Free Braces in South Africa 2024

Free Braces in South Africa 2024

Free Braces in South Africa 2022
Free Braces in South Africa 2024

Braces in South Africa are often quite expensive to get, which is why many of us continue with our lives with a pain in our teeth, unaligned dentition, and difficulty chewing, and why many want free braces in South Africa .

they only don’t have the cash to spend on their teeth, once they could also be faced with pressures like housing, food, and clothing, or maybe with other medical conditions which will be deemed more critical.

If you’re reading this piece, then you almost certainly already know what braces are. except for the advantage of those that may have clarification, Braces aren’t just something worn over the teeth for beauty or appearance sakes.

Braces are specially designed pieces of dental hardware, worn over the teeth to gradually correct the way they’re set.

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Sadly, however, the conditions mentioned within the preceding paragraph can become so bad that they will greatly diminish the standard of lifetime of the persons involved. At that time , it becomes necessary to seek out other options so on to correct the alignment of one’s teeth with braces.

How Do You Get Free Braces In South Africa

What to try to do if you can’t afford Braces? Free Braces and medical care . As most South Africans cannot afford to buy braces or follow-up treatments involved, we will take consolation in knowing that some insurance packages cover care , including braces. that’s in any case why we pay insurance; in order that once we need health care, we aren’t left to suffer in silence.

Please keep in mind the very fact that each insurance company has different policies. Some insurance companies might not offer dental care as a part of their insurance policies, while others may offer to pay the complete cost of dental care .

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1. Fedhealth 

Fedhealth pays for the cost of pre-authorized orthodontic treatment. This money is sourced from your out of hospital benefits and/ or savings.

2. Medshield 

Medshield takes pays the full cost of your orthodontics from your daily benefits, once pre-authorized. This is a tricky process, so you may need to make consultations before signing up for health insurance.

3. Bonitas

Bonitas utilizes the Denis dental protocols to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment

4. Discovery Health

Discovery Health, which is a major health insurance company in South Africa, takes care of orthodontic benefits from your savings account. They offer full dental treatment as part of their health insurance plan.

5. Momentum Health 

Momentum Health pays for your dental treatment through your dental benefits, which is part of your Health Insurance plan.

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How Much Does Braces Cost In South Africa?

Braces are often quite expensive to get; in South Africa , they will cost between R3,000 and R55,000 counting on the actual sorts of braces. allow us to remind you that you simply don’t get to steer into a dentist’s office and walk out with braces. There are some consultation and preparation to be done, before determining that braces are necessary, and even the sort of braces.

The estimated costs, or the typical amount you’d pay at an orthodontist’s office including all consultation and alignment costs, are arranged below. But please remember that these listed fees are just to guide you; individual orthodontists that you simply visit may charge more or less.

  • The first consultation, including costs of x-rays, diagnostic photos cost about R2,600
  • Inside or lingual braces cost around R42,000
  • Outside or labial braces cost around R25,000
  • Optional tooth-coloured brackets; upper and lower cost about R2,800 and R1,800 respectively.
  • Post-treatment x-rays, photos, and retention appliances usually cost around R2,900.

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The figures above represent the average amounts of money that patients would normally be expected to pay for braces in South Africa, at any of the many orthodontists in SA. However, the reason why you are reading this post right now is probably that you would rather avoid those fees, and so get your braces free, or at least almost free. That information follows in the paragraphs below.

Let us start with a comparison of low priced braces and dental services, scattered around South Africa.

Cheap Braces (Quality)

1. Dr. Johan Hartshorne

Dr. Johan Hartshorne is with Intercare Medical and Dental Centre. He may be reached on phone via 087 550 3622 ext: 64087. At this medical centre Braces cost around R22,600 to R34,000, and we understand that the fees include orthodontic treatment, regardless of whether the patient is a child or adult.

2. Dental Centre Century City

Dental Centre Century City is located at Century Medical Suites, in Century City, Cape Town, 7441. At this establishment, you get to pay R4,500 – R8,000 for an Orthodontic retainer, which entitles you to receive follow-up treatments.

At this establishment Braces usually cost between R12,000 and R28,000, but for adults that price could be from R12,000  to R35,000. Children would be required to pay between R8,000 to R25,000. Clear aligners would cost between R25,000 to R55,000, while Metal ones cost around R3,000  to R33,000. Ceramic ones cost between R16,000  to R37,000, while Fixed ones cost between R13,000 to R33,000.

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3. Kromboom Dental Centre

Kromboom Dental Centre, which is located in Cnr Kromboom and Burwood Rds, Rondebosch East, Cape Town, 7780. You can reach the dental hospital on phone via 087 550 3622 ext: 66876

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At Kromboom Dental Centre, you get to pay R1,000 – R3,000 for Orthodontic retainership which gives you access to follow-up treatment. You will then be charged between R8,000  and R30,000 for the braces, although for adults the prices usually range between R10,000  to R30,000. Clear ones usually cost between R12,000 and R50,000, while Metal ones cost between R8,000 and R28,000. Lingual: R20,000 – R40,000 while Damon™ cost between R10,000 – R30,000.

4. Sunset Dentistry

At Sunset Dentistry in Fourways Johannesburg, you are required to first pay a consultation fee which is about R500.

But interestingly, the dental hospital only charges about R24,000 For a complete treatment; including cavity filling, x-ray, braces, and follow-up treatments. Furthermore, the hospital offers monthly payments of R1,400 per month.

The information above reflects what we concede to be cheap braces and dental treatment at reputable establishments of care . Let us now look for how to go about receiving completely free braces and dental care.

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On free braces in South Africa , we all know that braces are expensive, then they appear to be out of the reach of the commoner .

However, by carefully choosing an insurance plan, one can get them for free of charge . the prices are going to be covered by the insurance company. Speak to your broker for further information about this and ask can you get braces free. –