10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas 2024

Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas 2024:The nickname “City of Lights” was given to Las Vegas. In addition, is famous for its nightclubs and lively nightlife, in addition to its performances, gambling, and enormous casinos.

The city’s reputation is in large part due to the contributions Hollywood made to the process.

There have been a lot of movies that illustrate how people get into trouble while gambling in Las Vegas. However, there is another aspect of the city that is not readily obvious at first glance.

The city of Sin City is home to a large number of upscale dining establishments that are known for providing outstanding service to their patrons.

Every one of them has highly skilled chefs who will provide you with some of the most delectable meals you’ve ever consumed. This is the only style of living that is considered respectable in Sin City.

We are going to make a list of the most costly restaurants in Las Vegas so that we can provide you a more accurate and comprehensive view of the restaurant scene in Las Vegas.

Let’s get right to it and start with our list without further ado.

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas 2024

1. Joël Robuchon (Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas)

Many people believe that this restaurant, which can be found inside the Mansion at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, is the best dining establishment that Las Vegas has to offer.

Two Michelin stars are awarded to a restaurant based on the quality of its refined French cuisine, which is made by the multi-award-winning chef Joel Robuchon.

The Joel Robuchon Restaurant features dishes with prices ranging from $198 to $348 on its menu. The opening menu includes a total of eight different dishes, one of which is a foie gras terrine that comes with caramelized pears and blackcurrant coulis and costs $238.

The French onion soup with fine herb croutons and gruyere cheese is the restaurant’s signature dish, and it costs $98.

2. Gordon Ramsay Steak

Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas

One of the most prestigious and pricey dining establishments in Las Vegas is called Gordon Ramsay Steak. It is the ideal setting for any kind of special occasion, whether it be a romantic supper or another kind. The restaurant is well-known for the excellent service, delicious food, and warm and welcoming staff members.

The restaurant’s food is of the highest quality and is always made with locally sourced produce wherever possible. The selection of wines offered is extremely vast.

Since the servings are substantial, you will receive your money’s worth at this restaurant. The Gordon Ramsay Steak exudes an air of refined sophistication from every conceivable angle.

If you are seeking for a restaurant that serves a superb steak, you should come here. The restaurant boasts a pleasant outdoor seating area, from where one may take in breathtaking views of the Bellagio Fountains.

All-American cuisine with a contemporary spin is what you’ll find on the menu at Gordon Ramsay Steak.

Gordon Ramsay oversees the preparation of the menu, which features a variety of dishes like as appetizers, salads, seafood, pasta, and steaks. These dishes are all produced by skilled chefs in the conventional manner.

At the end of your dinner, your taste buds will thank you for treating them to one of the restaurant’s delectable desserts, which are also included on the menu.

3. Restaurant Guy Savoy (Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas)

The Restaurant Guy Savoy is another another one of Las Vegas’s most expensive dining options. When you eat here, though, it won’t only be your wallet that takes a hit because of the prices. In addition, it is your pocketbook.

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Tables at Restaurant Guy Savoy start at $500 per person. On the menu, you’ll find unique delicacies such as caviar, lobster, and truffles, among other things.

You may get a bottle of Champagne for $500 if you’re feeling very flush right now. There are even bottles that cost a thousand dollars.

The cuisine is amazing, despite the fact that it is not what one would anticipate to find at a French restaurant. It is more comparable to the Asian fusion food that is popular today than it is to traditional French cookery.

On top of a bed of sushi rice, a typical dinner might consist of raw tuna that is topped with caviar and a quail egg, and it might also include a quail egg. The desserts are equally as stunning, with a six-hundred-dollar ice cream sundae serving as the pièce de résistance (trust us; it’s worth it).

Coming here for a dinner should be an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life, or at the very least, for the rest of this meal.

4. Fleur by Hubert Keller

Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas

Lovely and authentically French, Fleur is a charming bistro that can be found inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Although Chef Hubert Keller has since left Fluer, the restaurant, which he founded, still features the signature artistic creations that bear his name.

There are mouthwatering renditions of classic French cuisine that have been updated to appeal to contemporary tastes. However, the fact that Fluer is included on our list of the most expensive restaurants in Las Vegas may come as a surprise to some.

Fleur is an elegant casual restaurant that has won multiple awards; yet, the food is not very spectacular considering the price. It is because of the Fleur Burger 5000 that Fleur is included on this list.

You need to understand, first and foremost, that this burger is not like any other you’ve had before. Wagyu steak topped with foie gras and black truffles is included in this dish.

You could also serve this burger with a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1995, which is a stunningly beautiful and intricately layered jewel among wines.

How much does it cost to get the Fleur Burger plus a bottle of wine? This magnificent plate is going to set you back $5000 at the very least.

5. é by José Andrés (Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas)

E by Jose Andres is one of the best luxury dining restaurants in Las Vegas that is also one of the most exclusive. It is also one of the most expensive restaurants on the strip, and you are unable to make reservations there unless you are staying at the hotel or are fortunate enough to snag a table as a walk-in.

This eatery features a bar that provides full service and carries a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, wine, and spirits. The restaurant serves a contemporary take on Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and innovative cooking methods.

What are the factors that contribute to this restaurant’s high prices? You should credit the location in addition to the exceptional quality of the food. The Bellagio, Palazzo, and Wynn Las Vegas are easily accessible on foot from this location.

It is required that reservations be made at least 24 hours in advance for the eight-course meal that comes with wine pairings and costs $335 per person before tax and tip.

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You can, however, get a taste of the menu at E by Jose Andres for a lower price by taking advantage of the lunch special, which costs $55 per person and includes three dishes at a time when there is room available.

6. Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

One of the most exclusive and pricey dining establishments in Las Vegas is called Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. The menu of the restaurant is like an artist’s palette, filled with a variety of colors and textures, and it offers a vast selection of different flavors.

The cost of a lunch for one person at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire can range anywhere from $250 to $350. You have the option to order appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts a la carte, or you may get them as part of a tasting menu. There are various different options available for each of these courses.

The restaurant Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, which can be found in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, provides guests with opulent settings in which to enjoy lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends.

There are floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a plenty of natural light and offer views of the Strip and the fountains at Bellagio. The room is decorated in a style called French country design, and there are black-and-white photographs of French landscapes hanging on the walls.

7. Jean Georges Steakhouse

When it comes to dining at a steakhouse in Las Vegas, Jean Georges, which is located within the ARIA Resort & Casino, is a strong contender for first place. The hundreds of cuts of beef, seafood, and other fresh foods are cooked over a wood-burning barbecue, which gives distinctive characteristics to the meals.

The fact that Jean Georges is one of just eight restaurants in the United States authorized to sell Kobe Beef is a testimonial to the superior quality of the restaurant’s offerings. One portion of A5 certified Kobe beef, which is the highlight of the menu, typically costs more than $300 on its own without any sides.

An amazing a la carte menu is finished off with mouthwatering sides such as black truffle mac and cheese and crispy potatoes with chili yogurt and fresh herbs.

There is also a distinctive tasting menu available, along with two other add-ons for wine matching if you would like to upgrade to a more luxurious dining experience.

8. Le Cirque (Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas)

The exceptional Le Cirque restaurant in Las Vegas is home to some of the city’s most delectable dishes and drinks. This upscale restaurant in Bellagio offers a breathtaking panorama of the Bellagio Fountains and is known for its impeccable service.

The menu is pretty large, making it simple to locate an appetizing food, and you are certain to discover something that is suitable for your preferences among the options. The speciality drinks are delicious, and the service is top-notch across the entire establishment.

The inside is designed in a very contemporary style, and only the highest quality materials have been used throughout. It is more of an upmarket establishment, but for those who are able, it is well worth the money spent to go there.

It is widely acknowledged that Le Cirque is one of the top restaurants in Las Vegas. It is popular with famous people, tourists, and high-end eaters who are searching for an experience they won’t forget.

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The menu at Le Cirque is updated seasonally; nevertheless, many of the dishes that have proven to be the most popular in the past are always available. The pastry cart that is wheeled around the dining room to tempt visitors with delicious treats like chocolate mousse cake, raspberry soufflé, and crème brûlée is an excellent illustration of this concept.

Other options on the menu include grilled black bass served with artichokes and a lemon butter sauce, grilled Wagyu beef tenderloin served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes confit, and sautéed soft shell crabs served with grapefruit gastrique. In an effort to satisfy each and every guest, we also provide vegetarian options.

9. Picasso (Most Expensive Restaurants in Las Vegas)

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is home to the Picasso Restaurant, which can be found on the premises. It is decorated in the southwestern style and displays an excellent collection of artworks by Pablo Picasso.

On the menu are seafood specialties such as shrimp risotto with saffron cream sauce and bouillabaisse with Linguica sausage, clams, mussels, and salmon. Additionally, there are Mediterranean dishes such as grilled lamb chops with black olive tapenade and poached eggplant with fresh herbs and tomato vinaigrette. The total cost for each individual will be approximately $300 to $400.

10. Bar Masa

The sushi spot Bar Masa on the Boulevard is widely considered to be among the city’s finest dining establishments. The chefs at the restaurant are some of the best in the world, and they’ve been featured on the Food Network.

It is also an excellent location for romantic dinner dates. The atmosphere is quite romantic, and the decor is stunning. This is a good option to go with if you want a memorable eating experience at a price that won’t put a strain on your finances.

It will cost you between $30 and $60 per person to eat at Bar Masa, but the experience will be well worth the money. You will be treated to delicious food and attentive service. This is the restaurant you should go to in Las Vegas if you want to have a meal that stays with you long after you leave the city.

If you are looking for inexpensive fast food restaurants or budget cafés that provide pizza or burgers, Las Vegas has a wide variety of options for you to choose from. However, going to those kinds of restaurants would be a waste of money if your goal was to have a memorable evening complete with delicious cuisine and knowledgeable wait staff.

Bar Masa is known for its gourmet cuisine that is not prohibitively expensive. It’s one of the best restaurants in Vegas, in my opinion.

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