Top 10 Rarest Items in Minecraft 2023

Top 10 Rarest Items in Minecraft 2023: 2009 saw the launch of a limited Alpha version of Minecraft, while 2011 marked the beginning of the game’s commercial distribution.

In spite of the fact that it has been around for more than a decade, Minecraft remains one of the most-played video games worldwide.

To this day, more than 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sold, and the game boasts more than 126 million active users on a monthly basis.

Because it is a sandbox game set in an open world, Minecraft is virtually boundless, and players can gain an infinite number of items.

Undoubtedly, a few of these things are quite uncommon and challenging to acquire. It’s possible that different players will have different opinions regarding which items are the rarest, but players tend to agree that the items on this list are among the rarest and hardest to find.

This list contains information that is, as of October 2020, as accurate as it can possibly be and will be updated as necessary.

Top 10 Rarest Items in Minecraft 2023

1. Emerald Ore

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Only available in some chunks in Mountains Biome (formerly called Extreme Hills)
  • Obtained By: Mined with Pickaxe (Iron or better)
  • Chance: N/A
  • Use(s): Drops Emeralds, which are used for Trading with Villagers and Wandering Traders; Activating Beacons; and Crafting Emerald Block

Emerald Ore is the most uncommon type of ore in Minecraft, and it can only be found in a few chunks within the Mountains Biome (which was once known as Extreme Hills).

The reason why Emerald Ores are so uncommon is that they normally only spawn as a single block. On the other hand, Mountains Biomes are rather frequent.

There is a small chance of discovering Emerald Ores in veins that contain two blocks.

Emeralds, in addition to Emerald Ores, can be unearthed from a variety of chests. In addition, Vindicators, Evokers, Foxes, and Pillagers that spawn from Raids can occasionally drop Emeralds (this only applies to the Bedrock Edition).

In addition, players can acquire Emeralds from Villagers by trading specific things with them. Because there are so many ways to acquire an emerald, their rarity does not compare to that of an emerald ore.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

The occurrence of Emerald Ore is thirty times less common than that of Diamond Ore.

2. Heart of the Sea

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Only found in Buried Treasure chests
  • Obtained By: Finding in Buried Treasure chests
  • Chance: 100% in Buried Treasure chests, which are not that common
  • Use(s): Part of the Conduit recipe

The Heart of the Sea is an aquatic-related item that falls into the rare category. Because it is impossible for a player not to locate a Heart of the Sea within a Buried Treasure chest, the item has been given an official rarity rating of Uncommon despite its relatively low likelihood of being found.

However, due to the nature of the chests themselves, buried treasure is not found very frequently. It is possible to locate Buried Treasure chests by using buried treasure maps, which may be obtained from Shipwrecks (with a 100% chance of finding a map), Underwater Ruins (with a 41.7% chance of finding a small chest and a 43.5% chance of finding a big chest), or by purchasing them from a cartographer villager.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

The only use for the Heart of the Sea is in the creation of the Conduit, which is an underwater beacon that protects players from being attacked by hostile mobs while also granting players who are swimming close the abilities of water breathing, night vision, and haste.

3. Totem of Undying

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft

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The Icon of Immortality is a very uncommon object that has a high value due to its utility. Although Minecraft assigns an uncommon rarity rating to the Totem of Undying, actually finding a Woodland Mansion can be quite challenging.

Woodland Mansions are only able to spawn in Dark Forests or Dark Forest Hills, which are both located tens of thousands of blocks away from the spawn point.

However, if a player is able to locate a Woodland Mansion, killing an Evoker (which is the name given to foes found in Woodland Mansions) will always result in a drop of a Totem of Undying.

In addition, Evokers appear in Raids beginning with wave 5 and continuing beyond. After being put to use, a Totem of Undying is rendered useless and must be replaced by the player with a new one.

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Monsters like Zombies, Skeletons, and Foxes are able to revive themselves if they have the Totem of Undying in their possession.

4. Music Discs

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Less than 25% drop rate
  • Obtained By: Chests in Dungeon, Woodland Mansion, Bastion Remnant, Buried Treasure (Bedrock Edition only), and Creeper drop when killed by Skeleton’s or Stray’s arrow (except Pigstep)
  • Chance: Java Edition – 5.6% to 21.8% for discs found in chests; Bedrock Edition – 3% to 21.8% for discs found in chests
  • Use(s): Plays song when put into Jukebox

When placed in a Jukebox, Music Discs will play music, making for a more entertaining Minecraft experience.

However, Music Discs are relatively difficult to come by. There are a total of 13 distinct discs, some of which may only be obtained via opening chests, while the others are dropped by Creepers after they are slain by an arrow shot from a Skeleton or a Stray, which is a variety of a Skeleton.

The Pigstep Music Disc is the only one that cannot be dropped, and it is also the rarest Music Disc. There is only a 5.6% chance of finding it in a Bastion Remnant chest in Java Edition, while there is only a 3% chance of finding it in Bedrock Edition.

Both the Dungeon and Woodland Mansion chests in the Dungeon version and Woodland Mansion chests in the Woodland version of Minecraft have a chance of spawning The Cat and 13 Music Discs.

There is an 18.9% possibility that Mellohi and Wait will be buried in Bedrock and found in a treasure chest there.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

With the exception of “Pigstep,” which was written by Lena Raine, all of the songs that appear on the Music Discs were composed by Daniel Rosenfeld (also known as C418).

5. Elytra

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Only found in the End
  • Obtained By: Taken from Item Frame in the Treasure Room of End Ships
  • Chance: On average, 56.25% of End Cities have an End Ship
  • Use(s): Flying

In Survival Mode, elytra are the sole means for players to achieve flight. This uncommon piece of armour can only be obtained from End Ships, which can be found in around 56.25% of all End Cities.

Therefore, the only way for players to acquire an Elytra is to travel to multiple End Cities and search the treasure rooms of multiple End Ships.

This extremely rare device, which can only be restored using phantom membranes, can, thankfully, be utilised more than once.

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Elytra take on the appearance of the capes that are equipped, taking on the design of the cape that was most recently worn.

6. Mob Heads

Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Only obtained through very specific ways or very low chance of dropping for certain heads
  • Obtained By: Wither Skeleton – killed by the player; Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie from Charged Creeper explosion; Ender Dragon – from End Ship; Player Head – only in creative mode
  • Chance: Wither Skeleton – 2.5%; N/A for other heads, but are hard to obtain
  • Use(s): Decorative

Mob Heads are somewhat uncommon pieces of decor that call for a good amount of effort to acquire.

Players have the opportunity to acquire one of the following heads: Wither Skeleton, Creeper Skeleton, Skeleton Head, Zombie Head, Ender Dragon Head, or Player Head. Players just need to kill Wither Skeletons in order to obtain the Wither Skeleton head; however, the chance that it will drop is very low at only 2.5% of the time.

Next, once a player has created a portal to the End, acquiring the head of the Ender Dragon shouldn’t be too difficult because it is located aboard an End Ship close to several End Cities in the Outer End. This makes acquiring the head a relatively simple task.

Only when a Charged Creeper detonates nearby will other monsters’ heads, including Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie heads, fall to the ground.

Lightning that strikes in close proximity to a Creeper causes it to become charged. During a storm, players who have a trident that is enchanted with the Channelling perk can call down a bolt of lightning from the heavens.

Because player heads cannot be acquired in Survival Mode without the use of cheats, they are technically the most uncommon of all the mob heads.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

Mob Heads can be worn as helmets, but they won’t offer any protection to the player. However, they do offer some concealment against the matching mob and allow the player to approach pretty near the mob before it detects them.

7. Enchanted Golden Apple (Notch Apple)

Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Can’t be crafted (previously able to craft); low chances of finding naturally
  • Obtained By: Finding in a chest in a Dungeon, Mineshaft, Bastion Remnant, Desert Temple, Ruined Portal, or Woodland Mansion
  • Chance: Java Edition – 1.4% to 6.5%; Bedrock Edition – 1.4% to 3.1%
  • Use(s): Eat to restore hunger and provide strong status effects

The Golden Apple with Enchantments also known as the Notch Apple or the God Apple, is the most valuable and difficult to obtain of all the edible items in Minecraft.

When consumed, the Enchanted Golden Apple cures four points of hunger and bestows various other beneficial effects on the player.

It used to be possible to create these magical apples before the 1.9 updates; however, now they can only be found naturally in chests that can be discovered in dungeons, mineshafts, bastion remnants, desert temples, ruined portals, or forest mansions.

Even while the Enchanted Golden Apple can be discovered in a wide variety of locations, there is just a little probability that it will actually appear.

1.4% of players will find it in the Mineshaft, 1.5% will find it in the Ruined Portal, 2.6% will find it in the Desert Temple, 3.1% will find it in the Dungeon and Woodland Mansion, and 6.5% will find it in the Bastion Remnant.

The chances in the Bedrock Edition are identical to those in the Java Edition, with the exception of the Bastion Remnant.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

The “Fruit on the Loom” achievement is awarded to a player if that player utilised an Enchanted Golden Apple to build the Minecraft logo on a banner and then submitted it for consideration for the achievement.

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8. Beacon

Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Nether Star is difficult to obtain
  • Obtained By: Crafted with 3 Obsidian, 5 Glass blocks, and 1 Nether Star
  • Chance: N/A
  • Use(s): Light source and provides useful status effects

As a result of how challenging it is to acquire a Nether Star, the Beacon is one of the most uncommon hand-crafted equipment.

Additionally, despite the fact that obsidian is not a particularly uncommon resource, its extraction requires either a Diamond or a Netherite Pickaxe.

Beacon is an item that, when activated, not only produces a powerful beam of light (as implied by its name), but is also very sought due to the status effects it offers.

Players will need to construct a pyramid out of Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, and/or Netherite in one of four different sizes in order to turn on the Beacon: 9 blocks, 34 blocks, 83 blocks, or 164 blocks.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

It is possible to alter the hue of the beam emitted by the Beacon by covering it with a Stained Glass block or a Stained Glass window.

9. Nether Star

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Only dropped after a Wither is killed
  • Obtained By: Killing a Wither
  • Chance: N/A; technically no limit on how many Nether Stars can be obtained, but killing a Wither is extremely difficult
  • Use(s): Part of Beacon Recipe

The Nether Star is a very valuable artefact that must be acquired through a complicated process. In order for players to obtain a Nether Star, they must first call forth a Wither and then put an end to it.

Despite the fact that there is no upper limit on the number of Withers that may be called (and, consequently, no upper limit on Nether Stars), it is not simple to kill a Wither and doing so is more difficult than killing an Ender Dragon.

In addition, it takes a significant amount of time only to collect the necessary ingredients in order to call forth a Wither.

In order to summon a Wither, you will need three Wither Skulls, which are very uncommon drop items with a drop rate of only 2.5%.

Obtaining a Nether Star may be laborious, but it is well worth the effort because it may be utilised in the production of a Beacon, which confers advantageous status effects on players.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

Explosions are unable to destroy a Nether Star that has fallen to the ground, but fire, lava, and cactus are all more than capable of doing so.

10. Dragon Egg

Rarest Items in Minecraft
Rarest Items in Minecraft
  • Reason for Rarity: Only one per world
  • Obtained By: Slaying the Ender Dragon
  • Chance: N/A; will always get the egg the first time Ender Dragon is killed
  • Use(s): Decorative

The Dragon Egg is the most difficult-to-acquire item in Minecraft due to the fact that each world can only have one egg.

Although players can kill the Ender Dragon more than once by returning to the End, the Dragon Egg will only drop after the first time a player kills the Ender Dragon. Players can kill the Ender Dragon more than once by returning to the End.

Despite the fact that a player receives the Dragon Egg as a reward after defeating the Ender Dragon, retrieving the egg requires some additional effort.

Because clicking on the Dragon Egg will cause it to teleport, players will need to make use of a piston in order to cause the egg to drop and make it possible to pick it up. The Dragon Egg serves no purpose and is only kept as a prize because of its rarity.

Did It Cross Your Mind?

The Nether Star is the second item that can only be obtained by killing a boss in Minecraft; the dragon egg is one of the only two objects that can be obtained in this way.


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