20 Best Hikes near Denver, CO 2024

Best Hikes near Denver, CO .The state of Colorado places a high priority on enjoying the great outdoors, and Denver is no exception.

The citizens of the mile-high city do a good job of striking a balance between city living and outdoor activities in their free time.

You can reach some of the country’s top hiking routes in a relatively short amount of time by car from where you now are. Here are 20 of our favorites, along with the reasons why you should include them on your list.

Around Denver, some of the best treks take you through canyons and mountains covered in forest, where you can see lakes, waterfalls, and streams.

On these Colorado routes, suitable for hikers of all ability levels, you can get some great exercise and take in some magnificent scenery; just make sure to bring your camera along!

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

1. Trading Post Trail, Red Rocks Park

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

Concerts aren’t the only thing that take place in Red Rocks Park! The park is ranked number one on the Travel Lemming list of things to do in Denver and the surrounding area because it has some of the best hiking trails in the area.

With a total distance of about 1.4 miles round trip, this is the most kid- and dog-friendly hike that Red Rocks Park has to offer.

You are going to get fantastic views of the red rock formations as well as the city of Denver. It’s one of my favorite treks close to Denver because of how close it is to the city and how spectacular the views are.

2. South Valley Park

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

Beautiful red rock formations can be found in South Valley Park, in addition to easy-to-navigate hiking routes that are perfect for jogging or strolling.

Coyote Song and Grazing Elk Loop are both part of the trail network, which together create a pleasant 5.5-mile round-trip stroll with wonderful views, wildflowers in the spring, and frequently deer as well.

Lockheed Martin is the silver edifice that has the appearance of being from the space age and can be found to the west of. It’s easy to get to from the highway, and it’s nearby to a lot of different neighborhoods, so it’s a great place to go hiking near Denver, especially after work!

3. Lair O’ The Bear

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

A loop path that spans the river and heads somewhat up the mountain can be reached by taking the Bruin Bluff Trail, which is a very short trail in this park.

Those who are interested in extending their trip can do so by continuing southeast on the Bear Creek Trail to Little Park. There, they will find a shelter that dates back to the 1930s and served as a water stop for Denver vehicles.

One of my family’s favorite sites to go hiking around Denver is called Lair O’ the Bear. Although you are close to the city, the river and mountain vistas make you feel as though you are in a whole different area.

4. Mount Falcon Castle Trail From West Trailhead

Mount Falcon in Denver, Colorado, is home to a number of different hiking paths; as a result, you may pick and choose how tough of a hike you wish to have! This outing, which takes you to the ruins of an old castle, is always very popular. Begin your hike from the trailhead located near the parking lot.

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At the split, stay to the right to take the Tower Trail, which will lead you up to a fire tower with sweeping views of Colorado and Red Rocks.

Go on down the Tower Trail until you reach the Meadow Trail, and then take a left onto that trail. If you continue straight when it dead-ends at Castle Trail, you’ll find yourself at the historic Walker castle.

5. Waterton Canyon

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

It is not difficult to hike through Waterton Canyon; the only challenge is deciding whether you want to continue all the way to the Strontia Springs Dam, which is located 6.2 miles up the route, or whether you want to turn around early.

This is some of the best hiking near Denver for kids and adults, and there is much to see even if you don’t make it all the way to the dam because you can choose how long of a trail you want to do.

Bighorn sheep have been spotted nearly every time I’ve climbed this trail, which is not surprising given that it parallels the South Platte River.

6. Maxwell Falls

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

There are three different routes one can take to reach Maxwell Falls. After parking your vehicle in the Upper Parking Lot, head over to the Upper Falls route and continue along it until you reach the end.

You can alternatively start your hike from the Upper Lot and make your way to the falls by following the stream and then taking the Cliff Trail Loop, which offers spectacular views along the way. That’s around a round-trip distance of three miles.

Last but not least, you have the option of doing the Lower Maxwell Falls trail, which is a moderately difficult climb that takes you through lodgepole pines and down the riverbank.

Throughout this journey, you will cover a total distance of 4.6 miles and climb around 1,100 feet. On this hike, pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash at all times.

7. Castlewood Canyon

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

Castlewood Canyon, located on the eastern plains close to Denver, has a lot to offer visitors, despite the fact that most people travel to the Rocky Mountains.

Rim Rock Trail to Creek Trail Loop is a loop trail that is 4.3 miles long, and along the way, you will go by a waterfall. If they are kept on a leash, dogs are welcome here.

8. Staunton State Park

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

As you stroll through one of Colorado’s newest state parks, Staunton State Park, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramas of the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to that, it features a number of different hiking trails that are suitable for hikers of all skill levels.

Do the climb to Elk Falls Overlook if you’re seeking for a more challenging hike than the one to Davis Ponds, which is only two miles round trip.

Davis Ponds is a popular fishing spot for families. It is highly recommended that you go to this fantastic Colorado state park that is located close to Denver.

9. St. Mary’s Glacier

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

The sights make the day climb up to St. Mary’s Glacier one of the most rewarding hikes in the area immediately surrounding Denver.

The trail is not very long, but it is somewhat rocky. When I did it with children, they actually had a lot of fun climbing over the rocks; you just have to make sure to go slowly and carefully.

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After reaching the lake, continue on across the bridge and you will find that you are able to stroll up to the glacier area, which is where people have fun sliding down the snow and even skiing in the deeper snow. Leashed dogs are permitted, but not off leash.

10. Lookout Mountain

20 Best Hikes Near Denver Colorado

Here you can choose from a variety of different hiking trails! Both the Meadow Loop and the Forest Loop Trails each measure around one mile in length and are suitable for use by children.

The Windy Saddle Lookout Mountain Trail is a 4.4-mile out and back trek with views of Golden and the Front Range, as well as wildflowers in the springtime. If you are looking for a more difficult hike, this is the one for you.

11. Alderfer/Three Sisters

At Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, there is a plenty of terrain suitable for mountain biking and hiking. The trip up Evergreen Mountain is a great one because it combines hiking on trails with a little bit of rock climbing that isn’t too difficult.

At the very finish, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the mountains and the town of Evergreen. It goes without saying that leashed dogs are permitted here.

12. Deer Creek Canyon Park

Deer Creek Canyon, like many of the other Denver hiking trails on this list, provides a number of different options to pick from, allowing you to personalize your exercise routine. In addition, if you’re looking for a fantastic area to go trail running close to Denver with views of the city and the foothills, this is it.

After leaving the parking area, the Meadowlark Trail becomes the first leg of the Deer Creek Canyon Loop Trail. As you reach the Plymouth Creek Trail, bear left to begin the hike that will take you back to the parking lot. This is one of the most accessible and user-friendly treks in the Denver area!

13. Carpenter Peak

In Denver, at Roxborough State Park, the trail known as Carpenter Peak is one that is kept in good condition.

The trail to the summit of the mountain consists of a continuous ascent uphill for three kilometers. When you reach the peak, you will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas that include Denver, the Pike National Forest, and distant mountains covered in snow.

You won’t want to miss the wildflowers in full bloom toward the end of May. This is a hike that may get very hot in the summer; therefore, you should start early and pack lots of water.

It won’t take long for you to understand why Roxborough State Park is considered by Travel Lemming to be the best day trip within driving distance of Denver, no matter when you visit.

14. Beaver Brook Trail

There is a river at the end of the Chavez and Beaver Brook Trail Loop, which makes for a pleasant, shady stroll that is approximately 5 miles round trip. Although there is some elevation gain and some uneven terrain, older children should be able to handle the trip.

Follow the signage that will lead you to the Beaver Brook trailhead after parking at the trailhead off Stapleton Road. The easiest way to go back to the parking lot is to take the Braille Trail to the Chavez Trail, then take a left onto the Beaver Brook Trail.

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15. William F. Hayden Park

At William Hayden Park, there is a network of hiking routes that run throughout the park. You may get a view of the entire Front Range by taking the Green Mountain Trail, which is a loop that is about 6.5 miles long and leads up to the highest point in the park.

16. Mt. Bierstadt

Mount Bierstadt is one of the simpler mountain treks close to Denver for first-time mountain climbers to accomplish, making it a great option for those who desire to hike one of Colorado’s 14ers.

Yet the fact that it’s the 14er with the lowest relative difficulty in Colorado doesn’t mean that it’s the simplest one overall in any sense of the word!

You’ll want to do a lot more research than what can be included in this one paragraph, but the trail can be accessed from the Guanella Pass and offers breathtaking vistas.

If this is your first time hiking a 14er, one of the finest things you can do is find a hiking partner who is experienced and can guide you through the journey.

17. Eldorado Springs to Chautauqua Trail

Chautauqua Park and Eldorado Canyon Road are both accessible through the Mesa Trail, which travels alongside the Flatirons.

If you want to make your trip more interesting or view other types of flora and fauna, there are a lot of different spurs and turnoffs you can take along the path. It is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable things to do in the Boulder area.

18. Isabelle Glacier Trail

Starting at the Long Lake trailhead, hikers will experience some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere close to Denver as they make their way through the Indian Peaks wilderness region.

During the way, you will see a number of runoff ponds and expansive vistas of the surrounding mountains.

There is a possibility that you will come across wild animals. The trail is considered one of the greatest moderate day walks in the Denver area due to its very low elevation gain of 440 feet.

19. Central Gardens Trail

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is home to a number of the city’s most scenic and user-friendly walking paths.

This trail makes a lollipop circle that takes you by several interesting rock formations, including the Tower of Babel, the Three Graces, and the Kissing Camels, which is my particular favorite.

You’ll be able to obtain breathtaking views of the rock formations and Pikes Peak in the distance from just about anywhere in the park.

20. Coyote Valley Trail

The trail extends in both directions for a total of one half mile and is completely level the entire way. Because there are various benches spread out along the route, it is also accessible to people using strollers and wheelchairs.

Near the beginning of its journey, the Estes Park trail travels along the Colorado River, providing stunning vistas of the Never Summer Mountains. At the beginning of the trail, there is a picnic area with tables, and fishing is permitted in the river.

One of the most enjoyable short walks in Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as one of the more manageable hikes in the park’s extensive network of trails.

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