8 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas 2024

8 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas 2024: Getting a home in a desirable area in Las Vegas, Nevada is possible with some luck.

Nevertheless, Las Vegas, nicknamed “The Strip,” is home to some of the world’s most famous casinos as well as electrifying shows and, yeah, some pretty sweet neighborhoods.

HomeSnacks does not want you to waste your money in a bad area in Sin City, so we have compiled a list of the best Las Vegas communities for 2022.

You might want to push the down arrow on this page, but first you should read about the criteria we used to rate these Vegas treasures.

In order to find the greatest places to live, we had to assign a numeric value to each area; we refer to this value as the area’s “Snackability.”

This ranking is based on an analysis of income, unemployment, crime, and property price data for 26 Las Vegas areas with more than 3,000 residents as of the most recent census.

This is our seventh year compiling a list of the top Las Vegas neighborhoods, so take our word for it that they are the finest of the best.

One of the best parts of Las Vegas is that not one of the best neighborhoods has a median income price tag of over $100,000, so you won’t have to spend all your money to live there.

Moreover, North Summerlin is the place to be if you’re into outdoor hiking; North Cheyenne is the place to be if you want to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere; and Tule Springs is where you want to be if you’re a high roller.

1. Summerlin

8 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas 2023

It’s no secret that Summerlin is among the best Las Vegas has to offer when it comes to master-planned communities that welcome families. Parks, coffee shops, golf courses, and other outdoor activities abound in downtown Summerlin, making it one of the nicest places to be in all of Las Vegas.

More than 200 miles of hiking paths wind through the mountainous and naturally beautiful region of Summerlin. It’s worth your time to check out Red Rock Casino, the Las Vegas Ballpark, and Tivoli Village even if you’re just passing through town on a short stay.

If you live in Summerlin and enjoy going on hikes, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only 15 minutes away. Summerlin has many community activities and gathering spots, making it simple to meet your neighbors and feel at home in this area. Weekends in Summerlin can be spent visiting the farmer’s market or window shopping in the historic district.

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Pros of Summerlin

  • An extensive list of some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas
  • A variety of parks and recreational centers
  • Many community activities

Cons of Summerlin

  • Rent is more expensive in this area
  • You will likely need a car to get around

2. Skye Canyon

8 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas 2023

Skye Canyon is a brand new master-planned neighborhood in North Las Vegas that is geared toward families. The beauty and compact size of the location foster a strong sense of neighborhood solidarity and camaraderie.

Residents at Skye Canyon get unrestricted use to the complex’s fitness center, swimming pool, and social events. They host events ranging from yoga workshops to sushi making demonstrations.

Many of the facilities are located in Skye Canyon Park, which is still accessible by the general public. There are often farmer’s markets and small art festivals, and if you still want to check out the gym or pool you may pay a nominal charge to get in.

It is a highly secure neighborhood, so you can feel at ease jogging or walking your dog at any time. Mount Charleston and Floyd Lamb Park (where peacocks wander freely) are easily accessible.


Pros of The Lakes

  • Quiet, secluded area
  • Many outdoor activities and places to walk
  • Affordable homes

Cons of The Lakes

  • Need a car to get to most places
  • Homes and condos are older

3. Southern Highlands

8 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas 2023

Ten distinct neighborhoods make up the high-end Southern Highlands master-planned development. It boasts excellent educational facilities, beautiful recreational areas, and extensive golfing options.

While it is true that this is a highly sought-after area for families in Las Vegas, prospective residents should be aware that it also happens to be among the city’s most expensive. In Southern Highlands, you will forget that you are still in Las Vegas and instead be transported to a beautiful, otherworldly environment.

Pros of Southern Highlands

  • Great community feeling
  • Quiet and friendly area
  • Very new and modern houses and amenities

Cons of Southern Highlands

  • Expensive area
  • Need a car to get to most places
  • Not a lot of nightlife

4. Green Valley Ranch

8 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas 2023

Green Valley Ranch is located in Henderson, Nevada, which is very close to Sin City. Green Valley Ranch is a wonderful spot to call home if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Las Vegas but still be close enough to drive there whenever you choose.

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This town boasts a variety of residential areas, as well as a resort, many parks, and a library. You can hang out with friends or try some new restaurants at The District, a major shopping and dining complex.

In about 10 minutes, you can reach the Sloan Canyon Natural Conservation Area, where you may go on a hike and observe numerous prehistoric petroglyphs. Indeed, it is one of the best day trips from Las Vegas.

Pros of Green Valley Ranch

  • Escape from tourists and crowds
  • Quiet and friendly area
  • Many parks and family-friendly areas
  • Large shopping areas like The District

Cons of Green Valley Ranch

  • Everything closes early
  • Need a car to get to most places
  • 15-minute drive to The Strip

5. The Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is a mecca for party-loving tourists and locals alike. No of the time of day, the Strip is always a hive of activity with plenty of opportunities to partake in a variety of exciting activities, such as attending a club or bar, or listening to live music.

Since the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is only a short drive from The Strip, it is a popular area for singles, couples, and students.

The Las Vegas Strip is a fantastic area to call home if you enjoy frequenting bars and clubs. Everywhere you go, you can find an abundance of stores, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment.

Pros of The Strip

  • Great nightlife and constant activities
  • Incredible selection of bars and places to eat
  • Easy place to meet new people
  • Apartments and houses are more affordable

Cons of The Strip

  • Very loud and often crowded with tourists
  • Houses and apartment complexes are older
  • Not many parks or outdoor areas nearby
  • Driving and traffic can be chaotic
  • Crime rates are higher in certain areas of The Strip

6. Arts District

The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas is a hip neighborhood filled with stylish new bars and stores. This neighborhood is primarily apartment buildings, making it unsuitable for families.

While the prices are cheaper than in some other parts of Las Vegas, many of the apartments are brand new, and they are considered to be luxury living.

Fun art festivals with food trucks, local artists, and performers take place every month on the first Friday.

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Both the Velveteen Rabbit and the popular Able and Baker Brewing Company may be found in Las Vegas’s trendy Arts District. The Arts District is perfect for you if you enjoy being immersed in a vibrant community full of creative people and interesting happenings.

Pros of The Arts District

  • Great nightlife
  • Home to some of the most popular restaurants and bars
  • Very artsy and hip area
  • Apartments are more affordable

Cons of The Arts District

  • Very loud and often crowded with tourists
  • Fewer homes and more apartments
  • Not many parks nearby
  • Driving and traffic can be chaotic
  • Crime rates are higher near downtown Las Vegas

7. Peccole Ranch

Peccole Ranch is home to 22 distinct subdivisions, ten of which are gated for residents’ peace of mind. Condos, family-friendly starter homes, and lavish mansions are all available in the residential area of Peccole Ranch.

Tennis courts, a clubhouse, and a swimming pool are all available to residents of this community. Those who enjoy hiking or running will find a plethora of stunning paths to explore. Laser tag, athletic centers, and the indoor rock climbing facility Red Rock Climbing Center are all within easy driving distance.

Pros of Peccole Ranch

Cons of Peccole Ranch

  • Not a lot of nightlife
  • Less dining options than in other areas

8. Lake Las Vegas

If you’re the type that values peace and quiet, Lake Las Vegas is the perfect destination for you. The outdoor activities, restaurants, and conveniences of a big city may be found in an area that has the feel of a small town.

You may go kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, or just lay out in the sun at this community’s 320-acre lake.

On Saturday evenings, there is great music by the lake; bring your dinner and relax. Lake Las Vegas Sports Club provides its residents with swimming pools, tennis courts, and a fitness facility.

Pros of Lake Las Vegas

  • Variety of outdoor activities
  • Secluded and quiet
  • Beautiful, modern homes

Cons of Lake Las Vegas

  • Not a lot of nightlife
  • Most major grocery stores and schools are 10 to 15 minutes away
  • The restaurant selection is limited

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