Rent a Car in Puerto Rico 2024

Rent a Car in Puerto Rico: Public transportation is available in Puerto Rico; however, routes are restricted to important cities in the island’s north, and the island’s Spanish-English language barrier makes it nearly impossible for English speakers to communicate with drivers.

Consider the possibility that you do not “need one.” In a strict sense, the answer is no. If you do not wish to participate in group tours or remain confined to your hotels, the most convenient alternative would be to rent a car.

Rent a Car in Puerto Rico 2024

Put that out of your head and forget about the Best Car Rental Sites in Puerto Rico. Let’s talk about the best automobile rental businesses in Puerto Rico that offer vehicles in their inventory to choose from.

You need to make your reservation with a reliable international automobile rental company that operates on a global scale directly.

Avoid renting in the area. It’s possible that this will sound counterintuitive, but it’s not. If you book locally, you will be subject to the local rules and regulations, as well as any further rules that may be implemented by the local car rental provider.

For instance, I went to a local vehicle rental firm, and the employee there told me, “This is not America.” What a bunch of ridiculous rubbish.

There is no such thing as a Puerto Rican passport because Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States of America, and people of Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States of America.

Make sure that the reservation is made with an international company, even if you utilize a third party to make the reservation; otherwise, you will run into problems.

Rent a Car in Puerto Rico 2023

Check Your Insurance

You are need to have insurance in order to rent an automobile in Puerto Rico. The daily insurance price may result in a large increase in the overall cost of your rental.

You should check with your bank to see whether you have car rental coverage and carry proof of coverage with you when you hire a vehicle because the majority of credit cards include insurance for car rentals as part of their benefits and services.

Dig Deeper

If a purchase seems like an incredible value, there’s a strong chance that it is. If you are interested in the prices of a car rental, you should inquire with the firm about whether or not the insurance costs are included in the price that is published.

If you do not already possess insurance, you will be required to get some, and the cost of doing so will be added to the daily fee of your rental automobile.

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Ask About Autoexpress

An electronic toll collection system can be found on Puerto Rico’s primary roadways. The electronic stamp known as Autoexpreso is what drivers use to pay for toll roads.

Ask about any additional costs associated with using the Autoexpress service before you sign the rental agreement for your automobile.

Some automobile rental agencies may include in the cost of using the stamp into the daily rate that they provide you, while others will tack on an additional fee that is always the same amount.

Research the Rental Agency

There are a lot of automobile rental agencies in San Juan and the rest of Puerto Rico, but not all of them are straightforward about their rules and the small print.

If you do a fast search on the internet, you will be able to find out the overall reviews for the organization as well as the frequent problems that could occur if you hire a car from them.

Make a Reservation Well in Advance

The cost of renting a car in Puerto Rico may become much more expensive as the departure date of your vacation draws closer.

You can look for and compare the daily rates of several automobile rental companies in Puerto Rico by using an online car rental website.

This will allow you to find a more affordable option. The websites of car rental companies also include additional information that is of use to travelers during their time in the nation.

Look for Your Favorite Company

Rent a Car in Puerto Rico 2023

In San Juan and other tourist hotspots across the island of Puerto Rico, you’ll discover well-known car rental firms like Enterprise and Alamo.

If you have just arrived in the nation, the process of renting a vehicle and picking it up can be made easier by visiting one of the airport locations that some of them have in San Juan.

Consider Local Companies Too

Although vehicle rental places in the airport are convenient and contain dependable rentals such as Enterprise, Avis, and Alamo, other car rental outlets in less popular areas may offer cheaper rates. These locations can be found in cities that are not as frequently visited.

You may readily learn about local vehicle rental locations that provide rates that are friendlier to your financial plan by checking Discover Cars or performing a speedy search on Google. These locations offer rental cars in the local area.

Read the Fine Print

I know that you probably can’t wait to get started on your trip, but please don’t skip reading the rental agreement for the automobile you’ve reserved.

Many vacationers end up losing their security deposit or having to pay additional fees because they unknowingly break the terms of their automobile rental contract.

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Simple things like returning your rented automobile with sand everywhere or with wet seats can be considered a breach of contract by the firm. Before you leave the location, make sure you read everything and take notes on it.

Inspect your Car

Check your rented vehicle thoroughly for dings, scrapes, and other types of damage before you start driving it away from the agency that provided it.

Take pictures of the condition of the vehicle both when you receive it and when you return it so that you may use them as proof in the event that you need to make a claim.

Park Wisely

Free parking is available in Old San Juan and many other town centers in Puerto Rico. However, the streets in these areas tend to be quite small and uncomfortable, which may cause your rental car to sustain undesirable bumps and scrapes.

Even if you have to pay a nominal charge, it is in your best interest to park your vehicle in a more secure location, such as a private parking lot.

Don’t Leave Your Belongings on the Car

Many tourists, despite the seeming simplicity of the situation, leave their bags or valuables in their cars while they go to the beach or visit an attraction, only to return to find the window broken and their stuff stolen when they get back.

If you are going on a day excursion, you should leave your valuables in the safe at your hotel and just bring the things that you will be carrying with you.

Drive on the Right Side

If you are traveling from a country outside of the United States, you should be aware that the traffic system in Puerto Rico is identical to that used in the United States. People drive on the right side of the roadway, and the road signs are mostly derived from those used elsewhere in the world but are written in Spanish.

Look for Kilometers, Not Miles

In contrast to the metric system used in the United States, kilometers are used to denote a distance’s progression in Puerto Rico.

However, the posted speed limits will be in miles per hour despite the fact that the road signs will have the kilometer numbers on them. Rent a Car in Puerto Rico

Rent a Car in Puerto Rico 2023

Watch the Road

You could notice that the roadways are full of potholes in some cities and areas but not others. It just depends on where you walk.

Even in San Juan, there are a lot of potholes, so you need to drive carefully and pay attention to what’s going on around you at all times. There are certain potholes that are so deep that they may ruin your trip if you got a flat tire. Rent a Car in Puerto Rico

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Plan Around Peak Hours

Even while owning your own car would save you a significant amount of time, getting caught in rush hour traffic will make it impossible for you to keep to your timetable.

If you travel on the main routes between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, it may take you longer than an hour to get from San Juan to one of the adjacent cities.

When this happens, you’ll also have your first encounter with the unpleasant aspects of Puerto Rican driving. Either get an early start on your journey to your destination, or hold off until the conclusion of rush hour.

Decide Your Return Location

There are some automobile rental locations that require you to return the vehicle to a different location than where you picked it up.

While you are signing the contract, you should look into where the car will be returned to you. For instance, some automobile rental businesses offer outlets in the city proper, in addition to several drop-off points situated within airports.

Don’t Take it Outside the Main Island

To this day, the boats that travel to Vieques and Culebra carry only the cars that belong to the people who live on those two small islands.

Although there is no set date for when they will restore the service for non-locals, the majority of rental car businesses do not permit customers to pick up their vehicles anywhere other than the main island.

Don’t Smoke on Your Car

If you smoke inside of your car, one of the things that will cost you extra money is the deep shampooing that car rentals have to conduct to get rid of the smell. To be kind to yourself, smoke outside of the vicinity of your vehicle.

Fill Up Your Tank

The majority of automobile rental companies require that you return the vehicle with a full gas tank. You can refuel your vehicle at any one of the numerous service stations that sell gas in units measured in liters.

If you don’t remember to ask the rental car company how to open the gas door, you’ll waste five minutes trying to figure it out when you get to the gas station.

Rent a Car in Puerto Rico 2024




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