Telkom Data Bundles Promotions Prices 2024 Full List

Telkom Data Bundles Promotions Prices
Telkom Data Bundles Promotions Prices

Full List of Telkom Data Bundles Promotions Prices 2024: Telkom’s services are known for their exceptionally low prices. In actual fact, the pricing of Telkom’s data bundles are the most competitively priced in South Africa.

This is one of the reasons why they are one of the most popular network providers; in fact, their customer base makes them the largest in the country.

They have merely adjusted to the new environment: the vast majority of people now use a data connection for everything, not only because data is less expensive than voice but also because it is more desirable to use as a result of the proliferation of social media.

Telkom has simply dominated the markets in which they compete by lowering the price of its internet data connections. There is a consistent need for information from many subscribers on how to enhance the quality of their user experience.

As a reaction to that, I have included in this post a rundown of all of the data bundle promos that Telkom is now offering, along with their costs and any other relevant information.

Telkom Data Bundles Promotions and Prices

1. FreeMe packages

The FreeMe data bundle is Telkom’s flagship product and by far the one that has the highest customer demand. The word “cheap” is the focus of this package. You may avoid paying exorbitant data charges by purchasing this bundle. You may exchange messages and make calls on WhatsApp, as well as play video games and watch videos on YouTube, if you purchase voice call minutes and SMS bundles in addition to your FreeMe bundles. Keep in mind that the text messages that you receive for free should not be forgotten. The following are examples of FreeMe prepaid options:

FreeMe 1.5GB of data at R139

FreeMe 6GB of data at R289

FreeMe 11.5GB of data at R389

FreeMe 28GB of data at R689


2. Social bundles

Telkom social bundles, as the name implies are a kind of data package that is tailored to give subscribers access to all social media platforms. When you buy these bundles you may use the data only on Social Media platforms. The packages are categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

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Dial *180# to select a suitable package.

i. Daily social bundles

The daily social bundles are for those who want to control how much they spend on social media usage, so as not spend too much on unnecessary internet use, or even to pay for the data when they are not available to use it. These 24 hour long bundles have these options:

25MB of data at R2

50MB of data at R3

75MB of data at R4

100MB of data at R5

250MB of data at R10

500MB of data at R15

ii. Weekly social bundles

Weekly social bundles are for those that have a greater need of data for social uses but do not want to spend too much on social media. These bundles last for seven days, and they cost less than daily data because data prices are discounted as they become bigger.

Available options for weekly social bundles o Telkom include:

100MB of data at R5

250MB of data at R8

500MB of data at R12

1GB of data at R18

2GB of data at R35

3GB of data at R60

iii. Monthly social bundles

The monthly social bundles are available for users who prefer the stability of monthly subscriptions. This option gives greater freedom and also allows you to rest your mind knowing that you have paid up your subscription, and only have to renew it at the end of the month.

Find them below:

100MB of data at R10

250MB of data at R15

500MB of data at R25

1GB of data at R40

2GB of data at R70

3GB of data at R100


3. Once-off data bundles

Telkom Once-off data bundles are those data bundles that allow subscribers to access data services to the tune of that which they are paid for. These bundles do not renew automatically, and neither do they require much money to subscribe. They are for those who need data for a particular purpose; to do something with.

Here is a breakdown:

Current month to the next month. 31 days validity.

25MB of data at R7.30

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50MB of data at R14.65

100MB of data at R29.25

250MB of data at R39.50

500MB of data at R69.60

Current month + 2 months

1GB + 1GB (1GB Night Surfer + 1GB Anytime) of data at R100

2GB + 2GB (2GB Night Surfer + 2GB Anytime) of data at R140

3GB + 3GB (3GB Night Surfer + 3GB Anytime) of data at R201

5GB + 5GB (5GB Night Surfer + 5GB Anytime) of data at R301

10GB + 10GB (10GB Night Surfer + 10GB Anytime) of data at R505

Current month + 6 months validity.

20GB of data at R905

Current month + 12 months. One year validity.

50GB of data at R1815

100GB of data at R3227


4. Monthly recurring bundles

Telkom also offers recurring bundles on a monthly basis, which will be reactivated on expiry, after 30 days. A further plus for these monthly bundles is that the company debits the previous month’s leftover bundles before reactivating data deals. Options available in this plan are:

25MB + 25MB data to be used at any time. Costs:  R7.50

50MB + 50MB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R14.45

100MB + 100MB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R29.25

250MB + 250MB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R39.95

500MB + 500MB data to be used at Any time.  Costs: R69.50

1GB + 1GB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R100

2GB + 2GB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R140

3GB + 3GB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R201

5GB + 5GB data to be used at Any time. Costs: R301


5. Time-based data bundles

Maybe you are not a big fan of browsing the internet, or maybe you think you are spending too much time online. Do you want to give yourself a time limit online so that you can do other important things offline? The following data plans may be just what you need.

Hourly data: 75MB valid for one hour at R5

Daily data: 150MB valid for one day at R10

Data Bundles:

100MB for one day at R10

200MB for one day at R19

500MB for one day at R29

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1GB for one day at R49


6. Telkom LTE deals

Telkom LTE is for heavy users; the big boys’ packages. The deals come with super fast connection, with  uncapped contracts, and dependable data- the kind that you can use for business. If you need data that can allow you to do what you need to do without worrying about hitting the limit, this is what you need.

  1. Wireless 5GB of data at R249
  2. Wireless 20GB of data at R455
  3. Wireless 30GB of data at R555
  4. Wireless 50GB of data at R759
  5. Wireless 100GB of data at R1059

Telkom data bundle prices differ based on the types, speed, and quantity of the data. The company categorizes the bundles as follows:

FreeMe bundles

Once-off data bundles

Monthly recurring bundles

Social bundles

Time-based data bundles

Telkom LTE deals

It is important to keep in mind that you may purchase any of the data bundles deals offered by Telkom by entering into the self-service portal on the Telkom website. You also have the option to buy data from airtime by dialing *180# on your phone.

Be sure that you have sufficient funds in your airtime account to pay the price of the data bundle that you want to purchase before proceeding. There is also the option of using the Telkom app, which can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Conclusion: Telkom Data Bundles Promotions Prices 2024

Telkom provides a variety of innovative data bundles that are priced to meet a variety of budgets and requirements.

The firm expressly reserves the right to terminate or alter data plan pricing at any moment and without prior notice. Before selecting any data plan or package, you are kindly requested to get in touch with customer support for more clarity.

Telkom Data Bundles Promotions Prices 2024 –


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