Top 10 Best Schools with 100% Matric Pass Rate by Province in SA

Top 10 Best Schools with 100% Matric Pass Rate 

Top 10 Best Schools with 100% matric Pass Rate by Province in SASchools with 100% matric Pass Rate by Province in South Africa. Department of Basic Education reports on the performance of all the secondary schools in South Africa.

Are you one of those parents that check out the most expensive schools in South Africa before deciding to enroll your child? If so, then you will be pleased to note that there are several institutions you can choose from depending on your preference.

Education is the key to a successful nation. The citizens of South Africa sees education as the path to a good future for their children. There are so many secondary schools in South Africa, both private and public. This article will provide you with a list of the most expensive schools in South Africa.

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The schools listed below reflect what South African parents are paying for a full senior year. All of them are reported to have achieved a 100% matric pass rate.

  • Retracted a list of all the schools that achieved a 100% pass rate.
  • Selected the top 20 schools according to the total of students who wrote and passed the exams – it is easier to ensure a class of 20 students pass the exams than classes with 300 students.

The Top 10 Best Schools with 100% matric Pass Rate by Province in SA

Top Schools in EASTERN CAPE, South Africa

1.       Hudson Park High
2.       Stirling High
3.       Grey Boys
4.       Pearson High
5.       Claredon Girls High
6.       Collegiate Girls High
7.       Queenstown Girls High
8.       Aliwal North High
9.       Victoria Girls High
10.   Mpondombini Senior Secondary
11.   Graeme College Boys High
12.   Ugie High
13.   Beaconhurst
14.   Cathcart High
15.   Gill College
16.   Hoer Volkskool
17.   Global Leadership Academy
18.   Marlow Agricultural High
19.   Paul Sauer High
20.   Tarkastad High

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Top Schools in Free State, South Africa

1.       Eunice Senior Secondary
2.       Witteberg Senior Secondary
3.       C and N H Meisieskool Oranje
4.       Voortrekker Senior Secondary
5.       New Horizon College Si/S
6.       Sekgutlong Senior Secondary
7.       Retief Combined
8.       Beacon Senior Secondary
9.       Jacobsdal Landbouskool
10.   St Michael’s Combined
11.   St Andrew’s Combined
12.   Paul Erasmus Senior Secondary
13.   Bothaville Senior Secondary
14.   Heilbron Combined
15.   Staatspres. Swart Combined
16.   Wessel Maree Senior Secondary
17.   St Bernards Senior Secondary
18.   Mohaladitwe Senior Secondary
19.   Kgethatsebo-KhetHulwasi Is
20.   Tweeling Combined


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