UIF Claim Approved SMS 2024 [ Easy Guide for Electronic Claims ]

UIF Claim Approved SMS 2024

UIF Claim Approved SMS 2022 [ Easy Guide for Electronic Claims ]
UIF Claim Approved SMS 2024 [ Easy Guide for Electronic Claims ]

UIF Claim Approved sms. The UIF scheme is meant to pay those workers who are retrenched or terminated from their employment by no fault of their own.

The fund isn’t intended to pay workers who are fired for negligence or bad conduct, and neither is it intended to pay those that have absconded from their work.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), which is South African government’s response to Social Security , is our focus in this article. this is often a government initiative that helps workers by saving up little part of their monthly earnings and paying them out when the workers happen to be out of labor or unemployed.

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UIF Claim Approved sms [ Easy Guide for Electronic Claims ]

During these trying times when several businesses have reluctantly been compelled to shut their doors, or to scale back the salaries of their staff, or to undertake company restructuring, which involves retrenchments; the UIF scheme has become a lifeline; a source of emergency funds from which businesses and individuals are tapping so as to remain alive.

The new way of checking the status of your UIF Claim is by doing it online.

How To Check UIF Claim Status Online

  • Please visit www.ufiling.co.za
  • Then click on check my status
  • Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen
  • Enter the Captcha number displayed on the screen
  • Then proceed to enter your UIF Reference Number

Second Option

  • You can also send an email to online.BCP@labour.gov.za
  • In the email, you should provide your name, Identification, and your UIF registration number.
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Offline Option

There is the old fashioned way: Visit the nearest labor office, and sign the register. The clerk will ask for your Identification and your UIF registration number. Thereafter, you will be given the status of your UIF claim. You will be told whether your claim has been activated or not. If your claim has been activated you will be told the time when you should get your first payment. If your claim has not been activated then you will be told when it will be done.

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Notice: Some labor offices may be closed.

If you have not received any payments within the period of eight weeks after registration then you should phone the Labour Centre and ask them to find out why there is a delay. The UIF hotline for the pandemic benefit is 012 337 1997. Please have your name and ID number ready before you make the call so as to reduce wasted time. The UIF Fund will send you a slip every time you receive money. This will help notify you that you have been paid so that you may go to the bank. It will also help you see how much you have received, and know how much you can still get.

How To Check UIF Pandemic Relief (UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System)

If you are checking for the UIF pandemic relief (UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System), then you should

That should do it; you should then get your UIF Status. However, if you do not have a reference number, proceed to try the following steps anyway:

  • Visit the website: https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/paymentStatusJsp
  • Enter your ID number
  • Then Click on Get Status.
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That should display for you the status of your UIF Claim.

Be Patient

We encourage everyone to be patient even if there are delays in processing claims. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has paid over R9-billion for its COVID-19 Relief Benefit and has been dependably paying out regular unemployment benefits ( about R1.3-billion to 123,000 employees in normal benefits) without any problems for years. So, even if you have not received your payment, you can rest assured that you will get your money.

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How to Check if Your Company has been Paid

There is naturally some speculation about what companies have received the special covid 19 relief. This is because employees are naturally eager to get the much needed financial boost. There is no need to panic because the names of the companies that have received from the fund have been publicized. To check if your company or employer has been paid, please visit the UIF-Covid-19 Temporary Employee/Employers Relief Scheme website with this link: https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/paidEntitiesList then carefully check from top to bottom to find your employer name.

If you do not Find your Employer Name

If your employer is not on the list, then you may not receive any money from the UIF special covid 19 relief scheme. But there is something you can do: talk to your employer and get them to register. You can show them this article, and ask them to contact the UIF fund in order to register so that you can receive the benefits.

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The UIF was basically a fund that was set up to assist out-of-work workers. those that are retrenched or terminated from their employment with none fault of their own. It also encompasses maternity, and death benefits to be received by the loved ones of workers who have died.

However, recent developments have forced the UIF scheme to expand to cater to workers who are still employed, but who have had their working hours and also salaries cut by the continued pandemic, or several employees who aren’t allowed to work during the lockdown or who have had to be placed on unpaid leave. Therefore, workers who are hit by things can address the UIF for reprieve.

This is an added strain on the UIF, and on the South African economy.

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Please remember that this article was written for the purpose of providing general information only. This article is not comprehensive and does cover all individual scenarios, nor does it take under consideration different individual circumstances. Therefore, this text can’t be a replacement for professional advice or help. We advise you to first consult knowledgeable , lawyer, or financial planner before making any decisions.

We don’t accept responsibility for any action you’re taking after reading this text , or the results thereof. Be warned that it’s a criminal act to require money from the UIF fund while employed, and a civil offense to require money from the UIF special covid 19 scheme when not hit by the pandemic.

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UIF Claim Approved sms 2024 [ Easy Guide for Electronic Claims ]




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