17 Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida 2024

The Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida 2024: The Florida Gulf Coast is famous for its beaches with white sand, its summer-like climate all year long, and its abundance of exciting things to do.

If you enjoy spending time outside and want to be in close proximity to the water, this neighborhood would be an excellent choice for you to call home.

The Gulf Coast is a wonderful place to reside due to its easygoing atmosphere and pleasant climate throughout the entire year. The area is home to a diverse collection of exciting cities, charming coastal towns, and picturesque seaside villages. But which ones are the most effective?

When relocating to the gulf coast of Florida and looking for a new place to call home, there are several things to take into consideration.

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, including the total cost of living, the cost of housing, the weather, the crime rate, and the quality of the schools.

A ranking of the best locations in Florida’s Gulf Coast area has been compiled after taking into account all of the aforementioned considerations.

If you are moving here for employment or just seeking for a new location to call home, then you need a way to select which city will be the greatest place for you to live. You can use this guide to help you make that decision. On our list of the top ten best locations to live along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the cities that follow take the first three spots, respectively.

The Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida 2024

17. Apalachicola

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of FloridaCountry Living Magazine named Apalachicola one of the best small towns to live in Florida. The town is very small, but if you are looking to join a close-knit group of people, then this is the place for you.

17 miles of white sandy beaches are typically uncrowded, which is uncommon for anywhere on the gulf coast.

This area is often referred to as the Forgotten Coast, which is aptly named because it has not been overrun by tourists, hotels, and shopping.

Apalachicola is relatively untouched apart from locals, which is what makes it so unique.

16. Alys Beach

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Southern Living calls Alys Beach the “perfect beach town” for a reason. It is secluded, relaxing, and luxurious.

You can find plenty of art and nature activities. However, this quiet luxury does come at a price, and homes in this area are very expensive.

The population is quite small, but the community is active. There is some stunning architecture, with some homes going into the multi-millions.

15. Crystal River

Crystal River is known as the Home of the Manatee, as there is a manatee refuge in Kings Bay, which is the largest in the United States.

The entire town is only about 6.8 square miles. Nearby, you can find the Crystal River Preserve State Park.

One of the best parts of living in Crystal River is the ability to do just about any sport imaginable, like kayaking, boating, waterskiing, and diving.

Crystal River is also the fisherman’s paradise with visitors from around the world enjoying the pristine waterways.

Although it is small, Crystal River has plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you entertained, and is a great place to live.

14. Destin (Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida)

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida
Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Just like any city, living in Destin comes with plenty of pros and cons. You have a thriving and diverse economy with plenty of job opportunities.

You can also enjoy the beautiful weather all year long. The school system is fantastic, which makes it enticing for families.

However, there are not any great hospitals nearby and traffic can be very overwhelming. Destin is one of the most popular beaches in Florida and is a common spring break destination for college students.

13. Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is right in the middle of Pensacola and Panama City Beach, so you get easy access to two excellent areas.

You can get more houses for your dollar than you can in many other areas of Florida while still enjoying the no state income tax.

You can also enjoy Okaloosa Island, which offers undeveloped and clean beaches. Fort Walton Beach typically ranks quite well for education, crime, and diversity, which is relatively uncommon for a city of this size.

You can enjoy plenty of community events and activities throughout the year.

12. Gasparilla Island

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida
Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

This island is only accessible by boat or water taxi as there is no bridge connecting it to the mainland.

The cost of living here is very expensive, but that is because it is so exclusive and secluded. It was voted as one of the top 10 cities in the country for a second home.

You could even be neighbors with President Bush and his family, as they are known to spend time in Boca Grande, the largest city on the island.

Island living is very isolating, which is fantastic for some but not the best for others. If you are looking for privacy and tranquility and have money to spare, Gasparilla Island is sure to be your paradise.

11. Marco Island (Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida)

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of FloridaMarco Island consistently ranks as one of the top beach towns in the country and also one of the greatest education systems.

Although the cost of living is quite high, it comes with many amenities you might be looking for. Retirees have many opportunities to socialize with fellow retirees.

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It certainly feels like an island and has a slow pace about it.

Living on Marco Island feels like you are on a vacation day in and day out, which is a wonderful way to live.

10. Venice, Florida

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast
Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Since it has wonderful weather throughout the year and is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Venice is one of the best places to reside along that stretch of the state. Additionally, Venice Beach is an ideal location for a vacation. This stunning city has everything to offer each and every resident.

Swimming, fishing, and boating are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed from the beachfront homes and condominiums that are available for rent in Venice. If you are the type of person that thrives in natural settings, then you should be here.

Because there are so many things to do in Venice that appeal to people of all ages, it is an ideal place for families with children. If you choose to make your home in Venice, Florida, you won’t have to go more than a few minutes to reach a shopping center, restaurant, grocery store, or movie theater.

It’s simple to get to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Venice boasts some of the best schools and apartments in the country. This is a rather tiny city, yet it attracts visitors from all over the country as well as from other countries across the world because there are so many things to do and see here.

Housing in Venice is available at prices that are not prohibitively expensive, and the city itself does not impose an income tax. In Venice, there are no high-rise structures or luxury condos, which may be one contributor to the city’s relatively cheap cost of living.

The historic homes and condominiums that border the gorgeous canals provide something distinctive in comparison to the real estate options available in the other cities along the Gulf Coast of Florida.

9. Cape Coral (Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida)

Because it has so much to offer throughout the entire year, Cape Coral, Florida is consistently ranked as one of the top places to reside along Florida’s Gulf Coast. You can come here to relax, swim, and fish in our magnificent ocean and bays; enjoy your family in our state-of-the-art parks and playgrounds; or shop along our quaint streets, which are lined with world-class boutiques and restaurants.

When it comes to educational backgrounds, Cape Coral is an exceptionally diversified city. Because there are many schools in the area, including charter schools and private schools, you will have many options to choose from for your children’s educational setting when it comes to the local schools.

The quality of the public education system is very high, and there are a number of prestigious universities located within a short driving distance of the city. If you are thinking about going to college, you should investigate the various educational opportunities that are available in Sarasota, which is not too far away.

People who have put in a lot of effort during their life frequently choose to retire on the Gulf Coast of Florida. For seniors searching for wonderful weather, a low cost of living, and lots of activities to keep them occupied during their retirement years, Cape Coral, Florida, is an excellent choice. The city offers a wide variety of housing alternatives.

If you’ve put in a lot of effort throughout your life and feel that it’s finally time to relax and have some fun, you should seriously consider making the move to Cape Coral.

8. Dunedin, Florida

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Amazing Dunedin can be found just north of Clearwater on Tampa Bay and is a beautiful place to visit. It is well known for being an excellent setting for bringing up children and families. In addition to having some of the safest neighborhoods in the state for families with children, Dunedin is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the state.

There are a large number of parks, and there is even an aquarium, where you can enjoy quality time with your children or grandchildren by taking them to participate in a variety of stimulating educational activities.

If you want to go to the beach without having to worry about being caught in a deadly undertow or rip current, then you should make Dunedin, Florida, your permanent residence in the state of Florida.

Pinellas County is home to this city that has a population of over 35,000 people and can be found in Florida. Due to the abundance of activities and attractions available, Dunedin is a popular location for tourists.

Dunedin is only approximately 25 minutes away from the major metropolis, although Tampa is known for its wonderful weather. People who work in Tampa or St. Petersburg aren’t forced to commute an excessively long distance to get there, but the distance is still manageable for those who reside in the area. In addition, Clearwater and all of its attractions are within easy driving distance.

Dunedin is not only a fantastic location for people to call home, but it is also an amazing vacation destination. It is home to some of the best restaurants, beaches, and residences in the country.

Consider moving to Dunedin if you want to reside in Florida but don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for rent or property taxes. Dunedin is one of the more affordable cities in the state.

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7. Naples, Florida

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Naples is a popular vacation destination for the wealthy and famous because of its location between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The shimmering green waters that surround Naples have earned it the nickname “The Emerald Coast,” and the city’s beaches stretch for more than 12 kilometres.

People from all over the world travel to this city in order to have a taste of heaven, where everything appears to be in perfect order. If you have a million dollars or more in your savings account, you have the ability to rent a luxury condo that looks out over some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire globe.

But if such a luxury is not within your financial means, you shouldn’t be concerned about it. In Naples, there is an abundance of housing options available at costs that are nearly compatible with every financial plan. There are several areas that can be found at more affordable prices that are equally as nice as some of these premium communities.

6. Fort Myers (Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida)

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

On Florida’s Gulf Coast, Fort Myers is often regarded as one of the most desirable residential areas. The city offers over 50 miles of beaches, some of which are stunning sugar-white stretches of sand and offer some of the greatest surfing in the region.

In Fort Myers, residents can choose from a wide variety of housing options. Some of the city’s neighborhoods have an atmosphere that is more reminiscent of the coast, while others have a more tropical appearance.

Some districts have a more rustic and natural feel, while others have a more upmarket and beautiful feel.

People who enjoy being active and spending time outside will not be disappointed by the selection of activities available in Fort Myers. There is always something enjoyable to do on the water, whether it be swimming, boating, fishing, or any combination of the three.

Golfers and tennis players will discover that this city has a lot to offer in terms of amenities, as both of these sports are popular here. The history of this area can be gleaned through the exhibits in a number of local museums.

Residents in Fort Myers benefit from a climate that is mild throughout the whole year, with average high temperatures in the 70s during the summer months and temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees during the winter months. Because the temperature here in the wintertime rarely falls below freezing, it is considered to be one of the warmest regions in Florida.

5. Pensacola, Florida

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida
Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

The city of Pensacola in Florida is a wonderful place to call home. It gives its citizens access to a wide variety of amazing opportunities and amenities. Pensacola is one of the top spots to seek for a new home along the Gulf Coast, so consider making it one of your top priorities.

You can take advantage of the wonderful weather and the stunning beaches. In addition, the area surrounding Pensacola is home to a rich variety of tourist destinations.

Kayaking, fishing, and golfing are just a few of the many enjoyable outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the area surrounding Pensacola. In addition to this, there is an abundant supply of alternatives for enjoyment.

The city of Pensacola is home to a large number of excellent eateries that serve a variety of mouthwatering dishes. You can also locate a wide array of shopping locations that each sell their own special wares.

You may take in the breathtaking scenery of Santa Rosa Island by paying a visit to Fort Pickens. You might also go to Pensacola Beach and take in the sights and sounds of the ocean while feeling the soothing sand beneath your feet.

There are many wonderful locations to stay in Pensacola, including hotels and condos, and there is a wide variety of options available. When you visit such a lovely city as Pensacola, you won’t have to worry about going hungry because there are a great number of restaurants to choose from in the area.

4. Bonita Springs (Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida)

Another fantastic community to call home on Florida’s Gulf Coast may be found at Bonita Springs. The city is situated in a desirable area and provides a wide variety of amenities. It is a terrific destination for families since it is family-friendly and also includes companies that cater to the requirements of both young people and older people equally, so it has a lot to offer families with children of all ages.

Bonita Springs has managed to keep its quaint small-town character despite its proximity to Tampa, which is only 20 miles away. You can go fishing, boating, or swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, or you can just relax on one of the many gorgeous beaches.

There are lots of activities available for everyone, as well as sufficient space for parents to relax without having to worry about their children while they are having fun.

The neighborhood provides residents with a picture-perfect ambiance, residences at reasonable prices, and an ideal place for raising a family. The city of Bonita Springs is made up of a diverse collection of neighborhoods.

The community of Harbour Hills provides its residents with access to a wide variety of parks and opportunities for leisure pursuits. A playground in addition to tennis courts and basketball courts are available for use by children.

Residents in Bonita Springs have access to a number of different shopping centers, one of which is The Shops at Matlacha. This shopping complex features over twenty different shops and restaurants, some of which are ice cream parlors, hair salons, and candle stores.

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Bonita Springs is able to provide its residents with the advantages of both a rural setting and the conveniences and activities available in larger cities, making it an ideal place to live regardless of your preference.

3. Tampa – St. Petersburg, Florida

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida
Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

On Florida’s Gulf Coast, the metropolitan area of Tampa–St. Petersburg is often regarded as one of the most desirable places to make a home. It has a lot to offer, from gorgeous beaches with breathtaking sunsets to wonderful restaurants, interesting museums, and plenty of shopping opportunities. The residents of this city are really welcoming, and it’s not difficult to find one’s way around.

The Tampa–St. Petersburg metropolitan area features a harmonious blend of urban and suburban living, as well as a lovely waterfront district that is teeming with stores and restaurants, and it is home to exemplary educational institutions. In addition, this city is home to some fantastic golf courses.

Fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and hiking are just few of the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the Tampa St. Petersburg area. There are many other things to do in the area as well.

People who wish to enjoy themselves or take their children out for a day of fun can do it at one of the many lovely parks that feature amenities such as playgrounds, picnic spaces, basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball nets.

The central business sector of the city is home to a number of shopping malls, bars, and sidewalk cafes that are constantly bustling with people late into the night. White sand beaches that run for miles along the Gulf Coast are another draw for tourists to the St. Pete Beach area, which is another famous tourist destination.

2. Sarasota, Florida (Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida)

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of FloridaWhite-sand beaches and breathtaking sunsets make Sarasota, Florida, one of the most desirable places to reside along Florida’s Gulf Coast, according to a number of people. Nevertheless, this city has a great deal more to offer than merely sandy coasts; it is a culturally diversified town in which to live, work, and play.

Siesta Key and Lido Key are two of the most well-known barrier islands in the world, and Sarasota serves as a gateway to these and other islands in the Gulf of Mexico.

They are among the most popular tourist sites in Florida due to the gentle slopes of their beaches and the clean, warm waters that surround them. TripAdvisor have recently recognized Siesta Key as having one of the best beaches in the United States.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get away for the weekend or stay for a while; Sarasota has everything you could possibly want in a holiday destination right at your disposal.

There is something for everyone to enjoy in Sarasota, from world-class shopping and eating to an array of outdoor leisure that includes anything from golfing to kayaking to hiking.

Sarasota is the place to go whether you’re searching for an exciting journey full of new experiences or a calm haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1. Tallahassee

Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida
Best Places to Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida as well as the most populous city in the surrounding area. Because of its elevated position, the city has a breathtaking panorama of the landscape that surrounds it.

The city currently has a population of approximately 190,00 residents and is expanding at a rapid rate. Because of its abundance of natural splendor, Tallahassee is widely regarded as one of the most desirable locations to settle down in along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

In addition, the city is home to several stunning examples of architecture that were built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, which was common in the city’s early years. Even in modern times, there are still a great number of structures located across the city that are designed in this fashion.

The Governor’s Mansion, which was constructed in 1921 and continues to serve as the official house of the Governor of Florida to this day, is one of the most notable buildings in Tallahassee.

The climate in Tallahassee is the same as the climate throughout the state of Florida. The winters here are significantly more bearable than in other sections of Florida, despite the fact that the summers are quite hot and sticky.

Temperatures in the majority of Tallahassee never fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, although there are pockets of the city that might experience frosty conditions.

Tallahassee is a city that not only has a deep historical background, but also provides a wide variety of things for its residents and visitors to do. Through exhibits and activities at museums such as the Thomas Center for Contemporary Art and the Natural History Museum of North Florida, visitors are given the opportunity to learn about not only the region’s natural environment but also its culture and history.

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