15 Best Places to Live in Alaska 2024

Best Places to Live in Alaska 2024: However, despite having some of the most breathtaking landscapes, cultural traditions, and natural wonders of any state in the United States, Alaska also has some of the most severe weather and the most deadly species in the area.

If you’re going to move to Alaska, what region should you settle in?

This list of the ten finest places to live in Alaska should be able to assist you find an answer to that question. It highlights some beautiful Alaskan cities and neighborhoods while highlighting the qualities that make them stand out as exceptional locations to call home.

You’ll be able to discover anything that meets your requirements here, whether you want to work in a commercial environment or you want to be able to take in the beauty of the natural world all around you.

1. Anchorage

Best Places to Live in Alaska

Anchorage is a sprawling metropolis that possesses all of the standard amenities that are associated with large cities, such as museums, zoos, and professional sports teams. The expense of living is through the roof, but the upside is that your salary will probably be higher as well.

However, if you have a lengthy commute and your work hours are long, you won’t have much spare time for extracurricular activities.

Anchorage is a wonderful place to live if you enjoy living in large cities but also value having some quiet time to yourself each night.

In this area, you can choose to unwind along the lakes or rivers that are close to the downtown area, or you can go into the nearby woods to go hiking or cross-country skiing in the winter.

In any event, you should take heart in the fact that if the cold, snowy winters ever come to be too much for you, a trip to the warm, sunny climate of California or Washington State is not too far away.

2. Fairbanks (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Fairbanks, the second largest city in Alaska (after Anchorage), provides an alternative way of life for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

During the winter, the average temperature is quite consistent at around 34 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is significantly warmer from April to September.

Even though Fairbanks is located in USDA hardiness zone 4b and has trees that grow taller than people, it is possible to have a comfortable lifestyle here throughout the entire year, despite the length of the winters. In addition to the options for living here, there are also several tourism-related prospects.

There are 29,330 people who call Fairbanks their home, and it is one of just two communities in Alaska that has an airport that services the entirety of North America.

In addition, the city of Fairbanks has a cost of living index of 81, a homeownership rate of 75%, a high school graduation rate of 97%, and a percentage of residents who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher of 41%. The median income for a household in the city is $62,602, and the cost of living index is also 81.

3. Wasilla (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Whether you are a fan of the city or not, it is considered to be one of the safest cities in Alaska (and has a reported crime rate that is 4 percent lower than that of the national average in the United States). It is located just outside of Anchorage and is one of the two state-designated cities in the state.

Wasilla, Alaska, with its population of approximately 11,924, has its fair share of activities, just like many other small communities throughout the state. Within a short distance of the city, there are over 40 parks and lakes where locals can go boating and swimming.

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Wasilla is home to a number of local teams that compete in a variety of sports, including minor league hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, and softball. For sports aficionados, there are three ice rinks and several golf courses within thirty minutes of the city.

4. Palmer

Best Places to Live in Alaska

On the coast of Cook Inlet in Alaska is the small town of Palmer. The approximately 8,140 people who call this place home appreciate the close proximity to Anchorage as well as the city’s deep-water port.

A large number of people are employed by enterprises that are based at the adjacent Ted Stevens International Airport as well as by a wide variety of companies that rely on Palmer’s port. People who enjoy being outdoors will find plenty of options to go skiing, rafting, hiking, and other activities here. There is also an abundance of fishing spots in the area.

In spite of the fact that it rains more than 50 inches every year (and often quite a bit more), the summers are not particularly hot.

The summer months provide bright sky, making the neighboring marshlands ideal for fishing and hunting birds. During the winter months, interior communities closer to Denali National Park receive a lower average annual snowfall than Anchorage does.

5. Girdwood (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Girdwood is a magnificent neighborhood that provides its inhabitants with stunning vistas of Mount Alyeska as well as a wide variety of wonderful chances to lead active lifestyles.

Girdwood has the atmosphere of a much larger town, despite the fact that it is physically located within the city limits of Anchorage. There are a number of shops and restaurants spread out around town, in addition to excellent educational opportunities for your children.

However, when it comes time to relax after a long day at work or school, you won’t want to travel back into Anchorage. Instead, you can go hiking at Eklutna Lake or turn on some music while you grill with friends in one of your many beachfront condos. Both of these activities are available to you. There is genuinely something for everyone to do in Girdwood!

6. Seward (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Not only is Seward one of the most picturesque towns in Alaska, but it also happens to be one of the state’s largest cities. With a population of more than 2,880 people, Seward is a bustling metropolis that is teeming with life and motion.

Seward’s location on Resurrection Bay, only 145 kilometers (90 miles) from Alaska’s main city, Anchorage, makes it an ideal center for seeing everything that the state of Alaska has to offer.

For such a huge community (by Alaskan standards), Seward is surprisingly laid back. The pace of life here is relaxed and family-friendly, and there is an abundance of beaches and activities that take place outside.

In addition, the town is home to a number of fascinating historical monuments, one of which being The Treadwell Mine, a landmark from the days when mining was the most important industry.

In general, Seward provides all and more that is required for a person to lead a comfortable existence. Excellent cuisine? Check. Beautiful scenery? Verify once more. If you ask us, this town won’t let you down in any way!

7. Homer (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Let’s be honest here, shall we? Some of us are growing weary of the hustle and bustle of living in such large cities like Fairbanks and Anchorage. Even Juneau is beginning to experience a sense of congestion as an increasing number of people migrate here in search of well-paying jobs in the oil and gas extraction industries.

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Homer, which is situated on Kachemak Bay and is close to the Kenai Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge, has rapidly transformed from a sleepy fishing community into the year-round residence of thousands of former city dwellers and vacationers. In fact, according to U.S.

According to data from the Census Bureau from 2010, just 23% of households were occupied during the entire year; the remaining residences were either summer homes owned by nonresidents or second homes that were only used during the warmer months.

8. Kenai Peninsula Borough

Kenai, Homer, and Seward are three cities in the Kenai Peninsula Borough that are known for their status as popular vacation spots. The borough is situated on a peninsula that protrudes from the mainland of Alaska.

The borough is home to around 55,400 people who bring in an average annual income of $66,064. Trails spanning hundreds of kilometers provide locals with the opportunity to go walking or biking while taking in the stunning scenery.

There is an abundance of chances for fishing and boating, in addition to the fact that some regions receive snowfall totaling up to 600 inches on an annual basis. The Seldovia Lagoon State Recreation Area, the Seward City Park, and the Carr Lake State Recreation Site are all examples of parks in the area.

9. North Pole (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Near Fairbanks is the city of North Pole, which has a population of approximately 2,740 people. The town (and its Santa Claus House) has been highlighted on a number of popular television shows, including “The Simpsons” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.”

In spite of the fact that it is located so far to the north, North Pole has a pleasant environment for the most of the year.

In point of fact, because to a phenomena known as Alaskan Daylight Time, the North Pole enjoys bright days from the end of October all the way through the beginning of January; at times, it is difficult to believe that it is not summer!

Crime is also uncommon in this part of the world, unless you consider incidents involving polar bears or snowmobiles pursuing reindeer. However, North Pole is a terrific place to live and is generally considered to be safe.

10. Valdez (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

This quaint little community was previously considered the safest city in all of the United States. Along with having a low crime rate, it is also an inexpensive location that has a low cost of living and has a great quality of life.

The population is little under 4,500 people, making it the city in Alaska with the highest concentration of eateries per resident than any other.

The median price of a property is $365,300, which is far less than the prices of homes in many of the other cities on our list. Additionally, there is a healthy rental market, which is ideal for young families who are not ready to buy a home just yet.

Valdez is located closer than most large towns (just 25 minutes away) to glaciers and other natural wonders that attract tourists throughout the year. The city is also home to some stunning vistas of Mount McKinley.

11. College

It has been determined that College, Alaska is the best place to live in all of Alaska.

College is not the most populous region in Alaska with 12,734 (2020) residents; nonetheless, recent research has shown that the region has an excellent quality of life overall.

Even though there are a good number of employment opportunities in the surrounding area, the majority of individuals still commute into the city proper of Fairbanks in order to find work. The college enjoys a privileged location on Route 3, which, when traveled in a southerly direction, takes you practically directly into Anchorage.

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Even though College is located in Alaska, locals have mentioned that they do not have access to the Alaskan wilderness. Despite this, they agree that College is still a lovely area to live with many convenient services.

12. Gateway (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

In the state of Alaska, the community of Gateway, which is found inside the Borough of Matanuska-Susitna, is a wonderful location to call home. In spite of the fact that it is only a half-hour drive north of the city center, Gateway exudes an extremely bucolic and village-like feel.

The national average for the value of a property is $190,400, but the median home value in Alaska is $271,300, which is about the same as other local real estate costs. The cost of living is something to take into consideration, but there is a large supply of decent career opportunities, so these two factors kind of cancel each other out.

There are six public schools in Anchorage, one public school in Fairbanks, and one public school in Juneau that are ranked among the top 10 public schools in Alaska. According to Niche.com, Gateway, California is home to the public school that is ranked as the best in the state.

13. Ester (Best Places to Live in Alaska)

Ester is your best hope for finding a spot to reside in Alaska that is both picturesque and remote if you are seeking for both qualities. Because there are only 3,008 people living there, it is the ideal location to find peace and quiet away from the commotion of city life.

In spite of its rural location, Ester offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities. If you have a green thumb and the neighborhood takes gardening extremely seriously, you will feel perfectly at home here because everyone takes it very seriously. And if you’re wanting to purchase a home in Alaska, Ester is currently ranked as the state’s second-best location to do so.

14. Ridgeway

Over a thousand people call the Alaskan town of Ridgeway their home. Ridgeway is a relatively modest community. Nearly 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) to the north of Juneau, it can be found in the Southeast Fairbanks Census Area.

The village is nestled in the foothills of the Nelchina Mountains and runs along the banks of the Nelchina River. Ridgeway is a well-known destination for people who enjoy activities in the great outdoors, as there are several chances to go hiking, camping, fishing, and more.

In addition, the town hosts an annual festival called the Nelchina Caribou Herd Festival, which honors the largest herd of caribou in all of North America.

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