10 Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2024

Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time. Because of the extensive range of products it offers, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer Honda has garnered a strong reputation on the global market in recent decades.

It is one of the largest producers of motorcycles, cars, and internal combustion engines globally, and it is also one of the leading producers of internal combustion engines.

When it comes to automobiles, the car manufacturer spares no effort in providing us with the most advanced models that are now available.

The company is currently on a roll with the production of all-wheel-drive automobiles, which are more frequently referred to as AWD. An in-depth explanation of all-wheel drive (AWD) technology in automobiles is provided by Digital Trends.

The following is a list of some of the best all-wheel drive Honda cars that have ever been produced, all of them are reliable options for driving on rough terrain.

Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2024
10. 2020 Honda CRV Hybrid

Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2023

To improve existing methods of protecting the environment, people all over the world are working to develop environmentally friendly technologies. Developing hybrid vehicles is one way that Honda demonstrates its commitment to this initiative.

The 2020 Honda CRV hybrid is the most recent vehicle to join the ranks of hybrid automobiles after its release. It is an all-wheel-drive vehicle that can handle tough terrain while still maintaining its reputation for luxury and comfort.

Additionally, it offers a high level of adaptability. The inside is really comfortable, with a leather finish and a wireless phone charger both being included. Led headlamps serve to make its appearance elegant.

9. 2018 Honda CRV 7-Seater SUV

A crossover sports utility vehicle has been a common descriptor for the Honda CRV for a considerable amount of time. However, the new model for 2018 is an improvement in the form of a full-fledged SUV.

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This all-wheel-drive Honda comes with the option of switching to a two-wheel-drive layout, which is more suited to driving on city streets. One more characteristic that stands out is its expansiveness.

Because it can accommodate seven people and could be ordered with five seats, it is an excellent option for a vehicle that will be used by a family.

Other amenities, such as a sunroof, mirror cameras, and a center console, demonstrate the vehicle’s tendency toward technological advancement and are visible on the website of an Australian Honda dealership.

8. 2016 Honda Pilot (Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2023)

The Honda Pilot is another present that the automotive business Honda has given to people who are enthusiastic about crossover SUVs.

The roomy seats in this Honda All-Wheel Drive stand out as one of the standout features of the vehicle since they give sufficient space for seven passengers.

This Honda model is equipped with a potent V6 engine, which allows it to perform well in virtually any terrain without requiring undue effort.

It comes with a front-wheel drive train that can be switched on as an alternative, making it appropriate for tough terrains.

It is equipped with a number of driver assistance functions, including adaptive cruise control and automated pre-collision braking, all of which contribute to an increased level of safety.

7. 2019 Honda Passport

If you want a Honda AWD vehicle that handles well, the 2019 Honda Passport is your best bet when it comes to purchasing one of these vehicles.

Because of the robust V6 engine, which generates an amazing 280 horsepower, the vehicle is capable of good cruising performance regardless of the terrain.

In addition, there is ample space for passengers and freight within the vehicle, and it has the ability to seat five people.

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When driving at a normal speed on the interstate, it gets about 19 miles to the gallon, which, when compared to its consumption, is not too far off.

6. 2019 Honda Pilot (Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2024)

This all-wheel drive release from 2019 has received nothing but acclaim from US News, and more praise after that.

The 2019 Honda Pilot, which has been dubbed an all-around performer, is just as capable on winding country roads as it is on freeways.

It has a seating capacity for seven passengers and a large amount of space for cargo, making it the most spacious option available.

On the interstate, it can go at a cruising speed of 18 gallons per mile while still maintaining 280 horsepower thanks to its V6 engine.

5. 2019 Honda HRV

Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2023

The 2019 Honda HRV is a beautiful all-wheel drive car that is the finest option when looking at fuel economy. It comes standard with Honda’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. On the highway, its usage is an astonishing 32 gallons per mile.

The engine is not very potent, as it only produces 141 horsepower total. The 2019 Honda HRV is an outstanding choice for a first all-wheel drive vehicle and offers a benefit of reasonable legroom.

4. 2020 Honda Passport (Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2024)

The Honda Passport 2020 is the subject of this article since it has not yet been released. The crossover SUV boasts a more robust appearance and driving experience, making it an ideal choice for driving on unpaved roads.

The 280 horsepower unit found in its V6 engine ensures that the vehicle will handle correctly.

3. 2014 Honda Ridgeline

Because of its composed driving experience, the 2014 Honda Ridgeline earned a spot on the list of the greatest Honda all-wheel-drive vehicles.

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It has a sufficient amount of room and the handling is appropriate. When it comes to consumption, it scores well with a rate of 21 miles per gallon when facing the highway. This is an excellent rating.

2. 2017 Honda Pilot

When it comes to the amount of room that is available, the 2017 Honda Pilot, which is classified as a crossover SUV of the midsize class, is an outstanding option for a Honda all-wheel drive vehicle.

Its cabin does it justice, and that’s one of the reasons why we think it’s the second-best Honda model with an all-wheel drivetrain.

1. 2020 Honda HRV (Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time 2024)

The 2020 Honda HRV takes the top spot on our list of the greatest all-wheel-drive vehicles produced by Honda. It uses the descriptors “subcompact” and “spacious” as its measuring stick, and it delivers each of those characteristics in equal measure.

It achieves a good balance between fuel efficiency and interior warmth thanks to its robust leather seats, which are also comfy.

The 2020 Honda HRV, in a nutshell, has the shape and gait of large SUVs while maintaining the fuel economy of smaller vehicles.


The vehicles described above are among the most capable all-wheel-drive Hondas that are currently on the market.

They are distinguished by outstanding qualities like as accurate handling and remarkable off-road capability. Keep an eye out for newly released vehicles in order to purchase the most suitable vehicle with an all-wheel transmission.

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