13 Rarest Plants in the World 2023

13 Rarest Plants in the World 2023: Around 700 million years ago, the first land plants began to appear. This occurred approximately 550 million years ago, which is a long time before the first creatures evolved on Earth. Plants have been forced to change throughout their long and eventful history.

They have survived mass extinctions, ice ages, the breakup of continents, and changes in the environment brought on by people.

The rare plants that are included on this list are like relics from the past. They have peculiar life cycles, exquisite flowers that are highly sought after by collectors from all around the world, and peculiar adaptations that attract pollinators… or prey. Continue reading to discover more about these unique plants, and to find out which one of them is the most difficult to find of them all.

13 Rarest Plants in the World 2023

1. Candelabra Tree

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: less than 1% of all breast cancer cases (about 2,550 in the U.S.)
  • Discovered: unknown
  • Appearance: A tree with a tall narrow stem, topped by a ‘candelabra’ of branches and leaves

Since time immemorial, the native people of Brazil have made use of this tree in their daily lives. A favorite regional delicacy, its seeds have a flavor that is comparable to that of pine nuts.

Both the bark and the leaves are utilized in traditional medicine. The exceptionally straight trunks of these trees make them an excellent choice for use in construction.

Unfortunately, Brazil’s logging industry has been responsible for the destruction of 97% of the native habitat of the Candelabra Tree. On the other hand, in recent years it has been given a second chance at life by becoming a popular option for landscaping.

2. Oahu stenotype

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: Oahu, Hawaii
  • Discovered: Rediscovered in 2004
  • Appearance: A fuzzy member of the Mint family

Sometimes what seems like a miracle takes place, and a plant that was thought to be extinct is found again. This was the situation with the Oahu stenotype, which was finally given the status of extinct in the year 2000.

On the other hand, in 2004, a single huge mint plant was located once again. This plant spans a distance of four meters and may in fact be comprised of several separate individuals that have grown together.

Would you like to hear some more excellent news? It is possible to propagate more of these mints using cuttings and roots. The Oahu stenotype is making a comeback and this time it’s being overseen by scientists.

3. Ghost Orchid

Rarest Plants in the World

  • Found in: remote areas of Florida and Cuba
  • Discovered: 1844
  • Appearance: The orchid has pale blossoms and thin stems

This uncommon orchid was initially discovered by a botanist who was traveling across tropical areas while collecting rare plants.

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It is well-known for having a ghostly aspect and appearing to be a phantom white color. The Ghost Orchid can be difficult to cultivate despite the fact that it is in high demand among collectors. It is only able to survive in conditions that are extremely humid and have constant temperatures.

This orchid, in contrast to most others, does not have any leaves. Instead, it obtains the nutrients it needs by pulling them from the tissues of other plants. The flowers have a spindly appearance and can grow up to 9 centimeters in length. They also have an apple-like aroma.

4. Dragon’s Blood Tree

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: one island off the coast of Yemen
  • Discovered: 1835
  • Appearance: This tree has a unique umbrella shape

You will need to travel to Yemen, rent a boat, and make your way to the island of Socotra in order to observe this extremely rare tree. Similar to the Galapagos Islands, the island of Socotra is home to a rich diversity of natural species that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

When viewed from beneath, the trunk of a Dragon’s Blood Tree is reminiscent of the stem of a mushroom. Find a tree with a cut in the bark, and you’ll discover why it’s called a blood tree: the sap is the same color as blood.

5. Corpse flower

Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: certain rainforests in SE Asia
  • Discovered: 1878
  • Appearance: The flower resembles an enormous, five-petaled red blossom with a central yellow cone

It’s not always a nice experience to smell a flower. The corpse flower, often known as the pitcher plant, is known for its parasitic blossom.

It attracts prey with its one-of-a-kind and repulsive odor, which is described as being comparable to decaying flesh. However, in order for the corpse flower to produce its first bloom, the plant must be allowed to mature for up to seven years.

It is highly unlikely that you will find this uncommon and fragrant shrub in any botanical garden. In some of Southeast Asia’s most lush and verdant jungles, you might occasionally come upon them. Just go where your nose leads you.

6. Quiver Tree

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: South Africa and parts of Namibia
  • Discovered: unknown
  • Appearance: This tree features a tall, thick base that is topped by a mass of narrow, tangled branches

This particular tree absorbs sunlight through its spiny branches, which function similarly to leaves in most other trees.

It looks more like an overgrown aloe plant than it does a tree when viewed from a distance. Quivers, which were used by indigenous people to store their arrows, were crafted out of the wood from this tree.

One of the subspecies is considered to be in the most dire of straits, with barely 200 individuals remaining. The few remaining Quiver Trees can be found in the Namibian city of Keetmanshoop, in a nature preserve. This is the greatest site to look for them.

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7. Kadupul Flower

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: remote forests in Sri Lanka
  • Discovered: unknown
  • Appearance: This pure white blossom contrasts brilliantly with its dark leafy base

The fragrance of the Kadupul flower is one that only comes around once in a lifetime. It is also one of the rarest and most exotic substances used in perfumes that is currently available.

Finding and gathering Kadupul Flowers can be a very challenging endeavor. The flower only opens its petals for one night, at twelve in the morning.

Before morning, it was gone. It is recommended that you become accustomed to navigating the jungle at night if you are serious about finding a Kadapul flower. Those who are fortunate enough to witness the Kadapul are mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of its blossoms and the enticing smell they emit.

8. Western Underground Orchid

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: beneath Western Australia
  • Discovered: 1928
  • Appearance: This tiny snow-white member of the orchid family has rosy blossoms

This orchid does not emerge from its burrow till its death. It is colorless because it does not contain any chlorophyll. How does the orchid manage to live its life in the dimly lit soil? It lives off the nutrients of other plants in the area and is considered a parasite. T

he plant blooms from May through June with tiny red and white flowers that have a potently fragrant aroma and only reach a height of one inch. If you are curious as to why an underground plant would go to the trouble of producing flowers, the answer is that it is to attract pollinating gnats and termites.

It is claimed that this plant is on the verge of extinction; nevertheless, due to the fact that it is so difficult to locate, very little information is known about the mysterious Western Underground Orchid.

9. Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid

Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: High mountains of Borneo
  • Discovered: unknown
  • Appearance: The plant has up to 6 large flowers with red and green spotted petals

Have you been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to view a Rothchild’s Slipper Orchid? It’s possible that you’ll have to wait for a bit.

In order for this rare and endangered orchid to finally bloom, it must first grow for 15 years. On the underground market, a single flower has been reported to fetch a price of up to $5,000 dollars.

You will have the best chance of seeing one if you take a trip to Borneo, lace on your hiking boots, and climb Mount Kinabalu. Start looking between 1600 and 4000 feet. This choosy orchid will only flourish at particular altitudes.

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10. Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant

Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: Mt. Victoria, Philippines
  • Discovered: 2007
  • Appearance: This pitcher plant grows up to 30 cm high, large enough to trap rats

Pitcher plants, on their own, are not particularly out of the ordinary. In point of fact, only a few years ago, they were rather fashionable as indoor plants.

However, Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant is an extremely rare and one-of-a-kind species. Only at the very peak of Mt. Victoria in the Philippines is it possible to locate it. Nowhere else. It is thought that there may be no more than a few hundred still alive today.

On the other hand, because Mount Victoria is so rough and difficult to access, its inhabitants have never been accurately tallied. In 2007, scientists made the discovery of this rare and potentially lethal plant.

11. Suicide Palm

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: certain areas of Madagascar
  • Discovered: 2005
  • Appearance: A tall palm with a broad canopy

The island of Madagascar is famous all over the world for its unique biodiversity. The Suicide Palm is one of the many peculiar species of plant life that can be found on this island.

A farmer from Madagascar was the one who made the initial discovery of this palm in the year 2005. There are just approximately 90 of them left in the wild, making it an incredibly unusual find.

This unique palm has a lifespan of fifty years, during which it bears blossoms before finally passing away.

In addition to this, it can grow to a height of up to 18 meters, making it quite an imposing tree. Its fan palm fronds can cover an area 15 meters across, providing shade for large portions of the land in Madagascar.

12. Encephalartos woodii

Rarest Plants in the World
Rarest Plants in the World
  • Found in: A South African botanical garden
  • Discovered: 1895
  • Appearance: A yellow central cone surrounded by fern-like leaves

The critically endangered plant was first found in Zululand, which is now a part of South Africa, in the year 1895.

At this time, it can only be found in a single botanical garden in South Africa. Because it can only grow and develop at certain temperatures, it can only be kept alive in a garden that has its environment carefully maintained.

Because it is so uncommon, researchers have just a limited amount of information about it. On the other hand, they believe that there are male and female representatives of the species.

The garden consists mostly of male plants, which is a pity. The species is in danger of going extinct unless scientists can find a technique to artificially develop a female variation.

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