Top 10 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022. The environment during which you select to bring up your children greatly influences their morality and how well-behaved they turn out to be. Taking them to well-reviewed centers of learning that values education also because the other social aspects of the kid is vital . it’s better to take a position in kids education because it influences their general outcome. If you were cautious about this and are trying to find options on the simplest private schools in Johannesburg, you would like not look any longer because this list will leave you with all the choices you would possibly require to settle on from.

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Education is one of the foremost invaluable gifts you’ll ever offer to your kids. one of the ways to ensure that your children have access to the best education is to send them to a number of the best schools within the city.

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Top 10 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022

Johannesburg is among the cities in South Africa with the best private schools you’ll take your children to, for quality education.

There are numerous private schools within the city. However, this article aims at providing for you the list of the best private schools in Johannesburg.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg

1. Orban School

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022
Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022

Orban School is a Christian-based private school that offers pre-primary and primary school tuition. For students between the ages of one and fourteen, the bilingual school offers tuition in Afrikaans and English.

By stressing a high emphasis on arts, including music, painting, and drama, the school provides a unique learning experience for all the students. For five consecutive years, Orban School has been awarded the “Best overall school achievement in the Johannesburg region” award.

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2. The Ridge School

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022
Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022

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The Ridge School is the second-best private school in Johannesburg. The school is one of the oldest and finest English-medium boys’ preparatory schools in Johannesburg, founded in1919. It is located off Jan Smuts Avenue and Valley Lane, on 16 acres of the historic Westcliff Ridge.

The Ridge School continues into its 10th decade with a clear sense of tradition but firmly rooted in its current urban setting, to provide boys with a comprehensive approach to education and the lessons of life.

The school boasts of always delivering an outstanding, holistic education that instills self-respect and welcomes diversity enthusiastically. The goal of the school is to grow into a confident person with a compassionate spirit and a responsible character.

3. Johannesburg Muslim School

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022
Best Private Schools In Johannesburg 2022

The third best private school in Johannesburg is the Johannesburg Muslim School. Founded in1990, the Muslin School of Johannesburg is a private institution based in Fordsburg. The curriculum of the school is a comprehensive program that is based on the curriculum recommended by the Education Department of Gauteng. At the Johannesburg Muslin School, the child-centered approach encourages each child to find a flexible timetable that helps them to communicate their exceptionality. Everything is done with respect to the exhalation of the SWT of Almighty Allah.

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4. Sparrow Combined Schools

Sparrow Combined School is also one of the best private schools in Johannesburg occupying the fourth spot in the list of top 10 best private schools in the city. With approximately 300 students currently enrolled, Sparrows Combined School is a private co-education school. The school accommodates learners from all walks of life, including a diverse embrace of religion.

At Sparrows Combined School, the core emphasis is the arts, including art, music, and culture. The institution provides students in grades R to 12 with tuition and teaching which follows the curriculum as set out in the National Curriculum Statements.


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