Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code 2024

Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code
Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code

Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code 2024: Every single telecommunications network has USSD codes that customers can use to communicate directly with the network, and then carry out simple tasks such as purchasing airtime top-ups, buying data, choosing tariff plans, and so on, without having to talk to customer care attendants, and without having to wait in line for them to attend to you.

For example, you can choose your tariff plan.

The Please Call Me code is a useful USSD command, and it is the subject of the current article. Other USSD codes that are quite similar include those for topping up airtime, purchasing data, and sending data to relatives and friends.

USSD codes are still a highly popular choice despite the rapid advancement of technology that has made it possible for smartphones to do virtually any function. The USSD code to use for sending call-me-back messages may be seen below.

Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code

There can be occasions when you may not have enough airtime to send SMS messages or even make calls on your mobile phone. During times like these, it may be necessary to reach out to friends and family for advice and support with various issues that may come up.

In the event that such circumstances occur, it may make sense to communicate with them by sending a message that simply reads, “Please Call Me.”

Telkom provides you with USSD codes that automatically transmit these messages on your behalf, relieving you of the burden of having to type it yourself and saving you time. Simply dailing the code causes the network to quickly and automatically send a message to the specific contact that you want, urging them to ‘please call me,’ and the process is complete.

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This service is provided at no cost whatsoever! Isn’t that something very wonderful?

So how do you send Please Call Me Message On Telkom To send a message on the Telkom network, you simply need to dial *140# followed by the send button. This will then grant you access to the call me menu, where you will be able to pick the specific number to which you would like to send the please call me message.

If you hit send after dialing *140 followed by the contact’s number, the “please call me” message will be sent straight to the contact. This is a superior alternative to the standard method of dialing the number directly.

The message that reads “please call me” will then be sent out immediately to the phone number that you have provided.

Now that you have communicated the “please call me” message to your loved ones, they should get in touch with you. You may wish to learn more USSD codes that are helpful and practical, and that you may need to have on hand in order to carry out certain essential operations on your phone.

You may do this by searching the internet for other USSD codes.

USSD code to Check Balance

It’s important to keep track of your balance on a daily basis. It is a good idea to check your balance before making a call so that you can have a rough sense of whether or not you have enough airtime to make the call.

Additionally, you need to be aware of whether or not you have sufficient airtime to subscribe to data bundles, and even when you are preparing to transmit airtime or buy data for other people, such as family and friends.

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How exactly do you go about checking the remaining amount on your airtime card while using the Telkom network? *118# is the USSD code that you need to enter in order to check the balance of your account on the Telkom network.

Simply call that number on your Telkom phone and then hit the send button. After that, the remaining amount in your account will be displayed on your screen, and you can then determine whether or not you have sufficient airtime to make the call or do anything else you want.

However, what occurs in the event that you do not have sufficient airtime?

USSD Code for Loading Airtime

Adding more airtime to a Telkom account is simple and uncomplicated to do. The USSD code for loading airtime is among the most frequently utilized USSD codes offered by the network. To send the code, dial *188 followed by the voucher pin number.

After that, the exact amount of airtime that is equal to the value of the voucher that you purchased will be applied to your account.

There are a number of additional methods available for topping off the airtime on your Telkom line, one of which is through the use of the Telkom app. If you do not already have the app, the first thing you need to do is download it from either the Google Playstore or the Apple IOS store, depending on which platform you use.

After you have downloaded and installed the application, the next step is to register on the application. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet and that it is turned on. After completing registration, the following step is to log in using the information you provided at registration.

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At that location, you will be presented with a number of alternatives, some of which include the purchasing of airtime and data, the selection of tariff plans and data bundles, as well as the sending of data and airtime to family and friends.

Since airtime is what you require, all you need to do is choose that option, and then enter the amount of airtime that you desire to purchase. After that, you will be able to confirm the transaction, after which the value of the airtime will be added to your account.

Conclusion: Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code 2024

If you are a new subscriber, you should save this post so that you may refer to it whenever required.

This article will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that the information it contains is current and accurate, as well as to provide you with the information you require.

Telkom Please Call Me USSD Code 2024 –


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