List Of Bus Companies In South Africa 2024

List Of Bus Companies In South Africa 2024

Bus Companies In South Africa 2022
Bus Companies In South Africa 2024

This article is a list of bus companies in South Africa 2024. Transportation is a vital aspect in a society’s development. Yes, it is imperative to move people, products, and services from one location to another. There can be no growth, no long-term development, without it, whether in terms of human mental development or local economic development.

As a result, bus firms or bus lines play a critical part in the economy’s transportation sector. They assist people in moving from one location to another by transferring their knowledge or experience, as well as goods and services. Without bus companies, society would quickly revert to the era of horse-drawn carts and buggies, where traveling distances that we now travel in a day or two would take weeks.

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In South Africa, various private bus companies operate national intercity and cross-border routes on a regular basis, as well as providing charter services.

Bus Companies In South Africa

  • Citiliner/ Greyhound
    • Company Website:
    • : Telephone Bookings – 083 915 9000 / 011 611 8000.
  • City to City
    • Company Website:
    • : Telephone Bookings – 0861 589 282 / 011 774 8304.
  • Eldo Coaches:
    • Company Website:
    • Telephone Bookings – 011 213 9953
  • Intercape:
    • Company Website:
    • Telephone Bookings – 021 380 4400.
  • Translux:
    • Company Website:
    • Telephone Bookings – 0861 589 282.
  • Baz Bus
    • Company Website:
    • 0861 229 287  or +27 (21) 422 5202 (international calling).
  • Compassline Africa
    • Company Website:
    • Email:
  • Protours
    • Company Website:
  • Intercape:
    • Company Website:
  • SA Roaddlink
    • Company Website:
  • (MyCiTi)
    • Company Website:
  • View Africa
    • Company Website:
  • Scania
    • Company Website:
  • Bus Centre (Pty) Ltd
    • Address: Boksburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 11 918 2396
  • Intercity Xpress
    • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 87 150 1895

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  • Mega Coach
    • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 11 249 8800
  • Bus Hire
    • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 86 122 7771
  • Lanzys Transport
    • Address: Ladysmith, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 83 590 4078
  • Pal Bus Services
    • Address: Emalahleni, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 13 692 7241
Bus Companies In South Africa 2021.

In South Africa, public bus services are not an unregulated industry. Several government entities are concerned with the growth of this industry as well as the delivery of high-quality service to the general population. Other responsible agencies have taken an interest in the bus service sector in order to assist it in growing and maintaining stability, which translates to a better life for the general population in South Africa. Some of these are highlighted below.

Department of Transport (DOT)

The Department of Transport is the South African government agency in charge of transportation regulation, including public transportation, rail transportation, civil aviation, shipping, freight, and motor vehicles. As we indicated in the introduction to this post, development is impossible without good transportation. “Transport, the Heartbeat of Economic Growth and Social Development!” is the DOT’s motto.

National Public Transport Regulator

Section 20 of the National Land Transport Act, 05 of 2009, gives the National Public Transport Regulator authority. Its responsibilities include monitoring and overseeing public transportation companies and their operations throughout the country. This organization is also in charge of issuing licenses, which they do after assessing applications and inspecting an applicant’s fleet. They also make efforts to guarantee that the fleet is well-maintained, that the fares paid are reasonable, that the distribution of transportation vehicles is adequate, and so on. It’s also worth noting that this is the organization in charge of tourist transportation accreditation.

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Department of Tourism (NDT)

Without being informed, it is clear that transportation is critical to the growth of the tourism industry. The Department of Tourist South Africa intends to achieve the national government’s goal of converting South Africa’s tourism sector into a globally recognized cultural force. They strive to achieve this by promoting and growing tourism in order to create the environment for responsible tourist growth and development. As you may be aware, some bus companies act as tourism and tour firms, taking passengers from all over the world to whichever South African destinations they like.

Department of Basic Education

When the previous National Department of Education was split into two divisions, the Department of Basic Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Department of Basic Education was founded. As you are probably aware, many of our students still have to commute to and from school on a daily basis. As a result, the Department of Basic Education is a significant development partner with South Africa’s Bus Service Operators.

The National Treasury

The National Treasury is the federal institution in charge of managing the national government’s finances in South Africa. They’re also recognized for promoting efficient and long-term public financial management, which is critical for promoting long-term economic development, good governance, social advancement, and an improvement in the standard of living for all South Africans. The National Treasury is mandated by the Constitution of the Republic (Chapter 13) to provide transparency, accountability, and solid financial controls in the management of public finances, which will enable the country’s sound development.

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The Department of Labour

The Department of Labour publishes laws that governs South African labor practices and operations. This agency collaborates with bus service companies to guarantee that workers in this profession have fair and satisfactory working conditions. This is critical because when employees are satisfied, they are more likely to work hard and the firm will run smoothly, ensuring the free and speedy movement of people and services from one location to another.

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South African Revenue Service

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is the government agency in responsibility of collecting taxes in South Africa. The South African Revenue Service Act 34 of 1997 provides authority to this agency, which functions independently. They are the organization in charge of administering the South African tax and customs systems.


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