Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices 2024 [ Telkom WiFi Packages Explained ]

Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices 2024

Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices 2022
Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices 2024 [ Telkom WiFi Packages ]
Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices 2024. As one of the main mobile services in South Africa , Telkom WiFi packages are a number of the foremost popularly used data within the country. With tons of competition coming from different corners, the corporate continues to remain afloat due to its reliability and broad coverage. you’ll almost make certain that you simply will find reasonable coverage in any area of the country with Telkom.

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Apart from its guaranteed coverage, this company has unique offers on data and WiFi that you simply are encouraged to see out. If you’ve got been wondering what proportion Telkom data bundles cost, then this is often the time to urge your questions addressed. Over time, they need reduced their prices, a minimum of in comparison to what they wont to be within the past.

How am I able to get Telkom data for cheap even before addressing its usage? Fortunately, everything is simple and straightforward for anyone that’s curious about trying out any of the packages offered by the corporate .

Telkom WiFi packages explained

the necessity to access a quick and reliable internet connection can’t be underestimated. it’s even more crucial within the world today where fast connections may make an enormous difference between being successful or being left behind. This said it’s necessary to urge yourself Telkom WiFi deals as they’re going to never disappoint.

How do I get unlimited data?

Are you looking for an easy way to enjoy unlimited WiFi? Telkom hopes to help customers ensure that they never run out of internet at home. You can get an unlimited supply of Telkom’s internet in three simple steps.

1.Find out if there is an ADSL, Fibre or VDSL internet connection in your locality.

2. Select unlimited package deals based on the speeds you want. There are different offers at different prices.

3.Make an order through any of the approved ways. You can either call the customer service line, place the order online or visit any of the Telkom shops near you. Go for whichever option is convenient for you.

Some of the monthly offers you can get from Telkom for unlimited home WiFi data include the following:

  • DSL unlimited home Lite (uncapped) 5Mbps at R199 (thereafter R329)
  • DSL unlimited home (uncapped) 5Mbps at R399 (thereafter R499)
  • DSL unlimited home Lite (uncapped) 10Mbps at R299 (thereafter R599)
  • DSL unlimited home (uncapped) 10Mbps at R499 (thereafter R699)
  • DSL unlimited home Lite (uncapped) 20Mbps at R399 (thereafter R699)
  • DSL unlimited home (uncapped) 20Mbps at R599 (thereafter R799)
  • DSL unlimited home Lite (uncapped) 40Mbps at R499 (thereafter R899)
  • DSL unlimited home (uncapped) 40Mbps at R699 (thereafter R999)

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All the above offers come with an installation and wireless router. Premium packages include unlimited calls to Telkom and different sizes of mobile data. The price is valid for the first 6 months on a 24-month contract. To qualify for the deals you should sign up before March 21, 2021.

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How do I get Telkom data cheaply?

Whether you are looking for Telkom LTE deals or want to take advantage of their specials, it is important to know how to go about it if you are to maximize the opportunities. All you have to do is to get an LTE/LTE-A once-off data bundle packages or prepaid data tariff. This way, you can enjoy watching your cat video or post your social media status uninterrupted.

The fact that it is a one-time buy makes it convenient. You do not have to struggle with signing unnecessary contracts. The rates for LTE once-off data bundles are as follows:

  • 5GB at R99
  • 10GB at R149
  • 20GB at R249
  • 40GB at R359
  • 60GB at R459
  • 80GB at R559
  • 120GB at R759
  • 220GB at R1059

You can also get prepaid LTE starter packs (SIM-only):

  • 10GB LTE Once-Off at R99
  • 20GB LTE Once-Off at R149
  • 10GB LTE Once-Off with LTE MiFi router at R699

Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices 2024

How do I use my Telkom WiFi data?

To optimally benefit from this service, it is necessary to do it right from the start. If you intend to take advantage of Telkom WiFi services then consider the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Switch on the WiFi
  • Search for available WiFi networks
  • If at Telkom WiFi hotspot, click on 1 Telkom connect
  • You need to change the EAP to Sim or EAP-Sim
  • Click connect
  • This directly connects you to Telkom’s WiFi hotsp

How do I connect WiFi to a non-sim device?

You can also link a second device to access this Telkom WiFi. This will ease matters for you, especially if you must use multiple devices. In the cases of laptop usage, here is how you go about this:

  • Get to Telkom self-service portal to register.
  • sing the new details you just created, log in to My Telkom.
  • Choose manage subscriptions.
  • On the drop-down box, choose your number Alternatively, enter your 081 MSISDN number. It is advisable to link it to my Telkom account just in case you cannot locate it.
  • Check the status of your mobile number to verify that it is active. Use the Existing Service Package.
  • You will notice that your cellphone number will become automatically registered as your user number.
  • Choose Fetch followed by Set WiFi password.
  • Set a password you can remember. Make sure it has at least one capital letter and 1 number in the 7 to 14 characters allowed for the password.
  • Click on to set the password, and you are good to go

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In case you are not using an Apple product, then you have to proceed to set up your primary device as follows:

  • Make a connection to ‘1 Telkom connect’ network when in Telkom WiFi hot spot.
  • Go to device settings and change the EAP to PEAP or EAP-PEAP
  • Enter the username and password in the identity field.
  • After the user name, towards the end, add the word
  • Re-enter your password, and click connect.
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Telkom WiFi Packages and Prices

Free WiFi offers by Telkom

Telkom has come to the rescue of users by providing free internet for everyone, regardless of whether you own a sim card or not. The big question though is how free is it?

  • In case you are on a prepaid line then you can benefit from the free WiFi every time you top up. An equivalent top-up of R50 will give you 7 days of unlimited free WiFi on a 2GB fair usage policy. Top up with R100, and you will enjoy 30 days of the same free WiFi but with a 10GB fair usage policy. In case you buy extra bundles at R15, you will get 30 minutes free or you can choose to buy an extra R25 worth of bundles for an hour of free WiFi.
  • Contract-based clients also have free WiFi. 30 minutes is allocated to everyone. In case this gets depleted, you can purchase time-based bundles by following the screen prompts once you dial *180#.
  • Non-Telkom users can also ride on the 30 minutes Free WiFi offer for everyone. Alternatively, purchase bundles worth R15 or R25 for 30 minutes and 1 hour of free connection respectively.
  • Note that all free unlimited and time-based WiFi run of a 10GB fair usage policy.

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Now that you have a clear breakdown of what to expect regarding Telkom WiFi packages be on the lookout for what works for you. Choose a solution that will not be stressful.

One thing you can be sure that Telkom internet is one of the readily available networks across South Africa. As to whether it is truly free, that is for you to decide.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind.

Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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