10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago 2024

Let’s take a look at the Most Expensive Restaurants In Chicago. The region surrounding Chicago has a rich history of culinary excellence, as evidenced by the long list of illustrious restaurants that serve patrons a variety of mouthwatering cuisines from all over the world.

The best restaurants in Chicago serve cuisine from a wide range of cultures, including Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish food, among others.

These restaurants are sure to satisfy your taste buds with their delectable cuisine that has won awards and their extensive wine lists.

The mouthwatering beef dishes served at Chicago’s steakhouses have made the city’s culinary scene nationally renowned.

Many can be found in the heart of downtown Chicago or in close proximity to the city’s many points of interest.

Diners in Chicago are making the most of the many upscale dining options that the city has to offer.

We all enjoy going out to eat, but there are some individuals who take this enjoyment to an extreme by ordering the most expensive items on the menu.

If you are one of those people and you find yourself in Chicago at some point, this list of the 10 most expensive restaurants in Chicago with the highest average price per person is the only one you need to consult.

You can probably guess that these dishes are not for the faint of heart or your wallet, and that’s before you even consider the price!

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago 2024

1. Alinea – $355

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago 2023

Alinea, located in Chicago, Illinois, is the chef Grant Achatz’s flagship establishment. It has been awarded three stars from the Michelin guide.

It was awarded all three Michelin stars in 2010, making it the first restaurant in the United States to achieve this distinction.

Multiple publications have ranked Alinea as the best restaurant in the United States, and it is one of only ten eateries in the country to have maintained a Michelin three-star rating since the guidebook was first published in 2011.

The cuisine served at Alinea is truly out there. Not only are the dishes aesthetically pleasing, but they are also very creative and delectable. The act of cooking itself incorporates a significant amount of molecular gastronomy techniques and concepts.

It has a pricey menu as well as tasting menus that range from $210 to $395 in price for each individual.

In addition, the restaurant offers pre-set menu selections for groups of twelve or more diners. Alinea is known for its dinner service, but on the weekends they also offer special lunches that are more wallet-friendly.

Address: 1723 N Halsted St, Chicago.

2. LH Rooftop – $200 (Most Expensive Restaurants In Chicago)

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago 2023

The LH Rooftop restaurant is known for being one of the most expensive in all of Chicago.

The restaurant serves contemporary cuisine from the United States and features an extensive wine list, but the breathtaking scenery is the primary draw here.

The restaurant is a sophisticated establishment that features a rooftop garden, a lounge area, as well as an outdoor terrace.

The vibe at LH Rooftop is hip and sophisticated, but it still has a chill vibe to it. Due to the rapid rate at which the restaurant reaches capacity, dinner guests are strongly encouraged to make reservations.

In addition, guests are welcome to stop by during the weekdays for lunch or drinks at the bar.

On the menu at LH Rooftop, you’ll find contemporary American cuisine that’s influenced by French cooking.

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In addition to larger entrees like chicken, steak, and fish, it provides a selection of small plates that are meant to be shared.

Some of the restaurant’s most well-known dishes are the lobster bucatini with lobster cream sauce and jalapeno bread crumbs, as well as the foie gras terrine.

Address: 85 E Wacker Dr 22nd Floor, Chicago.

3. El Ideas – $195

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago 2023

El Ideas is one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago, but it is also one of the most impressive. Chef Phillip Foss was awarded a Michelin star for his innovative tasting menus, which earned El Ideas a spot on the list of the city’s most expensive restaurants.

Don’t be fooled by the restaurant’s location in an industrial building on the South Side or by the menu, which is printed on a brown paper lunch sack. The restaurant serves some of the best food in the city.

The culinary creations here are almost works of art, and the meal, which consists of ten courses, is served family-style at communal tables.

El Ideas is a one-of-a-kind eatery, so it goes without saying that it does not take reservations. Instead, diners must pay anywhere from $85 to $195 per person for a ticket and then appear at the restaurant at the allotted time.

Address: 2419 W 14th St, Chicago.

4. Cherry Circle Room – $180 (Most Expensive Restaurants In Chicago)

The Cherry Circle Room is one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago, but it serves food of the highest quality and every penny spent there is well worth it.

The restaurant offers a multi-course tasting menu; however, in contrast to the majority of other tasting menus offered in the area, this one is served a la carte.

You are able to choose your dishes according to your preferences as well as any dietary restrictions you may have.

The Cherry Circle Room serves food that is primarily influenced by American cuisine.

In many restaurants, customers can choose from a variety of seafood dishes, such as lobster and caviar, in addition to a selection of meat dishes, such as beef and duck.

Whatever you decide to get, you can rest assured that it will be delicious.

The Cherry Circle Room requires reservations, and it is highly likely that those spots will be taken weeks in advance.

If you are looking for a place to eat in Chicago that won’t break the bank for you, you shouldn’t come here because the prices are quite high.

However, if you are looking for a dining experience that is truly luxurious and you are willing to pay for it, this is one of the best restaurants in Chicago.

Address: 12 S Michigan Ave, Chicago.

5. Oriole Restaurant –:$178

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago 2023

Oriole, located in Chicago Oriole, which is one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago, is the brainchild of two exceptionally talented young chefs named Noah Sandoval and Genie Kwon.

Large windows, exposed pipes, and a sleek open kitchen contribute to the atmosphere of industrial chic that permeates the space.

The food, in contrast to the traditional atmosphere, has a contemporary and inventive feel to it. It’s also quite expensive:

The restaurant’s bar will offer a tasting menu for the price of $120, while the restaurant’s dining room will charge $260 for the same menu.

In the bar, the only items available à la carte will be small plates, while the dining room will be the only place to get entrees and other larger dishes.

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Oriole got its name from the baseball team known as the Baltimore Orioles, which was an early iteration of the Chicago White Sox.

Noah Sandoval, who is both the executive chef and owner of the restaurant, is a native of Baltimore, and he chose the name of the establishment in honor of his birthplace.

Address: 661 W Walnut St, Chicago.

6. Next Restaurant – $175 (Most Expensive Restaurants In Chicago)

Next Restaurant is not only regarded as one of the city’s finest dining establishments but also as one of the most expensive.

This eatery is not your standard steakhouse or Italian restaurant; rather, it offers a one-of-a-kind menu that is updated every few months.

At Next, the menu changes frequently, both in accordance with the time of year and the season. The dishes on the menus are inspired by cuisine from various parts of the world.

For instance, dishes from Thailand are featured on the menu right now, and in the past, dishes from Italy and Paris have been featured on the menu.

There are a few of these menus that cost only $90 per person. Others, such as “Thailand,” which cost $210 for 12 courses, wine pairings, and gratuity, sold out in a matter of minutes and were unavailable.

Next Restaurant has been praised in a variety of publications and has been given a number of awards for the creativeness of both its menu and the overall dining experience it provides. This restaurant is absolutely unique in every way!

Address: 953 W Fulton Market, Chicago.

7. Brindille – $175

The four-course meal at Brindille can cost as much as $175, and wine pairings come at an additional cost of $85 per person. This makes it the most expensive restaurant in the city.

The restaurant is well known for hosting special events due to its cozy atmosphere and small size; however, it is also an excellent choice for those who are looking to splurge on a night out on the town.

The restaurant can be found on Clark Street, and it exudes a very contemporary air thanks to the concrete floors and ceilings throughout.

Although it has a cozy bar area where you can enjoy a drink before dinner, I strongly suggest that you call ahead and make a reservation for either the main dining room or the tasting menu at the chef’s table.

It is also widely considered to be among the most visually stunning restaurants in all of Chicago.

It appears to be a cross between a French salon from the 19th century and a contemporary art gallery, what with its high ceilings, luxurious curtains, and exquisite china.

Address: 534 N Clark St, Chicago.

8. The Signature Room at the 95th – $150 (Most Expensive Restaurants In Chicago)

Although it is one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago, The Signature Room at the 95th is also considered to be one of the most luxurious.

This restaurant, which can be found on the 95th floor of Chicago’s John Hancock Center, is known for its delectable American cuisine as well as its breathtaking views over Lake Michigan.

If you would like to dine there while in Chicago, the appropriate attire is business casual, and it is recommended that you make a reservation for a table as far in advance as possible.

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You can find more unique plates like the signature seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras, which comes with a black mission fig chutney and toast points, on the menu. The menu is filled with tasty comfort food favorites like steak and pasta.

Seating is offered both inside and on the patio outside of The Signature Room, which is open throughout the year.

You can even get a head start on your day by having a meal at The Signature Room, as the restaurant opens for breakfast every day at 10:30 in the morning.

Address: 875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago.

9. Vie Restaurant – $125

The Vie Restaurant, which can be found in the charming neighborhood of Western Springs, is regarded as one of the most expensive dining establishments in all of Chicago.

I can’t say enough good things about Vie, a restaurant that can be found right in the middle of Chicago’s Loop.

Customers find the restaurant even more appealing due to the fact that it serves contemporary American cuisine at prices that are not excessive.

The staff at Vie Restaurant provides outstanding service. The staff is not only friendly and attentive, but they are also always willing to accommodate any specific requests that you might have.

Although there is a lot of variety on the menu, the quality of the food is very high.

The wine list at Vie Restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, one of many accolades the restaurant has received for its outstanding fine dining experience.

The restaurant features a Chef’s Table that provides guests with a one-of-a-kind perspective into the kitchen in addition to an eight-course meal. However, you should be prepared to pay for the experience, as the price is a cool $125 for each individual participant.

Address: 4471 Lawn Ave, Western Springs.

10. Arun’s Thai Restaurant – $125 (Most Expensive Restaurants In Chicago)

The prices at Arun’s Thai Restaurant place it among the most pricey dining options in all of Chicago.

The interior has the air of a royal palace thanks to the paintings in golden tones and the white tablecloths.

Even more impressive is the exquisiteness of the meal, the preparation of which takes more than three hours.

The menu is broken up into a few different categories or sections. On the appetizer menu, you have the option of selecting either the seafood sampler platter or the vegetable sampler platter.

The main course features a variety of delectable options, such as lemongrass grilled sea bass with sweet chili sauce and crab cakes topped with roasted red pepper coulis.

Try their banana spring roll with chocolate sauce and mango ice cream, or their coconut sorbet, as a sweet finish to your meal.

Not only is the food at Arun’s Restaurant exceptionally mouthwatering, but it is also very genuine. Here are some additional fantastic restaurants in the Chicago area!

Address: 4156 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago.

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