WWE Referees Salaries 2024

WWE Referees Salaries 2024

WWE Referees Salaries 2022
WWE Referees Salaries 2024

WWE Referees Salaries 2024: WWE referees are among the highest-paid officials in the world, according to Forbes.

When it comes to WWE, a referee can earn a maximum of $5,000 each match. A referee in the world of professional wrestling earns $15,000 from a pay-per-view event.

According to a report published in 2018, wwe match officials reportedly earned bonuses and other facilities from the franchise. The first time that the wages of WWE referees were revealed was in the year 2014.

Referees in any sport are highly regarded and respected members of the team. The role of officials in WWE, on the other hand, is contrary to that of other sports. But, do you know what I’m talking about? How much money does a WWE referee make per bout in the corporation? So, what exactly is the function of a WWE referee inside the ring? Who is the highest-paid referee in the World Wrestling Entertainment?

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Do you remember the infamous Montreal Screw Job? For those who are unfamiliar with the situation, Brett Hart was forced to relinquish his championship by Shawn Michaels after Michaels was mistakenly proclaimed the winner improper referring.

In a nutshell, the referee made a mistake! And we were all under the impression that they only had one duty, which was to count one, two, and three, which they also botched. It was not the case, as you may be aware, because the responsibility of the referee in a WWE match is far greater. As a result, Vince McMahon lavishes them with riches in exchange for their secret participation.

WWE has just added a female referee to its roster, yet there is a significant wage disparity between male and female officials. The pay scales for senior and rookie referees are drastically different. Rookie referees are only selected for a limited number of matches and are paid a maximum of $1,000 in match fees per match.

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Salaries of WWE Referees 2024

WWE Referees Salaries 2021
WWE Referees Salaries 2024

You can see in the table how referees are ranked based on their level of experience. Professional referees have years of experience and are well-versed in the rules and regulations of their respective sporting disciplines.

A professional referee earns $5,000 per fight according to Crucnhy Sports, according to the report. An entry-level referee who has just made his or her debut or has just begun his or her career as a referee earns $800 per fight.

What is surprising to see is that WWE referees are paid more than their counterparts in the UFC, boxing, and kick-boxing.

While not all referees are paid in the same way. As the pay for those officiating Wrestlemania and other major main events increases, so does the demand for these officials.

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The salary contracts of all referees are not the same. Match officials selected for TLC, Summer Slam, Royal Rumble, and Wrestle-Mania receive a bonus of two times their regular pay. Referees in the WWE are paid more than referees in the UFC, boxing, and kickboxing.

Jessica Carr is the only female referee in the league at the moment. She is carrying out her responsibilities as a match official during Smack Down contests. Carr earns $500 each match, according to a TSM Sports article, while her major pay-per-view revenue is $2,000 per match. According to a source on the Wrestling Blog in 2019, a senior referee offered a 2-3 year deal with an annual base pay of up to $500,000.

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WWE Referees Salaries 2021
WWE Referees Salaries 2024

The Duties of the WWE Referee

You must be under the impression that WWE stands for no rules wrestling! Nonetheless, they have a dummy-like figure in the ring dressed in black and white strips to keep track of the regulations, and they just count until three.

However, you will be surprised to learn that a referee in WWE has a hidden job, which is that they are the ones who have an earpiece in their ear that connects with backstage, who then sends the orders on to the wrestlers, which will surprise you.

Instructions such as “complete the match fast” or “make a certain move” are examples of such instructions. When it comes to the ring, it would not be incorrect to state that they are the script coordinator.

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In the event of a real injury, they also have the authority to order the dimming of the lights in the arena. As a result, the referee serves as a liaison between the wrestlers and the backstage crew.

Remember when you and your siblings used to pretend to wrestle while impersonating WWE characters such as John Cena, The Undertaker, Triple H, and others? In order to win the handmade title by pinning or submission, the competitors must adapt their gimmicks and maneuver their distinctive techniques. We have completed all of our tasks! We haven’t done that, have we?

WWE was more than simply a weekly entertainment event in which we enjoyed seeing our favorite wrestlers compete against one another. In reality, WWE was a whirlwind of insanity and a rollercoaster of emotions for every fan.

While growing up, however, the knowledge that the programs were written was something that might be argued about. When it comes to WWE, there used to be one question on everyone’s mind: “What is the function of the referee in the ring?” Now, there are several questions.

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I hope you now understand why a WWE referee is so essential in the ring and why WWE referees are paid a greater pay than referees in other sports.

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Who is the senior most referee in WWE?

  • Chad Patton is the senior most referee in WWE right now (March 2021).

Who is the highest paid WWE referee?

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