7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near Denver 2023

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near Denver. One of the country’s fastest growing metropolitan areas, the Denver Metro boasts more than 3 million residents who love their backyard of world class outdoor recreation. And one of the state’s most treasured natural highlights is its hot springs.

Unfortunately, Denver lacks one of its own, however, there are still a few hot springs to day trip to and several more that make a great overnight trip.

Reap some of the benefits of living near the Rocky Mountains by soaking in these beneficial thermal mineral waters.

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near Denver 2023

1. Mt. Princeton Hot Springs

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near DenverOne of the most well-liked day trips from Denver is to Buena Vista, where there are so many entertaining things to do.

The neighboring hot springs are a terrific itinerary addition whether you’re planning to climb, raft, or just wander about downtown.

High-end hot springs resort Mount Princeton Hot Springs offers a variety of pools and services for all kinds of visitors. Children will like the 400-foot water slide and the welcoming ambiance.

My favorite location to soak is in the creekside hot springs, and many people take advantage of the private rental choices for the spa and infinity pools. Additionally offered are food and hotel options, as well as spa services and exercise programs.

Some of my favorite hot springs around Denver are located at Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa. For hundreds of years, the ancient hot springs have been used for therapeutic purposes.

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The seven natural springs that currently supply 21 man-made pools were first uncovered by the Ute people. Each bathing pool has hot springs water that ranges in temperature from 95 to 112 °F.

The mineral-rich hot springs are accessible to guests who stay at the resort. Along with your Swedish or deep tissue massage, you also get a free hour of bathing.

One of the top hot springs resorts in the state, only two hours from Denver, is the perfect place to unwind and take in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains.

2. The Springs Resort and Spa (Beautiful Hot Springs Near Denver )

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near DenverThe Springs Resort & Spa is the most remote hot spring among those close to Denver. Those who are prepared to travel to Pagosa Springs won’t be let down, though.

They are some of the nicest hot springs in Colorado and are located along the San Juan River. There are 25 private soaking pools. The Mother Spring, the world’s deepest geothermal spring, supplies the natural hot springs pools.

The hot springs resort offers day permits for visitors to experience. Alternatively, a stay overnight includes access to hot springs. The resort offers gourmet cuisine, spa facilities, wellness programs, poolside drink service, and more.

3. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near DenverAlthough there are several wonderful hot springs close to Denver, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is my particular favorite. It’s among the top things to do in Steamboat Springs, no matter the season.

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This Steamboat Springs attraction is more basic than other hot springs lodges. It’s more difficult to get to in the winter and requires 44 driving because it’s located in the lovely Routt National Forest.

Families are welcome, however because attire is not required in the evenings, guests must be 18 or older. One can rent a private cabin or set up a tent on the property if they want to stay the night.

4. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort (Beautiful Hot Springs Near Denver )

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is the most family-friendly of all the natural hot springs close to Denver.

It is renowned for having the largest mineral water pool in the world and is situated in Glenwood Springs. It serves as both a playground for kids and a lap pool for sportsmen.

Kids can use the substantial water slide to enter the main hot springs pool throughout the summer.

At “Hanging Lake,” a small pool area with a waterfall, there are three more water slides. Another fun activity for kids at Glenwood Hot Springs is the rafting-like Shoshone Chutes.

5. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near DenverIn Glenwood Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs provides a more secluded, tranquil hot springs experience.

Visitors can jump from pool to pool while taking in various vistas of the Colorado River at the area’s 16 natural hot springs.

However, this hot springs resort is a good choice for families. Parents will enjoy watching their kids play in the spacious freshwater family pool from the elevated whirlpool tub.

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Additionally, a cafe is on-site, making meals simple and practical.

6. Indian Hot Springs (Beautiful Hot Springs Near Denver )

The closest hot springs to Denver are Indian Hot Springs, which are situated in Idaho Springs. They have a glass dome covering their primary hot springs pool.

It serves as a sort of greenhouse, producing a warm, humid environment that promotes the growth of the tropical plants surrounding the pool.

Reserve an indoor bathtub or an outdoor jacuzzi for those who want some privacy. Adults can choose to visit the site’s unusual geothermal caves without wearing any clothing.

There are also spa services and lodging options, such as resort rooms and cabin rentals.

7. Old Town Hot Springs

7 Beautiful Hot Springs Near DenverOld Town Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs is more kid-friendly than Strawberry Park Hot Springs. It has several pools, one of which is shallow and is for children.

Kids can jump into the main hot springs pool from two slides and a climbing wall.

The lap pool, three private hot springs, massage services, and expansive exercise center are all appreciated by adults.

These hot springs are a nice place to rest after a day on the slopes because they are conveniently located in downtown Steamboat Springs.

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