Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2023

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2023

The Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2023. In the field of boxing, there has been a long tradition of successful female boxers. While it is possible to believe that women who prefer to fight are not the most feminine or attractive women, this is simply not the case.

I’ve compiled a list of the sexiest female boxers who have ever lived. Throughout their careers, these women have continuously demonstrated their abilities, broken records, and served as role models for those women interested in pursuing a boxing career. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are extremely hot.

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The Hottest Female Boxers of all Time

Lauryn Eagle

Known as “Lauryn,” she is a well-known figure in the Australian sports and television industries.  International was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia and was also a Miss Teen International.

During her professional boxing career, Lauryn won 15 of her 20 matches and earned the Australian female lightweight title in 2013. Lauryn has won championships in a variety of sports, including boxing. She is also a competitive water skier and enjoys traveling. She won the women’s division F2 class title at the World Water Skiing Championships in her first year of competing.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Avril Mathie

Australian-born Avril lives in Miami, where she works as a professional boxer, model, and fitness expert. Avril balances her later two passions in between trips to the famous 5th St. Gym and Athens, Greece, to train for her boxing matches.

Her professional record includes an undefeated four wins. Other wins people continue to recognize her for are Miss Swimsuit USA International 2014 and Las Vegas International Model Search in 2015. To date, she’s Australia’s most successful pageant model.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Paige VanZant

Alright, I know what you’re thinking – isn’t Paige an MMA fighter? Yes, and she’s one of the hottest to ever do it. BUT, she’s also a boxer. Most recently, she fought (lost) Britain Hart in her debut with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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She discovered boxing because she wanted to find a way to keep herself from being bullied in school. She’s a mixed martial artist and before fighting for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship she had an up-and-down career with the UFC.

As her career progressed, Paige found herself signing other kinds of contracts; she appeared as a guest on Dancing with the Stars and Chopped.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers

Eva Wahlström

Finnish boxer Eva is famous for holding the WBC female super-featherweight title from 2015 to 2020. Being the only Finn to win a world boxing title, she’s a local celebrity in Finland.

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Despite her pulmonary embolism setback, Eva proved her strength to the world by competing across the globe. She won 23 of her 27 professional fights. In March 2020, she announced her retirement, with every right to be proud of her accomplishments.

Marlen Esparza

Marlen is famous in the United States for being the first American woman to qualify for the Olympics after women’s boxing became an Olympic category. She went on to win a bronze medal there and compete in many other world boxing championships.

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In addition to boxing, Marlen is passionate about animal rights and works closely with PETA. She also endorsed CoverGirl and participated in a Coca-Cola commercial and a CNN documentary that discusses being a Latina woman in America.

Christina Hammer

German boxer Christina became the youngest boxer in history to win a WBO title. She’s received several notable awards, including Fighter of the Year by WBF and WBO. She was also BDB’s Female Boxer of the Year.

More recently, The Ring and BoxRec gave Christina the title of the world’s second-best active female middleweight. Christina’s opponents describe her as a boxer who has a patient and skilled style, where she takes them down with jabs followed by more aggressive follow-up rights.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers

Jessica McCaskill

Is there anything hotter than a woman who ranks as the world’s best active female welterweight boxer by both The Ring and BoxRec?

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Jessica is a two-weight world champion with a boatful of titles. Despite a disadvantaged childhood where at one point, she lived in the back of a church, she found boxing as a way to get fit before trying her hand in the amateur and professional fields. Currently, she holds the IBO female welterweight titles.

Ina Menzer

German boxer Ina Menzer is famous for “of the Year” titles. She received the title Sportswoman of the Year for three years straight in the 2000s and boxer of the year at the World Boxing Council.

Of her many achievements, Ina deserves a spot on this list of hottest female boxers because she only had one defeat in her 31 professional fights. At that time, she decided to retire from boxing and graduated with a sports management degree the following year.

Amanda Serrano

Amanda holds the impressive Guinness World Record title of having the greatest number of boxing world championships won in different female weight classes. Wondering what those numbers come out to be? Nine world championships across seven weight classes. Wow!

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Not only does Amanda box, but she also is a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. She’s won the Female Boxer of the Year Award on two different occasions, easily ranking her on this list as one of the hottest boxers.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Michelle Waterson

Michelle currently ranks number eight in the UFC women’s strawweight rankings and is an Invicta FC Atomweight Champion. Impressively, Michelle jumped into her professional boxing career without ever having fought in the amateur ring.

Aside from boxing, Michelle is a well-known television figure. She participated in Oxygen’s reality show Fight Girls and played a fighter in MTV’s Bully Beatdown.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Yesica Bopp

Argentine boxer Yesica very much deserves her spot on this list of hottest boxers; The Ring and BoxRec gave her the title of the world’s best active female light-flyweight. Additionally, Yesica held the WBO female light-flyweight title for four years. 

Of her 37 professional fights, Yesica only has one loss recorded to date. Fans praise her for taking a break from boxing to pursue her social psychology degree. She also loves spending time with her family while still enjoying the boxing titles she earned.

Mariana Juarez

Mexican boxer Mariana is the world’s second best active female bantamweight by The Ring. She’s participated in an impressive 68 fights and formerly held the WBC female flyweight title. She also held the WBC female bantamweight title for three years.

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Boxing runs in Mariana’s family. Her sister, Lourdes, Juarez, is a world champion boxer.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Monica Henao

Born in Colombia, Monica is a model and professional boxer. Monica enjoys turning women to boxing as she spreads the message that boxing is a sport for men and feminists alike. Besides training and managing her popular Instagram page, she also participated in the reality television show Desafio Super Humanos in 2018.

Monica’s passion for boxing’s resistance and discipline are among the characteristics that make her one of the hottest boxers.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2023

Zulina Munoz

Mexican boxer Zulina continues wowing the world with her abilities. In September 2020, The Ring ranked her the third best active female bantamweight in the world. As of February 2021, she continues to hold the WBC female super flyweight title since 2017.

Take one look at Zulina’s professional record summary, and you’ll understand why I included her in this hottest boxer list—she’s had only three losses out of 57 fights.

Mia St. John

Mia has a full resume, being a professional boxer, model, businesswoman, and taekwondo champion. She won the WBC championship in the welterweight division and had 49 wins during her boxing career.

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Born determined, Mia took up a career in modeling to fund her university psychology degree. Upon graduating, and after wracking up a taekwondo record of 27 – 1, she became a professional boxer at twenty-nine. She became famous from the get-go, earning the title of “The Knockout” for taking out Angelica Villain in less than one minute.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Ava Knight

American boxer Ava is a WBC diamond belt international boxing champion. She competed in three weight divisions, and in September 2020, The Ring gave her the title of the fourth best active female flyweight.

Nicknamed the “Lady of Boxing,” Ava entered the professional boxing ring at a mere nineteen-year-old adult and is renowned for her politeness and absence of cursing. She’s among the hottest female boxers in the United States and Mexico.

In her free time, Ava enjoys being a personal trainer and boxing coach.

Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia’s career involves both boxing and kickboxing. From 2014 to 2020, she held the title of the female welterweight champion. As if that streak isn’t impressive enough, she is the only woman to date who held the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO titles at the same time.

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Holding not one but three Guinness World Records for boxing in 2018, Cecilia is well-deserving of her spot among the hottest boxers. Of her 37 fights, she only lost once. It’s no wonder she is only one of eight boxers, both male and female, to take all four major world boxing titles simultaneously.

Hottest Female Boxers in the world 2021
Hottest Female Boxers in the world

Ana Julaton

Also called “The Hurricane,” Ana is famous for winning a world title in a short amount of time. It took her only five professional fights to win the IBA Super Bantamweight title.

Not only is Ana a successful boxer, but she’s also an advocate for normalizing female boxing. In 2008, she participated in a campaign to open a female boxing category at the Beijing Olympics. The change didn’t happen then, but no doubt her efforts helped to open this opportunity for the 2012 London Olympics.

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