10 Best Places to Live in Alabama 2024

This article talks about the best places to live in Alabama which is called the coast home. Hundreds of thousands of people make their home in this region, which stretches all the way from the southernmost point of the state, Fairhope, to the northernmost point, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

They all share the characteristic of having stunning shorelines composed of pure white sand. Cities like Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile, which serve as regional centers for commerce and industry, predominate in the interior and make up the majority of the region. There are also a great number of smaller towns located in beautiful settings that offer housing at more reasonable prices.

Alabama is well-known for the natural beauty of its landscape as well as the vitality of its cities. In addition to being known as the Heart of Dixie, the state of Alabama is home to some of the most flavorful barbecue in all of the Southern states.

A significant number of people relocate to the state of Alabama each year in the hopes of providing a better life for themselves and their families. When compared to other states, Alabama stands out as having a greater variety of amenities and attractions than the majority of other locations.

When making a decision about where to live, your top priority should be to find a location that satisfies all of your requirements as well as all of your wants.

Why should you choose these best places to live in Alabama?

Those who are concerned with their personal safety will be relieved to learn that the rate of violent crime across the entire state of Alabama ranks among the very lowest in the country. In 2015, there were a total of 1,212 reports of violent crimes per 100,000 people in the state, making it one of the states with the lowest rates in the country.

Education is essential, and there is a plethora of excellent educational opportunities available in every region of the state. On the other hand, when it comes to the quality of the schools, not all cities and towns are created equal. In some cities, there is a shortage of teachers and inadequate funding for the public schools.

Thankfully, the entire state of Alabama is a wonderful location for people who enjoy being outside. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a ski hill or just a place that’s picture-perfect for fishing or swimming; the state is filled with a wide variety of options in both categories.

You won’t have to go very far to reach any of these wonderful outdoor venues, either, because Alabama has such a low population density overall.

In comparison to the costs of living in other states across the country, Alabama is relatively inexpensive. This is one of the state’s most appealing qualities. Although it is by no means inexpensive, the cost of living here is significantly lower than that of a significant number of other states across the board.

Best Places to Live in Alabama 2024

In every state, there are communities that are regarded as being the best places to live, and there are also communities that are regarded as being the worst places to live. Official rankings take into consideration a variety of factors, despite the fact that the characteristics that make a place desirable to live are, to a large extent, subjective.

Some of these factors include the place’s level of safety as determined by the crime statistics, the cost of living, the lifestyle that can be obtained in the area, the employment opportunities, and the recreational activities.

The following is a list of the top 20 best places to live in Alabama in 2022, based on a number of different indicators of livability.

Best Places to Live in Alabama 2024

1. Madison

Best Places to Live in Alabama

Madison is the most desirable residential location in all of Alabama. A city known as Madison can be found in the southwestern part of the state, roughly twenty miles to the south of Huntsville. Madison is located close to Huntsville, but it has a significantly slower pace of life. The city of Madison has earned the title of “Best Place to Live in Alabama” year after year.

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Living in Madison is a truly rewarding experience. The schools are wonderful, and the parents are very encouraging and supportive of their children’s education. It is without a doubt a fantastic location in which to bring up a family.

Living expenses in Madison are much lower than the national average. There are a great number of homes available for significantly less than $200,000 each. There is an abundance of parks and other recreational areas for people of all ages, including children.

This is the perfect location for you if you want to live somewhere that has the atmosphere of a small town but all the conveniences that come with living in a large city.

2. Vestavia Hills

Best Places to Live in Alabama

Living in Vestavia Hills, Alabama places you close to Birmingham, which is a large metropolitan area, but you won’t find the hustle and bustle of the city here. Birmingham is the closest major city to Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

The hustle and bustle of the city is kept at bay in this peaceful town that has the atmosphere of a small town despite its proximity to the metropolitan area. Beautifully situated in the middle of the Birmingham metropolitan area is the neighborhood of Vestavia Hills.

You will find that the schools in this area are among the best in the country, that there is an abundance of parks and other outdoor activities for people of all ages to participate in, and that you have convenient access to a wide variety of local points of interest.

This location is perfect for those looking to start or grow their family. You will discover that there is an abundant supply of homes, condos, and apartments available for rent or purchase in this location. Because you won’t have to go into debt to buy the house of your dreams here, the only thing stopping you is your own procrastination. Get started on your hunt as soon as possible!

3. Mountain Brook (Best Places to Live in Alabama)

In addition to being a wealthy suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, Mountain Brook is also known for being a premier destination for upscale shopping in the surrounding area. Over $130,000 is the median income for a household in this area, which is home to the approximately 20,436 residents who call this place home.

The typical cost of a home in this area is greater than $400,000. Mountain Brook is well-known for its stunning parks and other open areas, which contribute to the town’s status as a highly desirable location for both living and working. The fact that the city is located at the foot of a number of long bluffs and hills that are collectively referred to as “mountains” is the origin of the city’s name.

Because the cost of living in this area is 26% higher than the average for the nation, residents do indeed have to pay more for the goods and services they use on a regular basis. On the other hand, this is more than compensated for by the high income and high quality of life overall that Mountain Brook provides.

4. Huntsville

Best Places to Live in Alabama

The cost of living in Huntsville is significantly lower than the national average despite the city’s population of 185,594 people. This is due to the fact that the city is less focused on commerce. There is a large supply of apartments available for rent, and the average monthly rent is only $733. There is also a good supply of apartments.

The United States Space and Rocket Center can be found in Huntsville, Alabama, and is home to a number of fascinating artifacts relating to the history of space travel and exploration. Even though we’re confident that it won’t be a deciding factor, it’s still helpful to have an idea of what else Huntsville has to offer in addition to its low cost of living and high home prices.

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People who live here acknowledge that, in contrast to many other regions in the southern states, Huntsville has a delightfully diverse population; they also acknowledge and value the fact that this diversity exists in their community.

5. Homewood (Best Places to Live in Alabama)

Homewood, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, is widely regarded as one of the premier residential areas in the state of Alabama. Homewood has many amenities, including parks and sports, that are geared toward families, and its educational system is of a high caliber. The city of Homewood can be found in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Homewood is home to a plethora of local businesses, including eateries, coffee shops, and other establishments. Homewood is home to a sizable population of families with young children who take pleasure in being close to Birmingham while remaining outside of the city limits.

A significant portion of the population has earned college degrees and leans toward the center politically. Residents have a reputation for being polite but reserved, and they frequently greet people they do not know when they are out and about. The Homewood community takes pride in the quality of their public schools.

6. Helena

Helena, a suburb of Birmingham, is yet another city in Alabama that made it onto our list of the best places to live in the state of Alabama. Helena is regarded as one of the top real estate markets in Alabama due to the fact that the typical home price there is $195,100.

In spite of its suburban appearance, Helena does not give the impression of being a rabbit warren. The majority of the homes in the area are detached, and they either have expansive gardens or, at the very least, a backyard and a private driveway.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the crime rates in this city are relatively low because it is such a small city; this may be due, in part, to the people living here coming from middle-class backgrounds, as they earn an average of $84,615 each year.

7. Fairhope (Best Places to Live in Alabama)

The people who live in Fairhope can’t help but sing the city’s praises. The town of Fairhope, which is situated on the coast of Mobile Bay, which opens up into the Atlantic Ocean, provides its residents with the opportunity to enjoy the best of both the ocean and Founder’s Park.

Fairhope, which is located in Baldwin County and has a population of approximately 17,300 people, has the atmosphere of a charming small town despite its larger size.

The average value of a home in this area is $238,800, making it affordable for many families in the middle class and working class of the United States. Despite being close to the beach, property costs in this area are very reasonable.

Even though it’s a relatively small market, there is always a good selection of homes available for purchase at any given time.

The downtown area of Fairhope is full of life and activity, and there is a wide variety of eateries, bars, and specialty shops to discover there.

8. Daphne

Another area worthy of investigation is Daphne, which performs admirably in a number of categories. This community has a strong emphasis on education, which is one of the reasons why families choose to settle there.

In addition, it provides excellent amenities, dependable employment opportunities, and a wide variety of residential options, both for rent and purchase. It is generally a low-cost region to live in and has a low rate of overall crime. The population of Daphne was 25,960 at the time of the census in 2017. This places it in the category of a minor city.

People who adore living in environments that are close to the water will find that this location, which is on the eastern side of Mobile Bay, is perfect for them. This also suggests that there are opportunities for recreational activities outside.

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9. Hoover (Best Places to Live in Alabama)

The town of Hoover in Alabama has a population of 85,175 people, and it is without a doubt a wonderful place to reside. But what makes it stand out from other things? Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why Hoover, Alabama, is the most desirable place to make your home in the state of Alabama.

The average household income in Hoover is significantly higher than the state average of $44,700, coming in at $80,787. The cost of living index in Hoover is 87.3, which is lower than the average for the state, which is 88.7, and is also lower than the average for the nation, which is 100.

Hoover is one of the best places to find employment because the number of jobs in Hoover is 4,300 per capita while the average number of jobs per capita across the nation is 42%. Only 2% of people are unemployed in Hoover at this time.

When people are deciding where they want to live and raise their children, one of the most important considerations is the quality of the schools in the area.

Hoover, Alabama is home to some of the most prestigious public and private educational institutions in the state, making it one of the most desirable places to live for families with children of all ages. In addition, there are a number of community colleges available to people who are interested in furthering their education or getting career training.

Hoover is home to a number of parks and recreational areas, all of which offer a diverse selection of activities for families to enjoy together, including golfing, swimming, fishing, and a great deal more.

Tennis lessons and a summer camp for kids are just two of the many activities that are available for people of all ages at Hoover Parks. Basketball, soccer, and flag football are just a few of the adult sports that can be played in the city’s many leagues.

10. Indian Springs Village

Indian Springs Village is located in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, and has a total population of 2,549. Indian Springs Village, which can be found in Shelby County, is widely regarded as being among the state of Alabama’s most desirable residential communities.

People who live in Indian Springs Village have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in a more rural setting, and the vast majority of residents own their homes. The community of Indian Springs Village is home to a number of eateries as well as parks.

The majority of residents in Indian Springs Village are of retirement age, making the community’s inhabitants generally conservative. The public schools in Indian Springs Village have earned a strong reputation.

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