30 Best Restaurants in Chicago 2024

The 30 Best Restaurants in Chicago 2024. Khmai Cambodian Fine Dining and Hermosa have recently been added to our list of the top restaurants in the city.

Pilsen taqueria La Chaparrita and the American-Chinese idea 3 Little Pigs are also included.

You can find some of the best affordable dinners in Chicago at pizza places as well as Michelin-starred powerhouses.

The food is just as diverse, with dishes from Korea, Mexico, Italy, the Mediterranean, and India, among many others.

Whether you’ve lived in Chicago all your life or are only in town for the weekend, eating at any of these places is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Since there’s no stopping down in sight for this wallet-busting dining scene, we decided to get right down to brass tacks and list the best restaurants in town.

The 30 Best Restaurants in Chicago 2024

1. Time Out Market

The 30 Best Restaurants in Chicago 2023The Fulton Market District in West Loop is home to Time Out Market, a curated food hall. The best of Chicago’s restaurants, pubs, and bakeries are represented here with vendor booths.

Bar Goa, Polombia, Arami, Big Kids, and more are just few of the carefully selected restaurants. A lively area where everyone can find something to their liking, it’s ideal for group outings.

It may get quite crowded at Time Out Market, so getting a seat is a priority. You should switch up the group’s order every so often.

2. Cindy’s Rooftop (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

The 30 Best Restaurants in Chicago 2023There is no better rooftop restaurant than Cindy’s Rooftop. Cindy’s offers scrumptious brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, but diners typically visit for the inventive cocktails and lighter fare that go so well with the restaurant’s rooftop setting.

Cindy’s, located on N Michigan Avenue above Millennium Park, has stunning views of the park and Lake Michigan. Make sure you reserve a table ahead of time to avoid waiting.

3. Kasama (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

Kasama is an intimate and contemporary Filipino eatery that offers a variety of dishes, baked goods, coffee, and beverages.

The brunch is the main attraction, and it’s not uncommon to wait outside in the cold for an hour or more. The Filipino breakfast, lumpia, and chicken adobo are my favorite dishes, although everything I ate was great.

They provide a tasting menu with Filipino-inspired dishes for those looking for a more refined dining experience.

Make the effort to visit Kasama, one of the best new restaurants in Chicago, which recently received a Michelin star. It’s a decision you won’t come to regret.

4. Girl & The Goat

The 30 Best Restaurants in Chicago 2023Chicagoans unanimously agree that Girl & The Goat is the city’s best bar. You can sample several of the foods on their extensive menu by ordering them tapas-style.

Two people can share four to six plates, depending on their appetites. The empanadas filled with pig shank or goat are a top seller. When it comes to side dishes, go for the green beans.

The ambiance is just right for a city, managing to be both comfortable and bustling. Be sure to reserve a table in advance.

5. Smyth and The Loyalist

The West Loop is home to Smyth and The Loyalist, a restaurant with two distinct concepts. Smyth, located on the ground floor, is an open kitchen/dining room tasting menu establishment.

The Loyalist, the bar and lounge just below Smyth, is a great place to relax and unwind after a meal.

While the burger is a staple on the menu, seafood and farm-to-table dishes are highlighted on both levels at The Loyalist. You should definitely make a reservation at this fine dining establishment for any upcoming celebrations.

6. Bonci Pizzeria (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

Go to Bonci Pizzeria in the West Loop for some of the best pizza in Chicago. Crispy crusts and a rotating selection of sauces and toppings characterize Bonci’s Roman-style pizza.

Bonci is constantly entertaining thanks to the different possible combinations.

There are no predetermined pizza serving sizes; instead, you can order as many or as few pieces as you prefer.

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After that, the cost is calculated based on the quantity you bring. Go crazy and sample as many pizzas as you can!

7. Alinea

Please allow me to enlighten you about Alinea if you are unfamiliar with it. Alinea is a staple in Chicago’s history of exquisite dining.

This Lincoln Park minimalist eatery is the only one in the city to have been awarded three Michelin stars.

It has been crowned the best restaurant in America, North America, and the world. Perhaps you’ve heard of Alinea from the Netflix show Chef’s Table.

Although a meal at Alinea isn’t cheap, it’s worth it for the intimate setting and high-quality cuisine. Customers may expect a unique dining experience with each course of the multi-sensory, multi-course tasting menus.

8. Galit (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

It’s easy to see why Galit was awarded its first Michelin star so recently. This Lincoln Park establishment offers a delectable, adaptable four-course tasting menu. the dishes are a fusion of Israeli and Middle Eastern flavors.

Nobody ever says enough good things about the hummus (especially the brisket hummus). Galit also has an exceptional wine list, with some lesser-known selections coming from the Middle East.

You’ll feel right at home in Galit’s casual, friendly, and inviting setting. They have a knowledgeable staff as well. Indulge your hunger and depart happy and satisfied.

9. Summer House Santa Monica

The vibe at Summer House Santa Monica on N Halsted St in Lincoln Park is light, airy, and very summery.

This is understandable given the dining room’s summertime vibes and spacious atrium. They’ve even got a “countdown to summer” posted on the wall.

The menu is primarily comprised of New American dishes with a smattering of Italian, Asian, and Mexican ingredients and techniques. The cuisine and drinks here have never failed to satisfy me during my many visits.

The menu is full of delicious options, but my go-to is the crispy chicken sandwich. Just as tasty are the truffle fries.

10. Big Star (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

If you want to have a good time while eating with your pals, Big Star is the place to go. Big Star has sites in both Wicker Park and Wrigleyville, but its terrace dining in the heart of Wicker Park is what makes it popular.

Although I enjoy all of their tacos, my favorites are the pescado and camarones fritos. The Big Star nachos and a pitcher of margaritas are a great group meal.

11. Bloom Plant Based Kitchen

Vegetarian food used to be monotonous and tasteless, but times have changed. That may be seen at Bloom Plant Based Kitchen, located on N Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park. As you enter, you’ll see how airy and verdant the dining room is.

Many different cuisines provide as inspiration for the dishes served here. I really recommend the tacos and the aguacate.

Try the camote cheesecake if you still have room for dessert. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you’ll enjoy the restaurant’s tasty and well-prepared fare.

12. Etta (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

Etta is a safe bet if you’re in charge of making dinner plans. The food is usually delicious and filling, especially the items inspired by the Italian kitchen and the hearth. It’s easy to squeeze into your schedule thanks to two convenient locations in River North and Bucktown.

The pizzas and pastas cooked in the wood-burning oven are always delicious and always change to reflect the best seasonal ingredients.

There is also a sizable wine list. They have happy hour specials on drinks, wines, and small plates from 5:00 to 6:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.

13. Redhot Ranch

Where can you go for some burgers, hotdogs, and fries at a laid-back, local establishment? For oily snacks, people often choose Redhot Ranch. A Chicago-style hot dog may also be sampled here.

Redhot’s hot dogs have a distinct flavor since they use sausage with natural casing instead of the standard Vienna beef sausages.

In addition, their smash burgers have a loyal following. Finally, Redhot accepts only cash, so be sure to bring some with you.

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14. Iraźu (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

Irau is the pioneering Costa Rican eatery in the Windy City. Healthy, fresh, and filling dishes like shrimp ceviche, casado (try the skirt steak one! ), and sweet plantains can be found at this

15. Bucktown eatery.

Vegetarians can also find plenty of tasty options here. Inside, the restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and bright decor. I highly recommend the oatmeal smoothie if you decide to visit.

16. West Town Bakery

Planning on spending some time in West Town? For a laid-back atmosphere and a tasty breakfast, visit West Town Bakery on Chicago Avenue.

Grab some breakfast pastries and have coffee and breakfast staples here with your pals (eggs benedict and breakfast sandwiches are really great).

The atmosphere inside is hip and diner-like, and it serves as a hub for the local community. Pick up some cake balls to snack on while you’re on the go.

17. Jeong (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

Jeong is an excellent choice if you enjoy exquisite eating. The multi-course tasting menu at this Korean-themed restaurant boasts exquisite flavors.

Visiting Jeong is an experience in itself, but the food there is particularly noteworthy.

The wagyu beef and salmon tartare are two of the best dishes. Jeong’s minimalist, modern dining room is ideal for individuals seeking a quiet, romantic setting for a nice meal for two or for intimate gatherings. Last but not least, the personnel is friendly and helpful.

18. Demera Restaurant

Want some flavor? Demera’s Restaurant in Ravenswood is the place to go for authentic Ethiopian cuisine. At this establishment, “tradition presented family-style” takes center stage in a relaxed setting.

The easiest way to sample a wide range of flavors is to dine here with a large group of friends and order a messob (a combo plate with proteins and veggies). Vegetarians and vegans will also find plenty to eat at Demera’s.

19. Luella’s Southern Kitchen

Chicago, although being in the north, has some excellent versions of southern soul food. The Lincoln Square location of Luella’s Southern Kitchen on Lincoln Avenue is where you can see (and taste!) this.

Recipes like chicken and waffles, gumbo, and fried chicken come to mind, as well as other southern classics like shrimp and grits (mmm) (these are a must-try). Come in, place an order, and leave satisfied.

20. Lula’s Cafe (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

You should stop by Lula Cafe in Logan Square whether you’re a local or just passing through Chicago.

Buttermilk pancakes, breakfast burritos, and classic sandwiches are some of the most popular items at the restaurant’s famed brunch.

Yia Yia pasta is a unique and tasty take on the classic Italian dish made with bucatini, brown butter, and cinnamon.

Lula has an atmosphere that is at once comforting and kind. It’s the sort of establishment that regulars frequent because it has that cozy, familiar vibe that only comes with being close to home.

Excellent client service is also provided. Enjoy a satisfying dinner and the company of your pals here.

21. Virtue Restaurant

In Hyde Park, you may dine at Virtue, where they provide refined takes on traditional southern fare.

A warm and inviting ambiance can be found in the restaurant’s sleek and modern dining room. The Virtue staff is known for its genuine warmth and friendliness.

The short ribs and blackened catfish on the menu will melt in your lips. It’s a decision you won’t come to regret.

Plan ahead and don’t forget to book a reservation. Have a wonderful supper at this Michelin-rated eatery.

22. Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

The dumplings at Qing Xiang Yuan are often regarded as the city’s finest. This restaurant serves dumplings in a number of preparations, including steamed, boiled, and pan-fried, with a wide selection of fillings to choose from (including some which are seasonal, like seafood). Some of the dishes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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We highly recommend Qing Xiang Yuan for lunch or dinner when in Chinatown. For the best experience, grab a group of pals and go in on the dumpling sampling together.

23. Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen

Jewish deli standards have been on the menu at Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen since it opened in 1942. There is a large dining area laid out cafeteria-style, but other than that, it’s rather basic. When you step in, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

The meaty corned beef sandwich is a customer favorite. Other hot foods, such matzo ball soup, are also available. Visit the back of Manny’s, where you’ll find a gift shop stocked with baked goods, coffee, sweets, and more to round off your visit.

24. Topo Gigio Ristorante

If you’re a pasta lover like I am, you must visit Topo Gigio in Old Town (but I recommend making reservations first). The atmosphere at this Italian eatery is cozy and traditional, and the staff is helpful. Most patrons choose to sit inside the restaurant, while both the front and back patios are open for business when the weather permits.

The food is all rather standard fare, but that’s part of the charm. They also provide a wide selection of wines, with a focus on reds. The pasta and sauces are my favorite parts of the meal, but everything is delicious.

25. Coyotes Restaurant (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

You can get your fill of tacos, burritos, and tortas at this no-frills Mexican eatery in Pilsen. Open all night, it’s convenient for late-night snacking.

Free chips and salsa never disappoint. My go-to order is the tacos al pastor since they’re so tasty and have just a hint of heat. The tacos at Coyotes Restaurant are delicious, and at such low prices, you may eat as many as you like.

26. Green Street Smoked Meats

You can find Green Street Smoked Meats in Chicago’s West Loop, and it’s a hip and varied barbecue joint. Authentic Texas barbecue, expertly smoked and seasoned, is on the menu.

The brisket, pulled pork, pork belly, and pastrami are the most well-liked items on the menu, but everything here is excellent. The corn served in the elote style is delicious as well. In Chicago, this BBQ place ranks among the very best.

In addition, one of Chicago’s finest coffee shops, Sawada Coffee, is right next door.

27. Urbanbelly (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

Visit Urbanbelly if you’re in Wicker Park or West Loop to see Time Out Market. When it comes to flavor, this Asian fusion eatery does not disappoint. Although the ramen and dumplings are popular, I recommend the coconut curry pho.

Be aware that many menu items contain spice, so if you’re sensitive to heat, you might want to go elsewhere. However, we have something for everyone, including a kid-friendly menu.

28. Pizzeria Portofino

Pizzeria Portofino is a riverside eatery known for its lively ambiance and delicious pizza. When I want to treat my friends to a special meal or celebrate a special occasion, I often bring them here.

The calamari and the various pizzas are highlights, but everything on the menu is delicious. The cocktails are delicious as well. Make sure to reserve a table in advance, and if possible, ask for terrace seating.

29. 90 Miles Cuban Cafe (Best Restaurants in Chicago)

In addition to its outlets in Logan Square and Roscoe Village, 90 Miles Cuban Cafe also serves as a fantastic spot for Cuban cuisine in Chicago’s River West neighborhood. You can get Cubanos, lechon pig, and steak or chicken with onions, all of which are staples in Cuban cuisine. A relaxed, enjoyable, and welcoming atmosphere prevails. You can have a wonderful meal here with your loved ones.

30. Blue Door Farmstand

Food from local farms is served in a warm, welcoming setting at Blue Door Farmstand.

Burgers, salmon, and pasta are just a few of the hearty staples on the menu, but there’s sure to be something for everyone. All of the ingredients are fresh and the farm-to-table philosophy is quite evident.

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