Top 15 Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022 [ Billiat is 2nd ]

Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022 [ UPDATED]

These are the Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs for the year 2022: Kaizer Chiefs is a South African professional soccer team headquartered in Naturena. Kaizer Chiefs Football Club competes in the Premier Soccer League. The club has won the Premier Soccer League on multiple grounds. The squad is referred to as the AmaKhosi Glamour Boys and the Phefeni Glamour Boys, which is Zulu for “Lords” or “Chiefs.” Chiefs have won 13 league titles (four of them during the PSL era) and more than 50 club trophies in their history.

With the most medals among the other PSL teams, they are also the most well-supported club in the nation, garnering an average home attendance of 14,873 in the 2018–19 season, the second-highest in the league. They are the most successful club in the country. The team’s home games are held at FNB Stadium.

Kaizer Chiefs have one of the biggest wage bills in African football let alone South Africa with Amakhosi backed by considerable financial clout.

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When you know how much your favorite player earns, chances are that you will work hard to become a star just like he is. This applies to all those aspiring to be great soccer players in the future. Check out the following figures for the highest-paid players you know. Remember that what a player earns depends on several factors, including the club they play for.

Here we look at the 10 players who have the highest wages in the squad. The figures do not include bonuses, sponsorship fees or any additional sources of income.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022.

10.Lazarous Kambole Salary : R120,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022
Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022

Kambole joined the Glamour Boys on a three year deal after football manager Bobby Motaung agreed to the deal with Zesco Chief Executive Officer Richard Mulenga.

Lazarous Kambole is a Zambian footballer who has played for both his nation and the Kaizer Chiefs of South Africa at the club level.

In the history of the CAF Champions League, he owns the record for the quickest hat trick in the competition’s history. The year before, he accomplished this feat by scoring three goals for Zesco United against Mbabane Swallows in an eSwatini league match.

He earns R120,000 per month as a Kaizer Chiefs player, and his net worth is estimated to be between R3 million and R5 million. Lazarous Kambole’s monthly salary at Kaizer Chiefs is R100,000.

According to reports in Zambia, Kambole receives a salary of close to R120 000 a month which will drop slightly after taxes. This figure does not include incentives and bonuses inserted into his contract.

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9. Leonardo Castro Salary: R180,000 Rands per month

Top 10 Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022 [ Billiat is 2nd ]
Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022
The lanky forward left the Brazilians for Amakhosi two seasons ago and he looks set to be lost to the Naturena outfit at the end of the season. Leonardo Castro’s future at Kaizer Chiefs is still hanging in the balance as he is yet to agree on a new deal with the club.

Leonardo Castro, also known as Leo, was born on May 12, 1989, in the Colombian capital of Bogota. His whereabouts in Columbia are unknown, and no information about him or his family has been made public. As a result, there is only a limited amount of information available.

Leonardo began his professional footballing career in Colombia in 2007 with the Millonarios U20 squad. He has represented a number of European clubs during his career. For a long time, Leonardo was a member of the Millonarios club in New York City. Later on, he joined CD La Equidad as a player. During this time period, he did not spend a significant amount of time in a club.

Leonardo Castro’s monthly salary is fixed at R180 000 per month.

8. Willard Katsande Salary : R200,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022 [ Billiat is 2nd ]The 34-year-old Zimbabwean midfielder has stepped up into the captaincy void left by the injuries to Itumeleng Khune but has also established himself as an integral part of the club.

When Katsande is absent from the squad, Kaizer Chiefs struggle, illustrating Katsande’s value to the club.

In his 20 games this season, the Chiefs have won 16 of them, but they have lost five of them when he has not been available due to injury or suspension.

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He signed a new contract with the Chiefs earlier this season, and it is believed that he earns R200,000 per month in salary.

Katsande is believed to be on a R200,000 per month basic salary.

7. Eric Matoho Salary : R220,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022

Eric Matoho’s partnership with Daniel Cardoso at the heart of Kaizer Chiefs defence has been central to the club’s success this season.

“Tower” Mathoho has committed the prime of his career to Chiefs and has been rewarded with a more than decent salary of R220,000.

Mathoho was born in Tshiombo, a hamlet near Thohoyandou. Ever since he was a kid, he’s been involved with soccer. Because of the games he played in the corn fields at harvest time, which he did to keep his feet from bruising, his toe nails were pulled off and his feet were harmed as a result of the damage they sustained.

Eric Mathoho’s salary with the Kaizer Chiefs in 2022: “Tower” Mathoho is a South African footballer who plays as a center defense for Kaizer Chiefs FC, where he is now based. At the moment, he is a member of both the Kaizer Chiefs and the South African national team.

Eric Mathoho’s salary at Kaizer Chiefs is R220,000 per month as of 2022. Consequently, he is one of the highest-paid players at Kaizer Chiefs.




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6. Bernard Parker Salary : R300,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022

Parker returned to South African football in 2011 after a frustrating bid to break into European football ended with his release from Dutch club FC Twente. He has nonetheless proved valuable to Kaizer Chiefs who have offered the player several extensions and helped him get back into the Bafana Bafana frame.

Bernard Parker was born on March 16, 1986, in the Johannesburg suburb of Reiger Park. His early athletic activities included running and jogging, but he quickly realized that football was his actual love. He went on to play in the NFL for the next decade.

It was via this that he was sent to the Transnet School of Excellence, where he spent his adolescence. Bernard Parker has been a member of the PSL for quite some time. In addition to his years of experience, his expertise and techniques may be the reason he wins R300,000. In addition to being a striker, the Kaizer Chiefs player is also a midfielder.

Taking home R300,000 a month makes Parker one of the Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers at Kaizer Chiefs Currently.

5. Lebogang Manyama Salary : R300,000 Rands per month

Chiefs announced the signing of Lebogang Manyama on August 22 2018, with Manyama putting pen to paper on a three-year deal. According to sources, former Atiker Konyaspor player, Manyama is believed to be cashing in on more than R5 million per annum.

Lebogang was born in the Tembisa township, in the province of South Africa. His parents, on the other hand, migrated to Alexandra, a town north of Johannesburg, where he grew up and now lives. His two older brothers were the ones who raised him.

Despite the move, both of his parents are from Bungeni Village eka- Njhakanjhaka exavunyami in the Limpopo province of South Africa. In 2022, Lebogang Manyama is estimated to be valued R7 million. This is due to his great performance as a player and as the Chifes’ captain during his time with the team.

His net worth, on the other hand, has decreased in recent years. His net worth was estimated to be R10 million in 2017, according to media reports. The decline in Lebogang’s net worth may be attributed to his advanced age and the general toll that the passage of time has had on him. Nonetheless, it has no effect on his skills as a football player.

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4. Itumeleng Khune Salary : R480,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Soccer Players at Kaizer Chiefs
Highest Paid Soccer Players in South Africa

Khune had a nightmare 2019 ruined by injury, but the club have shown great faith in their skipper and continue to pay his large salary while he was sidelined. The Bafana Bafana stopper was the best goalkeeper in South Africa when he signed the multi-year deal he is currently on at Kaizer Chiefs and hopes to get back to his best.

Itumeleng Khune was born on June 20, 1987, in Johannesburg, South Africa, to Elias and Flora Khune. In his family of six children, he is the youngest. He grew up with a father who played amateur football as a striker, leading some to believe he inherited football genes.

Khune, on the other hand, grew up with a strong passion for the game of cricket. Nicky Boje was a role model for him. Khune is often recognized as one of the richest players in the Premier League.

He makes around R5,6 million each year. Apart from his good remuneration, he has a flurry of endorsement deals and other sources of income. He is a multimillionaire.

This results in a comfortable R21 million in net worth for him. Itumeleng Khune has a net worth of R21 million as of 2022, according to public records. His monthly salary is R480 000.

Top 3 Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs

3. Khama Billiat Salary : R830,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022 [ Billiat is 2nd ]
Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs
Khama Billiat has had his own injury problems and is yet to truly justify the massive wages he has commanded at Kaizer Chiefs.

Khama Billiat is a Zimbabwean professional footballer who currently plays for Kaizer Chiefs in the Premier Soccer League of South Africa. He was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. In addition, he represents Zimbabwe on a national and global level.

After joining CAPS United in 2010, he relocated to his hometown of Harare, Zimbabwe, where he was born in 1990 and now resides, and returned to his family.

Soon after, he moved to South Africa, where he played for Ajax Cape Town from 2013 to 2018, Mamelodi Sundowns from 2013 to 2018, and Kaizer Chiefs from 2018 to 2022. He was named to the Ajax Cape Town All-Stars in 2013.

As reported by his agency, Khama Billiat’s monthly salary is estimated to be R830,000 in Rands in 2022.

Chiefs pay R10 million per year to Billiat before the taxman takes their cut. His current contract expires in June 2023 and he is currently the highest-paid player in the PSL.

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2. Samir Nurkovic Salary : R950,000 Rands per month

Highest Paid Soccer Players at Kaizer Chiefs
Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs

Nurkovic signed a one-year contract with Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa on the 2nd of July for an unknown sum. His market value was $200,000 at the time of the transfer, but it has now skyrocketed to US$3 million, a significant rise (R15-million at the current exchange rate).

The Serbian forward will receive a salary of approximately US$800,000 per year, making him one of the highest-paid players in South African football history.

Samir Nurkovic is a phenomenal player on the football field. His recent addition to the Kaizer Chiefs has resulted in a substantial improvement in the team’s game play, which has translated into increased overall performance.

Samir is claimed to make roughly R950,000 every month, according to reports. Despite the fact that he only recently joined Kaizer Chiefs, he has established himself as a valuable player of the squad. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be in excess of R10 million.

1. Keagan Dolly Salary : R1,450,000 Rands per month

Keagan Dolly Salary at Kaizer Chiefs 2022
Keagan Dolly Salary at Kaizer Chiefs 2022

Keagan Dolly will return to the South African Premier Soccer League in July 2021 to play for Kaizer Chiefs, where he previously played.

At the time of writing, Keagan Dolly’s monthly salary is estimated to be R1,450,000 in Rands, which is roughly 90,000 Euros in Euros per month. His remuneration exceeds that of any other player in the Premier Soccer League (the PSL).

Unlike any other player in the DStv Premiership, the new Kaizer Chiefs player makes R1.45 million every month, more than half a million more than anybody else!

He was forced to return home after Kaizer Chiefs offered him a tempting offer, compelling him to play in Naturena for the first time in his career.

After leaving Montpellier FC, where he earned an estimated R600,000 per month, he relocated to Soweto to continue his career. Dolly is now the only player in South Africa to make more than R1 million each month, and he is the only one to do so.

Top 15 Highest Paid Players at Kaizer Chiefs 2022 –

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