How to Get Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid

How to Get Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid
How to Get Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid

How to Get Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid: The Telkom 10GB for R99 package is, without a shadow of a doubt, the preferred internet data bundle available right now across the entirety of South Africa.

This data plan has, in actual fact, “gone viral,” and is now made available on multiple other networks as a supplement to Telkom, who initially advertised the package. Telkom was the first company to offer the package.

Everyone is wondering how they can subscribe to the Telkom 10GB for R99 bundle right now, and this question is particularly popular among younger people. The following paragraphs will walk you through the step-by-step method of how you may make the most of this amazing deal and take pleasure in all the advantages that come with having dependable data at an affordable price.

Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid

1. Best Telkom fixed-LTE deal – 10GB + 10GB for R99

The Telkom 10GB data bundle provides you with 10GB of internet connectivity for use at any time, as well as another 10GB for use throughout the night, which will not influence the amount of data you consume during the day.

This bundle may be purchased for R99, and the subscription can be renewed on a month-to-month basis. How to Subscribe to this Package

Purchase a new Telkom SIM card if you don’t have one.

Dial *180# and press send.
Select option 5 which is: change tariff.
Select option 2 which is: change current tariff.
Select option 2 which is: SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid.
Select option 1: This will change your tariff to SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid.

Changing your tariff plan to one that is compatible with SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid is the first thing you should do.

Now that you are in the root plan, which gives you the ability to choose the data plan that best suits your needs, you just need to go ahead and select the data plan that you want from the choices table.

To do so just dial the following:

Dial *180# and press send again.
Select option 1 which is: LTE.
You will see the list of the bundles. Select the appropriate one which is 10GB + 10GB for R99.

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In addition to the data bundles that include both 10GB and 10GB of storage space, Telkom also provides a number of other data bundles that are priced similarly and organized in a comparable fashion. You’ll find them down below:

2. 20GB + 20GB data package for R199

A comparable data bundle, the 20GB for R199, provides you with 20GB of anytime data for your main account in addition to 20GB of nighttime data use, both of which you may use without affecting the data balance on your main account.

This package may be used for a total of 31 days at a cost of only R199.

3. 60GB + 60GB data package for R399

The Telkom data bundle known as the 60GB + 60GB data bundle provides you with 60GB of anytime data for your main account in addition to another 60GB of nighttime data, both of which may be used throughout the night without deducting from the available balance in your main account.

This package is valid for a month and costs R399 to purchase.

4. 120GB + 120GB  for R699

The Telkom data bundle known as the 120GB + 120GB data bundle provides you with 120GB of data for usage at any time, in addition to 120GB of data for use throughout the night.

You will benefit from having access to the nighttime data so that you may utilize it throughout the late-night hours without eating into the data from your primary account. This package can be purchased for R699.

5. 220GB + 220GB for R999

The data bundle that costs R999 and includes 220GB of data for daytime usage and another 220GB of data for midnight use offers you a total of 440GB of data.

The nighttime data is a bonus since it enables you to continue using the internet well into the early hours of the morning without eating into the primary account of your available data balance.

Other Popular Telkom network data packages include the following:

FreeMe bundles

FreeMe bundles are prepaid alternatives that are available on the Telkom network. These options provide you with inexpensive access to internet data connections, as well as free minutes for calls made inside the network, reasonable prices for calls made outside the network, and SMS.

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The following is a list of some of the FreeMe bundles: FreeMe’s 1.5 GB data package is available for R139. Priced at R289 per month, the FreeMe 6GB data package FreeMe 11.5GB data package at R389 FreeMe is offering a data package with 28 GB for R689.

Telkom Social Bundles

Telkom social bundles are, as the name suggests, data packages that are specifically designed for use with social networking sites. The data are restricted to just being utilized within programs and websites related to social media.

This is beneficial for users who are aware that they spend the great majority of their time online interacting with social media platforms.

They are broken down into different time frames.

Daily social bundles

People who do not need to spend an excessive amount of time on social media and who only need to spend as much money on the connection as they actually use are the target audience for the daily social bundles.

If you find that you need additional time on the internet, you just need to renew your membership. 25 MB of data at a cost of R2. 50 megabytes of data at a cost of R3 75 MB of data, which will set you back R4 100 megabytes of data at a fee of 5 rand 250 megabytes of data at a fee of 10 rand 500 megabytes of data at a fee of fifteen rand

Weekly social bundles

People who have a stronger need for social media and, as a result, require more time spent on it may consider purchasing weekly social packages.

The weekly social bundles have a duration of one week and have a cost that is lower than the cost of daily data due to the fact that prices for data are decreased as the amount purchased increases. The varying sizes of the Weekly Social packages are what set them apart from one another.

The following are some of them: 100 MB of data every week at a fee of R5. 250 MB of data every week for R8, the cost of which 500 MB of data every week for R12, which costs R12. 1 gigabyte of data each week at a cost of R18 2 gigabytes of data every week at a cost of R35 3 gigabytes of data every week at a cost of R60

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Monthly social bundles

Users who are more comfortable with the consistency of month-to-month subscriptions can take advantage of the monthly social packages.

This choice not only provides you with more leeway but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have already paid for your membership and that the only thing left to do is to renew it at the end of each month.

You’ll find them down below:

100MB of data at R10

250MB of data at R15

500MB of data at R25

1GB of data at R40

2GB of data at R70

3GB of data at R100

Conclusion: How to Get Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid

This prepaid data bundle from Telkom, which includes 10 GB of data for R99 and is accessible from various additional networks and service providers, is possibly the most popular one in the entirety of the country.

They are the best alternatives for low-cost internet connections that provide a high level of value, and they provide a wide variety of appealing advantages, such as inexpensive off-network prices and free SMS and on-network phone minutes.

Because Telkom maintains the right to cancel or amend any pricing or data plan without prior notice, please make sure that you call customer service before picking any options.

How to Get Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid-


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