10 Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa 2024

Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa
Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

Top 10 Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa 2024: In the developed countries, the health industry is often regarded as one of the most profitable fields in which to find employment.

The average salary for a person working in the health sector in South Africa is 46,500 South African Rand (ZAR) per month, which is equivalent to 558,000 ZAR per year.

Some of the most prominent jobs in the health sector provide salaries of up to 1,668,000 ZAR (or 139,000 ZAR) annually.

You have made a wise decision to pursue a profession in the health sector if that is the path you have selected for yourself. However, because salaries in the healthcare industry can vary greatly, with some workers earning as little as 9,400 South African Rand per month and others earning as much as 139,000 South African Rand, you still need to choose your specific job title very carefully in order to earn as much money as possible.

The following is a list of the top ten (medical) health jobs in South Africa, together with a brief work description and information regarding the average annual salary for each position.

Top 10 Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

1. Heart Transplant Surgeon

Heart Transplant Surgeon Monthly Salary: 152,000 ZAR

Surgeons that specialize in heart surgery are a very select group, known for their exceptional abilities.

They demand a high price and may earn you a lot of money wherever you go in the world. This is due to the fact that once a patient is identified with a cardiac abnormality, it is very impossible for them to survive the condition.

However, as a result of the amazing advancements that have been made in medical science, it is now possible for a sick person to receive a new heart. The procedure itself is quite complex, and as a result, it must be performed by a person who possesses a high level of expertise: a Heart Transplant Surgeon.

Heart Transplant Surgeons in South Africa may expect an annual salary of around 152,000 ZAR.

2. Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon Monthly Salary: 148,000 ZAR

Orthopedic surgeons are medical professionals who diagnose and treat conditions related to the skeleton and bones.

Orthopedic surgeons often work to save the victims of accidents, both in terms of their lives and their limbs. In some cases, when an injury causes fractured bones, orthopedic surgeons are called in to heal damaged tissue and reattach shattered bones.

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This allows for the patient to make a full recovery. Orthopedic surgeons are also able to help patients who were born with impairments by restoring some level of use to their limbs through reconstructive surgery.

3. Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Monthly Salary: 139,000 ZAR

A cardiovascular surgeon is a type of thoracic surgeon that operates on the chest region of the body, including the lungs, windpipe, and heart, as well as other organs.

Surgeons that specialize specifically in the aforementioned domains are sometimes referred to as cardiac surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, or general thoracic surgeons.

The word “cardiothoracic” can also be used as an umbrella phrase to refer to all of these types of surgeons. They earn around 139,000 ZAR per year in South Africa.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

4. Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon

Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon Monthly Salary: 138,000 ZAR

Surgeons that specialize in plastic reconstructive surgery operate on the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin to improve the look of the patient’s skin.

Plastic surgeons are most well known for helping celebrities improve their appearances by surgically enhancing their faces and other parts of their bodies.

However, plastic surgeons do much more than promote vanity among rich celebrities; they help accident and burn victims, as well as those with abnormal features, recover their looks, their self-esteem, and their sense of belonging.

In addition to helping celebrities improve their appearances, plastic surgeons perform many other important functions. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons in South Africa make around 138,000 ZAR per year, making it one of the highest-paying jobs in the medical field within the country.

5. Invasive Cardiologist Surgeon

Invasive Cardiologist Surgeon Monthly Salary: 131,000 ZAR

Surgeons who specialize in invasive cardiology perform procedures on the heart. The heart is an essential organ that is responsible for maintaining life.

When a person has an issue with their heart, it is almost as if that person has already passed away. It is possible to say that the patient was given a second shot at life thanks to the skilled intervention of a cardiac surgeon who was able to correct the problem.

The average annual salary for an invasive cardiologist in South Africa is around 131,000 ZAR, making them some of the highest paid medical professionals.

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6. Neurology Surgeon

Neurology Surgeon Monthly Salary: 131,000 ZAR

Neurosurgeons are medical professionals who have chosen to focus their careers on operating on the nerves located throughout the body.

Neurosurgeons are a highly select group of people who are also exceptionally gifted; as a result, they get a great deal of respect and do remarkable things. Nerves are like wires that connect various sections of the body to the brain.

This allows the brain to regulate the many areas of the body that are connected to it through the nerves. Patients could experience a loss of control of certain bodily parts if they were involved in an accident or were afflicted with a disease.

Neurosurgeons make an incision in the patient’s body and reattach severed nerves so that the patient can have a better chance of making a full recovery and living a healthy life.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

7. Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatric Surgeon Monthly Salary: 119,000 ZAR

Pediatric surgeons are medical professionals who specialize in operating on infants and young children.

There are several ways in which the bodies of children and adults are distinct from one another. Therefore, when a kid requires surgery, it is preferable to leave the process in the hands of a professional who specializes in the treatment of children, also known as a pediatric surgeon.

The average salary for a pediatric surgeon in South Africa is around 199,000 ZAR, which places them among the best earners in the area of medicine.

8. Trauma Surgeon

Trauma Surgeon Monthly Salary: 111,000 ZAR

Trauma surgeons are professionals who operate on people who have been injured in accidents. They are experts at working under the most intense of pressures because when a patient arrives at the hospital having experienced a trauma, it is decided within a few minutes whether the patient will survive or die.

This means that they must be able to make decisions quickly and accurately. Surgeons who specialize in trauma are among those who have made the most significant contributions to society and the development of the medical sector.

A trauma surgeon’s annual salary in South Africa is normally over 111,000 ZAR, making it one of the top paying professions in the country.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

9. Urologist

Urologist Monthly Salary: 108,000 ZAR

Urologists are trained to detect and treat conditions that affect both men and women’s urinary tracts.

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It is especially common in older men who have enlarged prostates, which can make urinating a very uncomfortable and even excruciating experience.

Urologists frequently treat younger patients, assisting them in regaining full function of their urinary systems and helping them live healthier lives. Urologists in South Africa earn around 108,000 ZAR per month on average.

10. Surgeon

Surgeon Monthly Salary: 105,000 ZAR

Surgeons here denotes general surgeons. They are practitioners in the medical field who perform surgical operations on patients, so long as those treatments do not require the expertise of a specialist.

They are the physicians that the majority of patients see while they are in the hospital, and they are the ones who treat the majority of patients. In South Africa, the average monthly salary for general surgeons is around 105,000 ZAR.

The following are some of the other top earners and highest paying medical professions in South Africa:

Surgeon – Burn

Monthly Salary: 101,000 ZAR


Monthly Salary: 90,600 ZAR

Physician – Radiation Therapy

95,900 ZAR

Physician – Radiology

96,000 ZAR

Conclusion: Highest Paying Medical Jobs In South Africa

The amounts highlighted above include not just financial assistance but also accommodation and transportation.

Because of the significant disparity in salaries that exists between the various health and medical professions, if you want to make the most of the opportunities available to you in terms of financial reward, it is important to carefully consider the specific medical specialty of medicine in which you intend to work before deciding to enter the field of medicine ultimately.

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