others.

According to the state’s median household income, these are the ten cities in Georgia that are the wealthiest.

1. Milton — $128,559 (Wealthiest Cities in Georgia)

With a household income of $128,559 a year on average, Milton is one of the cities in Georgia with the highest median income. This is significantly higher than the average household income in the state, which is $61,980. The percentage of people living in poverty in Milton is merely 3.5%.

In addition to that, it has what is considered to be one of the lowest crime rates in the entire country.

The total income, including that of children, comes to $69,952 per person. This figure accounts for both adults and children.

The price of a home in the city is 907,500 dollars on average.

The City of Milton is well-known for its high-quality educational opportunities and its welcoming atmosphere for families. There are many possibilities to participate in outdoor activities, such as paddling kayaks on Lake Lanier or trekking up to Six Flags Over Georgia Water Park. Both of these activities are fun ways to spend time outside.

2. Johns Creek — $122,514 (Wealthiest Cities in Georgia)

Over the course of the previous few years, Johns Creek has developed into one of the wealthiest cities in the state of Georgia. It is situated in the northern region of the state, roughly 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) from the state capital of Atlanta.

In 2006, it was made into a city, making it the most recent city to be established in the state. However, the history of Johns Creek goes back much longer than that; in 1805, it was settled by European farmers who were searching for gold in the area.

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The city enjoys a robust economy and a robust real estate market, and the prices of homes in the city have been continuously increasing over the course of the past ten years.

The average price of a home in Johns Creek is currently $550,000.

Residents of Johns Creek benefit from a plethora of advantages, such as favorable tax rates, an excellent educational system, and an abundance of open land. Within the boundaries of the city, there are a number of parks and natural areas that are open to the public.

3. Alpharetta — $113,802 (Wealthiest Cities in Georgia)

Wealthiest Cities in Georgia 2023

With a household income of $113,80, Alpharetta is one of the cities in Georgia that can claim to be among the state’s wealthiest. North of Atlanta is where you’ll find the city of Alpharetta, which is a part of the Fulton County School District.

US News has recognized Chattahoochee High School as one of the best public high schools in the United States. This accolade places the school among the very best in the nation.

There is a diverse selection of local businesses, shopping centers, and dining establishments to be found in Alpharetta.

In addition to being home to the headquarters of a large number of Fortune 500 companies, it is also the location of the renowned Ameris Bank Amphitheatre at Encore Park (formerly known as the Verizon wireless Amphitheatre), which is known for hosting some of the most important rock concerts in the country.

Throughout the course of the year, Alpharetta plays host to a number of entertaining community events that are appropriate for children and families. Some of these events include Arts in the Park, Scarecrow Harvest, and Taste of Alpharetta.

Families and young professionals who work in Atlanta but choose to live in Alpharetta because of its lower crime rate and more intimate atmosphere are found among the city’s population.

Many workers in Alpharetta spend a considerable amount of time traveling to and from work due to the city’s average commute time of 28 minutes.

4. Decatur — $106,088

Wealthiest Cities in Georgia 2023

The typical income for a household in Decatur is $106,088, and the median income for a family is $92,746. This places Decatur as one of the wealthiest communities in Georgia.

It is considered to be one of the nicest places to live in all of Georgia, and it has the fourth highest income of any city in the state. The high wages in Decatur contribute to the city’s high cost of living, yet the high incomes are well worth it if you want to have a nice life.

Because it has such wonderful parks and educational institutions, the city is an excellent location for families. In addition, there are a great deal of retail establishments and food establishments in the neighborhood.

Residents are able to take use of the abundant open land in the neighborhood. You and your children might enjoy taking a stroll around Oakhurst Park or paying a visit to the Fernbank Science Center.

You also have the option of going to Agnes Scott College or the Glenlake Golf Club & Pool to pass some time.

5. Tyrone —  $103,929

With a robust housing market, Tyrone, Georgia, is rapidly becoming one of the wealthiest cities in the state of Georgia. The typical income for a household in the state of Tyrone is $103,929. It is projected to have a total population of 7,658 people, and it is home to some of the most talented software developers and engineers working for firms such as Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce.

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People are drawn to this location not just for the shopping and dining options, but also because there are several employment prospects. Because it contains a significant number of business and industrial parks, Tyrone is sometimes referred to as “a city of work chances.”

Although it has the atmosphere of a little town, the city is only twenty minutes away from both the ATL airport and downtown Atlanta.

In addition, there are several outdoor activities available in Tyrone. The Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Complex is home to a number of different sports facilities, including fields that are equipped with the latest technology for playing lacrosse, soccer, and tennis.

6. Braselton — $105,096 (Wealthiest Cities in Georgia)

Braselton is one of the wealthiest places in Georgia, and despite its proximity to the bustling city of Atlanta, it maintains a median household income that is over twice as high as the average for the state.

However, in spite of its prosperous position, it is still a warm and inviting location that provides a wide variety of things to see and do in addition to a laid-back vibe. It has a cost of living adjustment score of 106.4, making it one of the most expensive locations to live in Georgia. The typical cost of a house in Braselton comes in at $407,906.

People who want to be close to Atlanta but don’t want to deal with the constant hustle and bustle that comes along with living in the city will find that Braselton’s location is excellent.

You won’t miss out on any of Atlanta’s world-famous culture or entertainment, but you’ll have plenty of breathing room thanks to the city’s sprawling layout.

7. Peachtree City — $101,121

With a family income of $101,121 on average, Peachtree City is considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in the state of Georgia. Peachtree City has a population of approximately 35,433 people and is situated to the south of Atlanta and to the northwest of Fayetteville.

It is the largest city in Fayette County in terms of both land area and number of residents. The city is well-known for its extensive network of golf cart paths, which total more than 90 miles and cover the entirety of the neighborhood. When it comes to constructing brand-new homes, Peachtree City uses cutting-edge methods.

The best example of this can be found in The Park at Planters Ridge, which is a community that is maintained by a HOA and has a number of different contemporary home types, such as cape cod and bungalows. A clubhouse, a swimming pool, and other park areas are available to the residents.

8. Dunwoody — $96,057

With an annual income of more than $96,057 per home, Dunwoody is often ranked as one of the state’s wealthiest cities. The city has a robust economy and thrives because of its location in a relatively prosperous region. It became a city in 2008, and ever since then, its population has been increasing at a rapid rate.

The residents have convenient access to a wide variety of retailers, restaurants, and recreational activities, which contributes to the good quality of life that they enjoy. People who live within the city borders have access to a number of parks that provide both adult and children’s playgrounds, as well as trails for hiking and bicycling.

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Because of this, it is an excellent location for young people who are either single or in a relationship and seeking for a place to reside. As a result of the moderate climate that prevails here for the most majority of the year, there are a plethora of chances to unwind in the fresh air, take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding environment, or simply spend time alone without having to contend with oppressive temperatures.

9. Suwanee —$90,436 (Wealthiest Cities in Georgia)

With a median income of $90,436 for households, the city of Suwanee is one of the wealthiest in the state of Georgia. Both Gwinnett County and Forsyth County are home to the city of Suwanee.

The city is proud of its high-ranking education system as well as its low overall crime rate. With a median home listing price of $475,000, the cost of living in Suwanee is significantly higher than the national average.

Residents of Suwanee get to participate in a variety of community events throughout the course of an entire year, such as concerts, festivals, and holiday festivities. The Big Creek Greenway in Suwanee is a 6-mile long park that is just one of the many parks and sporting facilities that are available in the city. Suwanee is also home to the Suwanee Sports Academy.

Residents also enjoy dining at one of the many restaurants along Buford Highway and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, as well as shopping at Town Center Park.

10. Flowery Branch —$75,599

One of the cities in Georgia with the highest median income for families is Flowery Branch, which comes in at $75,599 a year. The city’s population is fortunate to have a low unemployment rate of 2.6 percent, which is significantly lower than the average for the nation.

This expansion is probably attributable to the city’s flourishing economy and the wide variety of industries. At the present time, agriculture and construction make up two of Flowery Branch’s most important economic sectors.

There are quite a few different communities in Flowery Branch that are filled with homes that cost an arm and a leg. When compared to the other expensive properties in the neighboring neighborhoods, a home that is valued over one million dollars in this location might be considered to be quite affordable.

In the city of Flowery Branch, Georgia, the typical asking price for a house is around $378,378. The population of Flowery Branch is made up of over 76.6 percent white people and approximately 13.3 percent Hispanic, Latino, Asian, and other people. The city has a flourishing arts and cultural scene with many of local musicians, in addition to a community theater.

The Lake Lanier Islands resort is located nearby and provides a variety of activities throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and many types of water sports.

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